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The Justice Department has acknowledged that marijuana has less potential to harm than drugs.

The Justice Department has formally moved to reclassify marijuana as a less dangerous drug in a historic shift in generations of U.S. drug policy.


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Using products like ‘dabs’, powders or vaping cannabis concentrates can be even more dangerous than smoking weed for young people and their developing brains.

It’s like what they say about alcohol:
Most people know that a 12-ounce beer is much less potent than 12 ounces of vodka. Cannabis in smoked form is closer to beer, while a cannabis concentrate is more like vodka. Neither is safe for an adolescent, but one is even more dangerous.

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The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration is recommending cannabis be reclassified as less risky, people familiar with the matter have said — a move that could help the legal marijuana industry benefit from tax breaks.

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"[The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration proposal] would not legalize marijuana outright for recreational use, but the proposal “clears the last significant regulatory hurdle” before the largest policy change in more than five decades would take effect [...]"

via @thenewsdesk

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Japan’s cannabis market expanded sixfold over four years to ¥24 billion ($154 million) in 2023, a trend that is expected to accelerate with the amendment in December of cannabis laws. #japan #sciencehealth #marijuana #drugs #medicine

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'She had cookies in the bottom of her bag': Carnival Cruise dogs are now everywhere, expert warns. They're even better than you think

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There's a new social media platform where people can take pictures of how they've been conned by their weed dealer.

It's called Isntagram.

#SocialMedia #Weed #Stoner #Marijuana #Cannabis

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Need the perfect medicine to relax?

Dr. Kush has your back!😏

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I'm out of my THC vape and almost out of weed

I can't handle my flashbacks without it

$80 would be life-saving

thanks so much ❤️$tskybarnes

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I've been meaning to hop on Fallout 76 for a couple hours now....but then I started smoking about an hour ago. Now, I'm really high and listening to the soundtrack instead of playing the game. :kek:

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A Diplomat’s Visits to Highlight Contacts Between Officials and Community Leaders Accused of

After a mass murder at a farm, a Chinese diplomat visited an organization that has been the subject of investigations.

The meetings reflect an international pattern of contacts between Chinese officials and suspected criminal networks.

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A Marijuana Boom Led Her to Oklahoma. Then Anti-Drug Agents Seized Her Money and Raided Her Home.

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Police in Hyogo Prefecture have arrested a 14-year-old male junior high school student on suspicion of marijuana possession.

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Gangsters, Money and Murder: How Chinese Organized Crime Is Dominating America’s Illegal Marijuana Market

A quadruple murder in Oklahoma shows how the Chinese underworld has come to dominate the booming illicit trade, fortifying its rise as a global powerhouse with alleged ties to China’s authoritarian regime.

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The number of marijuana offenders in Japan under the age of 20 increased 34% to 1,222 last year, marking a record high.

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See the top 10 Michigan marijuana tax revenue recipients by city, county

by Gus Burns

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You should use the perfect vape:

"comparing the theoretical harms of smoking versus was challenging. People tend to consume more cigarettes a day, but marijuana users tend to inhale marijuana more deeply and hold it for longer.
“What we can say is it’s a bad idea to put smoke in your lungs".

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While legalizes , don’t make the mistake did and allow the market to decide the THC levels. We are seeing real psychiatric consequences and now producers are not offering reasonable THC levels.

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