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Time for the weekly digest thread for my series! (This is for you folk that don't like clicking off Mastodon, tho I assure you my site is advertising and tracking free!).

This thread is a digest version of this post:

The versions there are slightly longer/more detailed, so if you're intrigued but not sold, you can get a little more info at the link.

Please listen to the music and support these artists with favs, follows and finances!

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Lynn Avalon – “Dreaming About You” – “Caress”

Two tracks of lovely lo-fi #ambient textures and gentle #soundscape “Dreaming About You” really fits its title – it absolutely feels like the music from a gauzy dream about someone you love from that period just before you wake up. It’s all drifting waves of sound that surround you and fill you with a peculiar and entirely pleasant sense of warmth.




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Michiel De Boer, better known online as Posy, is a Dutch YouTuber & musician who creates technology and device videos.

"VFD Displays" is a recent video which is both informative, and easy to chill out to.


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This morning's listening.

- Morning Phase
- The Score
- Radiodread
- Suddenly

Apparently this is a thing I do now.

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A couple more to round out the day.

- Multi-Love
- Feel it Break

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I knew of a while back, but just seeing a lot of posts, and really enjoying the vibe.

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Been so busy the past few days, missed this on Friday and even yesterday.

My last week in music according to LastFm per 655 scrobbles

Top Artist: Christine and the Queens

Top Album: Christine and the Queens - Chris

Top Song: ADYM "Ferris Wheel"

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Looking for some chill beats to relax to? We've released a compilation from @beatscribe for you to enjoy:

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Uraael, to Morrowind
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"The peculiar technology of the lo-fi, crappy cassette tape exemplifies the inherent contradictions of popular music better than any other medium."

For the Love of the Crappy Cassette Tape:

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Well it's been just over a week since I put my little album on bandcamp and it's fair to say interest has plateaued somewhat.

However, the graph of the playcount over time looks a little like batman peeping over something so that's nice.

Bedsit Lofi Diy!

Sincere thanks to everyone who shelled out hard cash btw, that was lovely

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I've had these three great lofi rough (kinda Bob Dylany?) blues-rockish songs by this mysterious Canadian project The Planks in my Bandcamp wishlist forever, and I can find absolutely nothing about the band. The three songs are all from 2018, and I dig em all. A long shot, but anyone know anything about em?

"Sugar Man"

"The Victors"

and a cover of Chuck Berry's "Carol"

#ThePlanks #IndieMusic #lofi #blues #BluesRock #Canada #Canadian #CanadaBands #CanadianBands #MysteryBands #Bandcamp

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Here's the weekly #OPM digest ! A one-stop guide to #music selections from 8 Fediverse #Musicians . It's a great place to get some #BandcampFriday selections, or maybe find a new favorite artist.

As always, you can find a permanent archive of these, with slightly longer writeups, at my blog. The permalink for this week's is here:

Please support these musicians with your follows, favs, and finances!

#NewMusic #OtherPeoplesMusic

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b psycho - “Black Yuri Theme”


track that offers what sounds like a real bass guitar, some absolutely snappy drums and a gorgeous lead synth/string line, along with some chilled out e piano chords to tie it all together. Goes a little hard to work as the kind of background music that gets bundled up into those “lofi beats to study to” compilations, but it’s all the better for it.

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aluralura - “All Right”


Fuzzy, that feels like it wants to grow up to be a track (albeit a deeply weird one): all that’s missing is the kick drum and a groovy bassline. Hard hitting drum sounds, minimal pads and a garbled, filtered vocal chop are the main ingredients, and for the , it might be interesting to hear this was all done on a .

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I've put a bunch of the tunes I've made over the past couple of years on Bandcamp as two long tracks.

The album is called:

Bedsit Lofi Diy

This isn't the kind of you get by using loads of plugins, it's the kind you get by not really knowing what you are doing.

I think the tracks play together nicely and there's even a hint of a concept or theme, as if I had a plan all along. (I didn't)

It's priced at a pound because low self esteem

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picoSYNTH is coming to Steam!

If you like physics based cables and chippy sound effects, don't hesitate to wishlist!


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Have a really cool #MusicWomenWednesday this week. I literally discovered Switzerland's SUN COUSTO a few minutes ago. They have an album 'Imaginary Girls' coming out next month and they're kinda lo-fi and sound a bit like an all-female Sebadoh with some other twee mixed in.

It's catchy and weird and I love it.

#SunCousto #lofi #twee #punk #PunkRock #Switzerland #SwissBands #IndieMusic #IndieRock

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Happy Saturday Everyone!
Time for some Spirit City and tea here! ☕ ✨

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Spirit City - Lofi Sessions is has released on Steam

One of my favorite finds from the past Next Fest. This is a cute little time management helper "game" and background lo-fi music companion, where you customize your lo-fi experience both in looks, pets, and room. You can unlock new companions and customize them a bit as well. Highly recommend!

Just look at my strawberry goo-thing! It ate the stapler, some paper clips and an eraser.


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I can finally share a photo of my basement without being too embarrassed by the mess…

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