Acamon, to mildlyinfuriating in Et tu, Guinnéss?

In Britain lots of beers come on both sizes, and it makes comparing prices #mildlyinfuriating. Is 6x500ml at £7.99 better than 4x440ml at £4.50? What if there’s an 12 pack of 330ml stubbies for £15, but it’s Buy One Get One Free?

micheleann, to MildlyInfuriating avatar

Our street parking sticker can 'conveniently' be renewed by mail (vs walking 20 minutes to city hall to do it in person). I just need to fill out the form with all my info, include copy of registration, proof of insurance, photocopy of driver's license, and a physical photograph of our license plate (?!) ... no option to do this online or by email.

AnotherDayInHell, to fediverse

Apparently I need to take a break from the #Fediverse and pay attention to my feline familiar. She's decided that my boobs are her personal cat couch #catsofmastodon #mildlyinfuriating

indutny, to MildlyInfuriating avatar

Dear Apple, I get that it is better for the laptop battery to charge up to 80% if I only use it with the charger. However, I wish there was a way to turn LED on my charger cable from orange to green. Not only it staying always orange doesn't convey any information, but it actually makes me a bit uneasy because of the years of use of macbooks in the past.

readbeanicecream, to rant
readbeanicecream avatar

Why can't I buy a new car directly from the manufacturer via the internet like everything else. This whole car buying song and dance with multiple sales people is ridiculous. That is all. Rant over.

lost my email because of Google 2FA

TL;DR, my computer broke because I spilled water onto it. I got a new phone recently and my number was changed, so I couldn't use that to log back in with 2-step verification, and I tried send it to my alternate email instead. It says I have to "wait 24 hours" but I never get the fucking verification email so apparently I have...

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