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We know many of you are already busy planning for your next program year. So, please consider this a save-the-date for Repro Shabbat 5785: February 21-22, 2025.

Repro Shabbat takes place annually when we read Parshat Mishpatim — the portion of the Torah containing verses used as the foundation of Judaism's approach to reproductive health, rights, and justice.

SAVE THE DATE and SIGN UP NOW so you'll be the first to hear when we are fully launched. You can learn more by visiting the 2025 Repro Shabbat web page.

The Repro Shabbat Team
National Council of Jewish Women

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Desert Wind, A Live Play Reading.

This event will take place on Sunday, June 2 at 7:00pm ET (4:00pm PT.)

Register here:

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Escape from Tehran on Jewish Life Television:

May 19, 2024, Su, 3:00PM ET

August 16, 2024, Fr, 9:00PM ET/PT

November 16, 2024, Sa, 6:00PM ET

Good news: Stephanie is expanding ESCAPE FROM TEHRAN, into a full length play, from its current One Act format, and it will be showcased as part of the PLAYGROUND SHOWCASE, in November, 2024, in preparation for a full run, in the Bay Area, in June, 2025.

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“The former head of the , Israel’s foreign intelligence agency, allegedly threatened a chief prosecutor of the international criminal court in a series of secret meetings in which he tried to pressure her into abandoning a war crimes investigation, the Guardian can reveal.”

This is yet another reason why the government of does not represent all of .

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Yiddish Folk Practices are alive and well!

"...For generations, Jewish women in Eastern Europe utilized threads to measure cemeteries & graves. These threads were used to create special soul candles known as neshome likht... Typically overseen by skilled women called feldmesterins, activities such as feldmestn (cemetery measuring) & kneytlekh leygn (laying wicks) were most prevalent during Elul to prepare soul candles for Yom Kippur.

...The session will include...Yiddish songs, reciting tkhines (Yiddish prayers) and reading poems, some of which are focused on this ritual. Delving into the history of this tradition will shed light on how cemeteries were perceived in shtetl society, serving as a means to communicate with the deceased & seek their assistance. At the end of this Immersion, you will be able to host a cemetery measuring event in Elul or any other time of the year..."

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Preparing for Disasters: Mutual Aid, Community Response, and Recovery

May 28, 2024 09:00 PM EDT

Your family, your business, your congregation, and your neighborhood need a disaster plan.

If you haven't done this type of training before, he's a good introductory class - FREE!

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The latest newsletter from Rabbi Waskow...


I intend this essay to be...a pointer to how it could fit together into not only a renewal of Judaism but a transformation of it — of us. That...could meet our own needs and the needs of a multi-level, worldwide crisis.

In some countries, the crisis of globalization has so tormented parts of the people who feel excluded from it that they have turned to hyper-nationalism.

...The long-powerful communities — white, Christian, and male — are also entitled to a place and shared power in an expanded democracy. They are not entitled to exclude the newly visible communities, as some politicians have trumpeted with a silver trumpet often made of cash and contempt, not a sacred shofar.

The result of all this: Two world-wide crises: the Democracy Crisis and the Climate/ Extinction Crisis..."

#Mazeldon #Jewniverse #JFedi #Judaism #Diaspora #Jewish #ShalomCenter

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There is no such thing as the Judeo-Christian tradition. It is a figment of the supersessionist imagination. It is a term meant to co-opt Jews and Jewish history into a narrative to give legitimacy to that narrative. It is a term that erases and . Everyone should stop using that term.

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Israel’s Jewish humor show offers a serious message for a dark time: We will survive By Ben Sales May 23, 2024

"...So the show’s catalog includes spoofs of the story of Purim and the invention of the mezuzah, but it also features joke after joke about the Nazis, the Spanish Inquisition, the Yom Kippur War, the destruction of the Second Temple in ancient times and any number of other lachrymose episodes of the Jewish past.

...So after Oct. 7, the program confronted a question: What to do when the tragedy isn’t historical but current and — for many Israelis — ongoing?

This week, we got our answer: In unprecedented times, “The Jews Are Coming” did something unprecedented: It got serious..."

