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My 1979 Knoll office chair... needs new foam. Any furniture restoration folks here tried one of these? May move this on, but if foam replacement is easy may add another project to the list.

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#ManCrushMonday I can't go wrong with this lovely man after seeing him last week. I love you, Rob. ❤️💖😘

#robzombie #mcm

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If there was a house that needed an old fashioned CRT television with rabbit ears, this is the one. What, a modern TV? Travesty!

Black Lotus boot wim patch issues for MCM/MECM/SCCM

If you’re running into issues where the “Pre-provision bitlocker” step is failing (win32_tpm wmi provider load errors) after trying to apply the 2023-05 May patches to your boot image in MCM for the black lotus vulnerability: don’t try to redo with any boot wim that has already been touched by configmgr- do your patches...

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