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The matter that’s embroiled Toyota and other automakers is a tempest in a teapot. Reform the regulators instead. #commentary #toyota #mazda #daihatsu

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Japan's government will take measures to minimize economic damage caused by data falsification disclosed by five automakers this week, even as Toyota and Mazda suspend production of four vehicle models while investigations continue.

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The safety requirements that led Toyota, Honda and other Japanese carmakers to falsify certification tests may be overly stringent and outdated given advancements in automobile design and technology, fueling calls for their review.

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Toyota revealed prototypes of internal combustion engines capable of running on hydrogen, along with gasoline and other fuels, seeking to popularize alternate technologies to reduce carbon emissions.

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In 2016, Fiat introduced the 124 Spider, which was designed to capture something of the character of the 1966 124 Sport Spider I featured yesterday. This car was based on Mazda’s MX-5/Miata and manufactured by Mazda as well. But the appearance was modified quite a bit, and the engines came from Fiat too. Geek point - the cooperation with Mazda was initially aimed at producing an Alfa, not a Fiat. Snapped at the Geneva Motor Show in 2016.

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I just tooted 🎺 earlier about finding myself behind a and one of the responses mentioned the dynamics etc.

I’ve never been a big fan of manuals (although I love shiftable automatics) but maybe I should drive the right one to understand why so many fans desire them.

I’ve driven a Golf Mk I manual (not GTi), a Mercedes-Benz (hated it), and a few other nondescript manual rentals in various guises.

If you had to drive ONE manual to understand, which would it be?

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Nissan and Mazda unveiled new cars tailored for Chinese drivers on Thursday, signalling a fresh push by Japanese automakers to regain ground in the world's largest auto market. #business #companies #cars #carmakers #nissan #mazda

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I found a Honda Life JC1 with a unique color scheme.
These cars are not taxis. These are designated driver service cars.

Is there such a service in western countries?

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#weirdcarmastodon #carsofmastodon

Morning friends! QOTD for today...

What car design has had the worst decline or improvement over it's model life?

I'll start us off with the decline of the Toyota Tacoma.


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@Basmitharts Frankly I love all of them, but I think they've gone in the right direction.


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Washed today and finally a sunny day to open the roof.
#mazda #miata #cars #sun #convertible #vancouver

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So apparently Tesla cars are falling apart. Tesla refuses to recall them and fix critical safety problems. Tesla has been lying to safety agencies. And now two Senators are joining in and demanding the company recall their dangerous product.

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@mastodonmigration agreed. Had the chance to buy the brand new CX-90 PHEV but with it being their first real first into EVs (the MX doesn't count) in North America, I was wary of being a guinea pig.

Already have read reports of the car just dying with no reason. Can't have that when I'm ferrying 3 kids around!

Decided to stick with my tried and tested CX-5 instead. Been driving it hard and no major mechanical issues yet. 🤞

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Mazda not ready to bet on EVs but says more plug-ins for the US market - Enlarge (credit: Mazda)

Electrification is a big challenge if ... -

itnewsbot, to Mazda

Building An Animated Turn Signal For The Mazda MX-5 - Turn signals in most of the world are mandated to be a flashing orange light, dist... -

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No one packages semiconductors like this any more. I think we're missing out really.

Dtl, avatar
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This is highly disappointing. This is likely an abuse of DMCA, but the affected people won’t fight it because it involves open source developers without the resources to fight it.

Mazda is a bully. And they are aware of their power dynamic in this and know they’ll get away with it.

Dylan, to Miata avatar

was a blast! Shoulda showed up a bit earlier to do the parade laps, but time wasn’t on our side today.

Got to meet @Mark in person and for some reason we didn’t get a selfie together.


ct_Magazin, to BMW German

(Etwas) weniger Show in Tokio​

Die "Tokyo Motor Show" ist Geschichte, es lebe die "Japan Mobility Show". Mit leicht geänderten Konzept meldet sich die Automesse aus der Pandemie zurück. ​

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My next novel is The Lost Cause, a hopeful tale of the climate emergency. As with all my audiobooks, Amazon refuses to sell this one, so I made my own indie audiobook and I'm pre-selling it right now through Kickstarter:


Today (Oct 19), I'm in #Charleston, WV to give the 41st annual McCreight Lecture in the Humanities:

Tomorrow (Oct 20), I'm at Charleston's #TaylorBooks from 12h-14h:


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WTF, Mazda?

Ars Technica: Mazda's DMCA takedown kills a hobbyist’s smart car API tool

itnewsbot, to homeassistant

Mazda’s DMCA takedown kills a hobbyist’s smart car API tool - Enlarge (credit: Jonathan Gitlin)

Before last week, owners of ... - .oracle

homeassistant, to random avatar

The Mazda Connected Services integration has been removed from Home Assistant in release 2023.10.2. We explain what happened in this blog post:


@homeassistant It's not the cloud, it's just someone else's computer.

for accessing a system to control a device you own.

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Found a parking buddy!

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