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In Egypt, a piece of Jewish pottery suggests a woman’s role that was stolen from history - Rabbi Jill Hammer May 23, 2024

"...While the Temple in Jerusalem is the only Jewish temple mentioned in the Bible, there were other Jewish temples, including one in the Egyptian city of Elephantine. Built in the 6th century BCE and destroyed in 410 BCE by priests of the Egyptian god Khnum, the temple was a place where local Jews, often Israelite soldiers hired by Egypt, could offer sacrifices. According to some scholars, the description of the temple at Elephantine is similar to the mishkan, or tabernacle, described in the book of Exodus.

One of the interesting features of this community, aside from that it performed Jewish sacrifices outside of Jerusalem, is the presence of female functionaries in the temple..."

This story was originally published on My Jewish Learning.

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If you're wondering why the world hates Zionists so much.

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set up an ongoing demanding DU from .

with DU chapter of speak on DU’s “failure to consider the entire student body, only prioritizing the voices of the sect of on campus” & how who support the encampment are “continually being overlooked & misrepresented by upper administration & peers,” according to the encampment’s media representatives.

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Extraordinarily proud to have been the editor on this book. The author is a wonderful soul and her deep dive into the lives of her mother and father really resonate. It was an honor and a privilege.

All for You: A World War II Family Memoir of Love, Separation, and Loss

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A US Department of the Interior staffer has become the first Jewish political appointee to publicly resign in protest of support for Israel’s .

Lily Greenberg Call, a special assistant to the chief of staff, accuses of using Jews to justify US policy.

@israel @palestine

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so much coverage on met gala but they’ll try hard to hide that there is a huge crowd of #protestors outside the met rn in support of #palestine that have been marching across the city all day. meanwhile #israel is bombing and enacting their invasion on #rafah as we speak

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@LALegault @nando161
Ultra-orthodox Jews protesting for a Free Palestine.
What an iconic symbol!

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From Mayyim Hayyim:
Being a Mikveh Guide means showing up for another person as they mark a meaningful transition in life. Alongside a virtual community of Trans & Nonbinary Jews, participants will gain new knowledge and skills to facilitate this ancient ritual, reimagined for modern use.

Learn more and register:

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Invest in Israel. Invest in everything Judaism. Make Israel a force to be reckoned with more powerful even than nations.

in Israel. Invest in everything . Make a to be with more even than .

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is not and criticism of Israel isn't . By dishonestly conflating the two, lawmakers are diluting the meaning and significance of , and providing the nation of Israel (and its current government) with special protections. Bibi would love to be able to hide behind the stigma of antisemitism, and shield himself against legitimate criticism by redefining language, but we should forcefully reject this switcheroo.

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Everyone remember to put out some matzah and Manischewitz for the before sunset!

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Two things can be true at the same time: People can oppose Israeli aggression and condemn antisemitism. What they ask is that the same standards be applied to everyone.

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they should invent a Holy Land that’s not in the middle east

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We cannot talk about Passover, a holiday celebrating Jewish liberation, without talking about the extreme violence and dispossession carried out against Palestinians at this very time in the name of the Jewish people.

I’ve translated below the words of Simon Assoun, who organizes with me as part of Tsedek!, a collective of decolonial Jews in France. Simon’s words exactly convey my feelings at this time.


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i spend my time mocking #MAGA and #vatniks

but due to recent news, i'm going to point some vitriol at another audience right now:

criticize #Israel govt / #Netanyahu all you want. 100% ok

but any #antisemitism or hatred of #Judaism / #Jews makes you a pathetic piece of sh**

change, douchebag

you're as #fascist as MAGA

and some more bile for some others:

criticize #Hamas all you want

but any hate for #Palestinians, and you too are a fascist #bigot

it's a f***ing shame i have to say this

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One challenge of ( ) is that besides doing a Seder or two, there is not a lot to do during the rest of the 7 (or 8, depending on your minhag) days of Passover besides maybe attending a festival service and of course avoiding chametz (grain products, except for Matzoh).

So I've been thinking about what I can do to make this time more meaningful. The theme of Passover is about and , but that is, of course, a complicated thing when so many people, especially in / , do not feel free or safe.


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