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Nano 8.0 - oder doch lieber Micro?

Nano, der Texteditor für die Kommandozeile, bietet in der neuesten Version Key-Bindings, die auch Normalsterbliche bedienen können.

muellermeier, to Furry avatar

A spacecraft and spacesuit 2-in-1 concept with furry micro-macro-shenanigans. Furries sharing a spacesuit with micros is something I want to explore more in the future. Seems like such a funny concept, I wonder why it hasn’t been done before? Or is it I just haven’t seen it be done?

The suit is loosely based on something called the “Command/Control Pressure Suit”.

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If you use a host , you'll be pleased to know that @opensuse Leap 6 is in its stage.

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That "edit your podcast using Vim" program (recently mentioned on the podcast) now supports because I realized I have a project that this is a good fit for, and I write micro plugins . It's nice to have a lightweight audio/video editor that works in my favorite text editor.

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Bonjour les mamouths, j'espère que vous allez bien,

Je lance une bouteille à la mer... Par hasard, est-ce que quelqu'un, situé près de Lille, aurait un ou plusieurs micro(s) cravate, et pourrait les prêter ce dimanche ?

Ils seraient utilisés avec soin pour enregistrer une interview d'un groupe de rock local.

Merci d'avance !

🔁 Repouets bienvenus !

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Designing a USB-C Upgrade PCB for the MX Ergo Mouse - As the world of electronic gadgetry made the switch from micro USB to USB-C as the... - -usb

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There is no reaction off the table if a for profit company tries to use AI to regulate my sleeping or health habits unless our feckless faithless elected officials allow it whilst democratically elected


jamez, to wordpress

To mitigate the double-user compromise described here, I’m testing a simple script to automatically boost posts by the instance:

freenando, to FiberArts

exhibition about , at Momo, circus museum, Lousã, Portugal

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Gesture-Controlled Robot Arm Is A Nifty Educational Build - Traditionally, robot arms have been controlled either by joysticks, buttons, or ve... - :bit

lissy, to Furry

Local goon rambles about her beloved, rapidly growing Blaziken wife @anubins

Little does she know that every word adds to her size

@erryx, the actual maniac. Thank you so so much for this 💖 ]

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Unlock limitless possibilities with Leap & harness the robustness of this ultra-reliable, lightweight while seamlessly managing & deploying and workloads.

silverwuffamute, to random

When you give a cat some size, they're going to take more and more and MORE...

Featuring @Mirina !

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world's smallest baby yoda

ShimmeringSpectrum, to shark

Art by @magpi

Kairi isn’t entirely a monster. Despite being a predator, she knows it’s important to take time for self care. A long, cool bath is a perfect way for a kitefin shark to unwind. She has plenty of bath toys to relax with, even if her toys might not have agreed to join her in the bath. Despite her love of technology, she’s keenly aware of the fragility of the oceans and intolerant of those who fuck with the seas. She shrank a few of those threats and reduced them to mere bath toys for her amusement.

An entire cruise ship rests on a sponge as if beached on a sandbar. Thousands of people who were on an environmentally-unfriendly island-hopping vacation are now looking out at a giant shark girl’s island-sized breasts. Though some might dream of such a destination, most are terrified by the way they’ve disappeared from the world without any hope of reconnecting with it.

A nuclear submarine is also marooned on the rim of her tub. The seas are not for humans to control and assert superiority over. It’s the domain of sharks and other sea creatures who shouldn’t have to put up with deafening sonar blasts and disorienting propeller wakes. At this reduced size, the submarine cannot mount an attack. Tactical nuclear weapons won’t function when they’re too small to achieve critical mass.

Even those who indirectly abuse the seas are subject to her wrath. Private jets are profoundly unsustainable and used by the unconscionably wealthy. Her greatest contempt is for bullies and to call a billionaire a ‘bully’ is an understatement. One such jet hangs near her sink, in a position where it cannot hope to fly, until she chooses to use the aircraft in some other way. She alone has control over air traffic in her bathroom.

You, for whatever reason, are on the opposite rim of her tub. You have the dubious honor of looking out on this scene. Maybe you were among those she kidnapped for fucking up the world. Maybe you’re a consenting bullyslut who she’s messing with because you’re cute when you’re flustered. Given the way she’s looking at you, though, she clearly has something in mind…

#female #anthro #shark #kitefinshark #bathtub #micro #cruiseship #privatejet #nuclearsubmarine #featurelessbreasts #FurryArt #FurryNSFW

silverwuffamute, to random

When you’re tiny but you still wanna watch TV with your normal sized friend.

You get the best seat in the house, it’s pretty high up tho.


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Micromanipulator Touches The Tiny Things, Cheaply - Some things are small and fragile enough that they cannot be held or touched by ev... -

kerneldecoy, to random

Commission - Terraforming for Foxxy on Twitter
FA Link:

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rzr, to random avatar #ArmBian on #Olimex #A20 #OLinuXino #MICRO any hints about this #dmesg : WARNING: CPU: 1 PID: 1 at arch/arm/mm/ioremap.c:287 __arm_ioremap_pfn_caller+0x13f/0x14c
[ 1.298614] Modules linked in:
[ 1.298634] CPU: 1 PID: 1 Comm: swapper/0 Not tainted 5.10.16- #sunxi #21.02.2
[ 1.298640] Hardware name: #Allwinner #sun7i (#A20) Family

rzr, avatar : regression is back with I suspect something with , any clue ? for @olimex :

rzr, avatar patch to add support to @olimex eMMC for @freedomboxfndn , BTW I am wondering about the upstreaming status of support from to mainline ?

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