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Surprising link found between niacin and risk of heart attack and stroke - Enlarge / A shopper looks at a meat display on June 20, 2022 at the Market 32 ... -

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Breakdown Products of Excess Vitamin B3 May Contribute to Cardiovascular Disease Risk

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Les produits à base de S-métolachlore ne pourront plus être vendus dans l'Union européenne après le 23 avril. La date butoir a été avancée de 7 mois, incluant un délai de grâce jusqu'en juillet. 💧

En Bretagne, les métabolites de ce pesticide contaminent la quasi-totalité des cours d'eau testés. 1/

#bretagne #splann #pesticide #herbicide #pollution #riviere #eau #élevage #maïs #agriculture #smétolachlore #métabolites #alimentation #environnement #ecologie #consommation #biodiversite #sante

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So I got a new paper published! “Genetic analysis of blood molecular phenotypes reveals common properties in the regulatory networks affecting complex traits”.

I wrote a thread on our findings on the other place for those inclined to the more academic language ( Lot of scientists are still there. But I thought here I would try something a little bit different to avoid the jargon:

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