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For a great meal experience, have a mage do the catering!

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Learn of the three types of stones midwives use as part of their trade!

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Hostile magic should be used sparingly, for there is always someone who can defend themselves from it!

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Some people summoned the dead as a party trick.

It didn't really catch on.

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If you are worried that an item you have received is cursed, test it on an animal first.

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A little over a year ago, originally due to an interest in the deeper history of , I started diving deep into the , studying , , and doing etc in what has become my deepest engagement with the rabbinic corpus yet -- the Talmud isn't a compiler but rather an extensible interpreter, compiled by compilers over the course of many centuries (build times have gotten significantly faster, my G-d), with novel extensions in the form of rabbinic commentary, glossia and the like being added nearly every century by publishers competing to compile the most elegant editions (Vilna Shaws being paradigmatic). And through studying Talmud and the greater body of rabbinic literature I've found myself encountering /sorcery occasionally, and I just gotta say -- the metaphor of programming as pure magic, with the as a sorcerer, goes insanely deep when you start to dig into it.

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A (a German word) is a folded piece of paper decorated with images of saints, sayings, prayers or Bible verses, which served as a and remedy and was widely used until the 20th century. In the middle they had a collection of or stuff, offen pieces of supposed . Although sold by Catholic monasteries, they were clearly and "healing bags". Sometimes people even ate scraps to heal diseases.
More in the ALT texts.

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Know the right sign to use against the right type of evil spirit!

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This entertainer might not have been able to earn much - but he certainly knew how to make an exit!


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This week I decided to change it up and checked out a small called "To Whom the Bouquet Falls" by . A surprisingly delightful story about , and star crossed lovers. Join me as we take a look at the first part of this and see how the adventure begins to unfold!

To Whom the Bouquet Falls:

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The famous Doctor Faust knew what to do with naughty little boys who did not mind their manners...

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Mages have plenty of options for cheating their customers, although I suspect they might not get much in the way of repeated business if they use them.


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Being outnumbered ten to one is generally considered fairly bad odds in warfare.

However, you can even the odds if you cheat.

#MythologyMonday #Germany #folktale #folklore #magic #military #warfare

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This is… words fail me. #NorthernLights over the #volcano #eruption. #Magic. That’s what it really is.


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Sometimes, when programming in #Rust, I'm wondering whether there is a little Ferris in my computer whispering to all those 0's and 1's to behave correctly. :ferris:

Otherwise I can't describe the following experience:

  1. Rewrite parts of #parsing a programming language from #nom to #chumsky (the parts that are most interleaved with each other => indirect recursion over multiple non-terminals!).
  2. Run all affected tests
  3. See all of them pass on the first try!


#RustLang #Magic

Terminal showing 7 tests pass when parsing ternary expressions. The exact output is: running 7 tests test parsers::ternary_expression::tests::ternary_expr_not_parenthesized_comparison_op ... ok test parsers::ternary_expression::tests::ternary_expr_deep_else ... ok test parsers::ternary_expression::tests::ternary_expr_deep_ifs ... ok test parsers::ternary_expression::tests::ternary_expr_simple ... ok test parsers::ternary_expression::tests::ternary_expr_not_parenthesized_not_variable ... ok test parsers::ternary_expression::tests::ternary_expr_parenthesized ... ok test parsers::ternary_expression::tests::ternary_expr_test_expr_is_parenthesized_ternary_expr ... ok test result: ok. 7 passed; 0 failed; 0 ignored; 0 measured; 198 filtered out; finished in 3.92s
Terminal showing 8 tests pass when parsing eval_name. The exact output is: running 8 tests test parsers::eval_name::tests::eval_name_qualifier ... ok test parsers::eval_name::tests::eval_name_looks_like_new_but_is_normal_identifier ... ok test parsers::eval_name::tests::eval_name_new ... ok test parsers::eval_name::tests::eval_name_qualifier_dblcolon ... ok test parsers::eval_name::tests::eval_name_std_id ... ok test parsers::eval_name::tests::eval_name_std_id_dblcolon_std_id ... ok test parsers::eval_name::tests::eval_name_super ... ok test parsers::eval_name::tests::eval_name_super_case_insensitive ... ok test result: ok. 8 passed; 0 failed; 0 ignored; 0 measured; 197 filtered out; finished in 0.43s
Terminal showing 10 tests pass when parsing eval expressions. The exact output is: running 10 tests test parsers::eval::tests::eval_function_args_non ... ok test parsers::eval::tests::eval_new_method_args_simple ... ok test parsers::eval::tests::eval_function_args_simple ... ok test parsers::eval::tests::eval_qualifier_method_chained ... ok test parsers::eval::tests::eval_function_args_nested ... ok test parsers::eval::tests::eval_qualifier_method_args_simple ... ok test parsers::eval::tests::eval_qualifier_with_table_map_method ... ok test parsers::eval::tests::eval_static_method_args_simple ... ok test parsers::eval::tests::eval_qualifier_method_chained_with_args ... ok test parsers::eval::tests::eval_function_args_deeply_nested ... ok test result: ok. 10 passed; 0 failed; 0 ignored; 0 measured; 195 filtered out; finished in 18.55s

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Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End (Best Original Anime)

📹 https://youtu.be/Iwr1aLEDpe4

If there is one Anime to watch in 2024, it is Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End on Crunchyroll.

There is a reason why Frieren is given a 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes & the anime has received a 9 out of 10 on the International Movie Database (IMDB).

What makes this show unique is the fact it takes place at the end of a legendary adventure, as the female elf protagonist (the latter is a rarity in anime) reflects on her experiences & memories during the decade-long journey with her closest companions.

The show is about love, regret, memories, moving forward, hatred & consequences of decisions. What I enjoyed about this anime is how each character had different perspectives—even hypocritical ones—& despite their flaws, they accomplished great things.

Another item I enjoyed about Frieren is that it is not another overpowered protagonist's show. While Frieren is powerful, she is also vulnerable (mismatches are the key to victory), as the show highlights during the numerous fantasy battles.

Many other characters in the show are fantastic, too, but it is best to discover that for yourself!

Although the show appears episodic at first, there is a clear destination in mind, & it is fun to watch Frieren & her new friends attempt to trek there on her journey.

#️⃣ , , , , , ,

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Here is a good blog by John Beckett, including a quote from a book by Mat Auryn:
"Avoiding Discouragement in Magic and Devotion"

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The Cost of Living - Short Story - A king must make an impossible decision; save his kingdom, or save his friend.


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Three Blessed Maidens lived on Ungarsberg Mountain, and these spirits entranced many a mortal man with their song.

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