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Great piece on the full timeline, lore, and history of Diablo written by Jennifer Young last year. Make sure to click through to all eight pages - there's a lot here! https://www.windowscentral.com/gaming/diablo-full-timeline-and-story

#Diablo #lore #DiabloLore #Sanctuary #gaming #DiabloIV

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The thing that most folk dream of: A player asked about the of the place they currently are at. Being a good I had nothing prepared, because no one cares or ever asks.

Came up with it all on the spot. Was fun. The magic school is either a splinter off an orange marble dropped by a Goblin Wizard or founded by a crazy cat lady who just wanted peace and quiet and ripped a continent out of the planet to get it, eventually taking on students later.

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My dad was telling my mom and sister about .

Dad: "Elves and Orcs are actually from the same family."

Sister: "Your family?"

Mom: "Uh... you're blood-related to him."

Sister: "I KNOW WHAT I AM."

keylie, to pnpde German

Wie veröffentlicht ihr storyideen und wie schützt ihr die vor ideenklau?

Würde mich interessieren bevor ich hab mich bisher nicht getraut ne Kurzgeschichte oder so in Foren zu veröffentlichen.

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Volevo usare medium per ripubblicare le vecchie recensioni. Poi ho abbandonato medium per passare a writefreely, prima l'istanza qua.name ora noblogo.org, ma ora penso che userò di

Mi trovate qui


oppure sempre con ricerca con il mio solito nick (presto metterò un avatar specifico)

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If you're curious about the of from pre-1.X to the Dalamud drop into 2.0, this is an amazing edit that presents cutscenes and in-game footage into a proper timeline, with Louisoix narrating over the relevant parts.

It's actually fantastic. Like, you HAVE to watch this if the lore is something that you're into.


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This game is basically a brief playable teaser for one of my game series. It's a short interactive fiction, but there will be choices to be made. How you choose will determine the outcome of the game.

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Mastodon has been a little quiet lately for me.

I wonder if there’s any Mastodon lore about what accounts do when users don’t use them?

Do they wander off in search of John Mastodon, maybe?

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Wow.. What an absolute banger 🔥

But I've got so many questions, now.. Why is Yasuo so old? Who are the people with the bird masks? What do they want? So many questions and no answers.

I want answers TwT


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Jellyfolk are a diverse set of individuals with heritages ranging from gummies to jellybeans. They are the predominant inhabitants of and average about 3-4 feet high.

Dwelling places can vary across the region, ranging from conventional gingerbread cottages in most towns and villages to graham cracker high rises in the larger cities to hardened icing structures north of the Rock Candy Mountains.

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Every Mario death is canon and the Mushroom Kingdom is his own personal Silent Hill

FSM knows what he did to deserve it

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We have a winner! You all chose for me to play Mata Nui Online Game in the poll!

Starting tonight, I'll be streaming it for the next two weeks, or until I complete it, and I may have another surprise for the next two weeks as well. Still working out the details on the surprise.

Looking forward to playing this
heavy adventure!

Starting tonight, 8PM EST on

Come say SALUTATIONS at https://twitch.tv/novasageplays

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More lore!!!
Did you ever find the official Figgington Parish website while playing Lucy Dreaming?
Check it out and sign the guestbook while you're at it!

kitirving, to Magic

Now that I've got my system figured out and some and done, I'm going to try out the snowflake method to plot out my .

I generally like structure (in my day job/life), so I'm hoping this type of process resonates with me!

Anyone else use this method or something similar??

cazabon, to sysadmin

you may not be familiar with...

"Go away, or I shall replace you with a very small shell-script."

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Orkenspalter TV: Die Länder der Forgotten Realms

Nico von Orkenspalter TV nimmt euch mit auf eine Reise durch Faerûn und stellt euch Regionen der Vergessenen Reiche vor, von denen ihr vielleicht noch nie gehört habt

oder per https://yt.oelrichsgarcia.de/watch?v=peZbfMfJMwo oder https://viewtube.io/watch?v=peZbfMfJMwo ansehen

Orkenspalter TV ist seit 2009 der Online TV-Sender zum Thema Nerdtum mit Schwerpunkt auf DSA ( Das Schwarze Auge), Cthulhu, D&D, Shadowrun, Pen and Paper Rollenspiel allgemein, Comics, Star Wars und LARP (Live-Rollenspiel)! In der Late Nerd Show erfahrt ihr jede Woche von Mháire Stritter alles zu den neuesten RPGs und Comics. Dazu gibt es jede Menge PnP Let's Plays, live oder aufgezeichnet.

--- Diesen Beitrag vorlesen: #polly https://aws.amazon.com/polly/


Found some CBT2 ascension materials cut from the final game in my archive folder, posting here in case anyone's interested

Hey all, I played Star Rail's CBT2 and saved screenshots of various items and such in case they get removed in the transition to the final game. Among those are a set of iirc Genshin-esque enemy drops for ascension specifically....

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Je m'intéresse pas mal aux univers de niche donc je vais encore jeter une bouteille à la mer : Connaissez-vous un créateur de contenu qui a fait une ou plusieurs vidéo sur le de / en français? J'ai pas mal de romans en anglais et même s'il ne me pose pas plus de problèmes que ça, j'ai, parfois, envie de ne pas trop réfléchir et d'avoir du contenu dans ma langue ^^

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myhauger, to Games
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MurderCrumpet's VTuber debut lore video was epic!
7 minute animation :blobaww:

Shoutout/Credits to:
Artwork: DangerPat
Artwork: Camjo_Z
Narration: @Vorelio
High-arch angel VA: @sorryVT
VTuber model: ClickDraws
VTuber rigging: RotusLotus


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