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Hey friends, I need some help! The husband and I have started a sitting meditation group here in DC and I need to get a website up. I have bought the domain name.

I'm wondering what the easiest "build it yourself" website hosting company is for someone over 60 who didn't grow up doing this?

The website itself will just be a marketing tool with 3 or 4 pages.

Alternatively, if anyone wants to do this for free or cheap, let me know!

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a few weeks in to reviving my practice, feels like front row tickets for a daily tour of personal discomforts and dormant grievances. ironically watching this dismal show buys me a little lightness throughout the day

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Soaking wet run in Manchester but got to keep them black clouds moving or they may bite u 😫🏃🏻☔️ - cake always helps ✅ (checkout my linked short video)


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I earned this award by recording 5 mindful minutes on World Meditation Day. Completed in @zenitizer by @manuel

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Happy #WorldMeditationDay everyone 🧘

If you're following me here, you probably know that I'm a bit of a #meditation and #mindfulness geek 🤓

And you might know that a little less than a year ago, I launched @zenitizer, a timer for unguided meditation ⏳

Curious what that's about? I recorded a video aimed to give a high level comparison between guided and unguided meditation 🍿

And in celebration of #MeditationDay, I’m offering a 25% discount using the code ZEN24 (also for current subscribers 😉)

A video showing me giving a high level overview of guided and unguided meditations and outlining why I personally really enjoy an unguided practice. Feel free to listen what I say throughout the video. The 25% discount code mentioned at the end of the video is "ZEN24" It can be redeemd via the offer code button when unlocking the Zenitizer+ plan inside the app.

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Taking pictures of Böhme bottomland while my cat Lilli is asleep in her buggy …..

🇩🇪 Vorbei fließende Landschaft II
🇬🇧 Landscape flowing by II

When the nature of movement is known in the midst of stillness …
… this is the recognition of one-pointedness.

Canon EOS600D, Tamron SP24-70mm, f20 ND8 2''

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Something incredible happened in these ten days of Vipassana meditation. I tried to describe it in this article.

#mind #meditation

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Well well well wat a fantastic effortless run 🏃🏻🩵 - 21 hours in2 a 24 hour fast avg HR 132 and already for post fast 🍰🤣


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Five qualities for super-charging your #meditation

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To all my friends: Today I celebrate ❤️ We come in all sizes& colors. Some have given birth in a physical way. Some have birthed in other ways. 🌈 We are a dynamic force around the world, helping keep things together with as sometimes that’s all we have. 💐🥰🌻

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The mats are waiting for today's deep meditation participants. After today, the focus will be on my retreat in Luxembourg. Already 7 participants registered for my meditation in the park session. I'm excited to meet them soon. Fingers crossed for good weather.


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Beginning Anew - continuation of the Six Mantras
"Deep inside you, you know what you want, you know what you need."

"Sit quietly and listen to the message of your body."
​ ​@dharma @plumvillage

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The "han," sounding board for marking the beginning of #meditation periods, at Tassajara #Zen Monastery.

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(photographer unknown)

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The audio recording of today's mediation podcast is here! We keep it simple today as I give you a taste of what we're going to do in Luxembourg during a outdoor heart-centered live event in one of Luxembourg city's beautiful parks. Want to join us in Luxembourg? Click here for the details and register

#meditation #mindfulness #wellbeing #wellnessjourney #mentalhealth #selfcare #innerpeace #luxembourg #meditationevent #TMGcommunity

@meditation @consciousliving

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"Find joy in the journey"
This image represents the idea that true happiness and fulfillment come from embracing the journey, rather than just focusing on the destination. The winding pathway symbolizes the twists and turns we encounter in life, while the figure walking along it represents the courage and determination needed to keep moving forward

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