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My #introduction !

Mij name is Sophie, a Dutch/Belgian woman.

  • I work in #accessibility and offer also a #mentorship.
  • Music is important to me, I love listening and singing (have been taking singing lessons for the past 6 years, currently on hiatus since 2022 though. My music taste is very eclactic!
  • love watching tv-series and movies, and some streamers.
  • I love stationery, I have a lot of #pens and enjoy #fountainpens, i have also fountain pen inks, use a analog planner and journal regurlary. I also have washi tape and stickers
  • I also love colouring, so have enough colouring pencils and markers!
  • I like cross stitching, but I need more patience for it 😂 . Trying to learn to crochet and maybe knitting.
  • I have a diamond painting, but I also need more patience so I actually finish that one, LOL
  • Touch of the #ADHD
  • #TurnersSyndrome
  • Leonardo da Vinci is one of the people I deeply admire, for both his genius, his faults and trials and tribulations
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TOMORROW is the deadline for applications to the and Incubator Programme (TIM). can get paid while they study, and learn from the best in the field.

Participants must be nominated & registered by a @geant partner. 👉

@renater @DFN @SURF @nordunet

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Hello everyone 👋, I don't know if you have noticed but Climatematch students applications are finally opened. The course will be in July and it will cover all the latest topics in climate science, and this year there will be more time dedicated to mentorship and professional development.

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🎤 Thinking about submitting a proposal to DjangoCon Europe 2024 and need guidance? Our mentorship program is here to help! 🌟

Sign up now to be paired with one of our experienced mentors and take your proposal to the next level: 🎙️✨

natew, to Kubernetes

A reminder, tomorrow, Tues Feb 13, 5:00 PM PDT, is the last day for mentee applications for CNCF LFX 2024 Term 1: March - May!

If you want to participate as a mentee, get your applications in!

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The @opensuse Project is looking for to present and give a short monthly with the goal of helping to teach people how to contribute to the project.

Shanmonster, to random avatar

There’s a writing contest honouring a deceased writer’s accomplishments in the field and for their role as a mentor. In the 1990s, this person theoretically mentored me when I was a complete novice. Thing is, all they did was tear me down and present my work to the public in the worst possible light. They went so far as to demand I change parts of my writing. They were simply awful to me, and I do not acknowledge working with them in any of my résumés. While I’m sorry for the family and friends of this writer, I feel like it would be hypocritical of me to enter or promote this contest.

Shanmonster, to indigenousauthors avatar A mentorship and publishing opportunity for unpublished Indigenous writers, Black writers, and writers of colour in Canada. @indigenousauthors

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Season of KDE, KDE's mentorship program for new contributors, is kicking off with 18 new projects.

Covering , software, and tools, and software and , this year's edition will help new contributors to get started in software development and help push apps and projects forward.


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esdin, to gamedev

With 2024 now underway, wanted to take a moment to remind folks that I provide Open Office hours every Thursday for games folks to talk about anything (except XR), as well as Mentorship through ADP list (primarily for Games folks but open to anyone).

Details at

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There's no time like now to start contributing to the sustainable initiative!

Submit a proposal for one of 3 sustainability projects in KDE's program Season Of KDE 2024.

Details about submitting to found here:

SOK website:

Let's make the most efficient software, together!

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Google Summer of Code 2023 is over, but our contributors' work lives on!

Discover the new features, like email support in Merkuro, automatic photo tagging in digiKam, moderation options in Tokodon, and more through the stories of the people who implemented them.

#GSoC #mentorship #outreach


kde, avatar


Want to join a KDE mentorship program? Develop new technologies, work in a team and kickstart your future career in IT 🚀!

Season of KDE and GSoC will be back early 2024. Watch this space!

Meanwhile, check out notes and ideas from 2023 for inspiration:

#mentorship #learning #GSoC #SoK

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The Randy Rhoads Years
In the fall of 1980, rock guitarists were still trying to wrap their heads—and fingers—around the wizardry of the still-ascendent Eddie Van Halen. By late 1983, many would begin to be mesmerized by the hellacious shredding of Yngwie Malmsteen. Both of these guitar greats were heavily influenced by c...

labellaragassa, to accessibility Dutch avatar

I am offering mentorships in accessibility! If you always wanted to learn about accessibility, let me help you to dive in all information and learning that is out there!

Offered in Dutch and English. Contact me for more details!

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Today has been an interesting day. What I liked the most was a call this morning with a young but skilled developer. He asked for an upgradable, no-frills setup, fast and reliable. I suggested #FreeBSD and a jail for each service (one for #redis, one for #mariadb, one for #nginx and #php, etc.), but I explained that he would need to embrace the concept of using such a solution.

He responded that he can't wait to learn something new and that he liked my proposal. These are the moments of satisfaction when your experience can be helpful to young and enthusiastic IT enthusiasts who, in turn (if they see the benefits), will promote your choices to their friends and colleagues.

#IT #technology #Mentorship #SysAdmin #RunBSD

BCMetisMan, to random avatar

If you are in the IT world or own an IT company, reach out to the Indigenous communities near you to help mentor Indigenous youth.

#mentor #indigenous #doyourpart #mentorship

strypey, to random avatar

Anyone out there getting started in tech - paid or voluntary - and looking for a mentor?

Someone whose brains you can pick about stuff that affects your participation in tech, whether professional or personal. Someone who's seen some shit, and is socially liberal (but also 'all corporations must die' far-left economically).

I'm thinking particularly of Māori, women, the neurodiverse, etc etc, but all approaches will be given fair consideration.

Hit me up by Direct post or matrix.

strypey, avatar

Also, let me know if you too are willing to offer mentorship to someone struggling to get started in digital tech or stay in the field; particularly the Free Code/ Open Source field. Reply here and we'll see if we can't match some needs to offers.

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Mentorship is the bedrock of sustainability of any profession, not just / in

Securing the future of clinical microbiology and infectious diseases through mentorship - Clinical Microbiology and Infection

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A Seasoned Mentor is Like a Trusty Baseball Mitt - They've Seen it All and Can Help You Catch Whatever Life Throws Your Way. #Mentorship #BaseballHumor #LifeSkills #LearningFromExperience #Guidance #Success

resurrexia, to Futurology

Eternally grateful for mentors who make time, space, and bandwidth for juniors.

Essentially I just had coffee with one and cried, but it was a good cry. It’s catharsis and gratitude and the fact that I am safe under their care that I can let myself feel what I naturally feel.

It’s lived experience and not conjecture that drives my research in mentoring dynamics and .

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Impact of Mentors to Help Founders Navigate the Challenges of a New Startup - Compelling mentorship that provides industry insight and rich personal experience ... - (eca) (generationz) .yousefalhammadi

resurrexia, to Artist

hi everyone, I’m an , ( and focused), and about-to-be . My other fun interests are ( ) and serious interests are and . I am also a proud slave to my , who has yet to have a presence. 我也讲中文、日本語を話します。

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