Wen, (edited ) to running
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Going for broke (and probably at least one additional pair of shoes)

A personal challenge, last year I ran/staggered 7070k in the year (a month off because of injury). My goal is 7777k this year, aided by a keen Collie and a sarcastic partner who has offered a hug if I manage it (and I can probably get a sympathetic hug if I don’t 🤣). ‘New Season’ shoe sales❣️

So far, day 49. 1210k. (I’m assuming a few down days - better had do, 8888k will be beyond me)

defunctnerd, to Artist

This wasn't an expected milestone, but it definitely counts as one! Thank you kind residents of transfem.social. I think this can count as my peak, I'm ready to fall off now.

Jokes aside, reply to this with art requests and I'll doodle them all today! OCs, yourself, an icon, I'll sketch it really quickly and it might even turn out good!
(*Only request if you're following.)
(**Timing and doodle not guaranteed. I'm a busy gal doing busy gal things.) Cool

cloudhiker, to random
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Cloudhiker reached 16,000 approved websites today! 🤯🤩
Thank you all for your contributions and ongoing support. 🩵


Nonilex, to tech
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index crosses 5,000 for the FIRST TIME
have been buoyed in recent months by positive data, a softening of policy, & the soaring success of a few Big firms.

spamhaus, to community

🎉 🎉 We are thrilled to share that the Threat Intel Community Portal has reached a significant milestone - 1,000,000 submissions!

And we want to say a massive THANK YOU.

In less than four months, we have received 1 million contributions of suspicious IPs, domains, URLs, and emails!

Whether from occasional contributors or organizations sharing large volumes of data via API, the mission is the same: to make the internet a safer place.

And believe us when we say every contribution counts, for it’s the diversity that adds to the strength of the community.

We owe this achievement to all our contributors, so please, take a bow and THANK YOU!

Interested in becoming a contributor?

Find out more here 👉 https://submit.spamhaus.org

#milestone #community #grateful #ThreatIntel #ThreatHunting #threatintelligence #cybersecurity

dblp, to ComputerScience

The #dblp team is happy to celebrate our latest #milestone of more than 7 million #computerscience publication in the dblp computer science bibliography.

mdmrn, to Pixelfed
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Looks at my profile for a moment.

Wait. Almost 100 people follow me? I'm at 91 right now which is just wild to me considering how wildly inconsistent this account truly is compared to my other social media accounts.

No theme, just me and my nonsense in photo form.

Thank you all for following me.

Here's to continuing more nonsense in 2024.

#Selfie #Beard #Bearded #Milestone #Pixelfed

joel, (edited ) to random
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Just a quick catch up about multiple things, that also celebrates the fact I just wrote the same amount of posts as last year, and they'll just keep coming.

Quite a huh?

This is post 83 of


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MOULE, to productivity

Lots of :MW: MOULE WORLD stuff happening behind the scenes! :MOULE_Happy:

I'm way too tired to list them all (it's Sunday 2:03 AM over here), but tonight there's been massive breakthroughs in my 100th track, and therefore the 2023 Mega Mix and 100 Track Super Mix. :MOULE_Stars:

I'm so proud of my efforts and can't wait to share them all in due time!! I'll be sharing some previews over the next few days! :MOULE_Happy:

amarchivepub, to random
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This year marks an important milestone - the American Archive of Public Broadcasting is a decade old! 🥳🎂

Join us in celebrating by sharing your favorite discovery from the AAPB!

rince, to android
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Ich habe gestern abend beim Aufräumen mein erstes -Handy gefunden: . Der Akku ist noch ok....

OKMaps, to random

Open Knowledge Maps is taking flight! 🚀

This week, we are celebrating that 2 million knowledge maps have been created on our website. 🎉

In just 11 months after hitting our first million, we're soaring to new heights, thanks to YOU! 🌍📚

botwiki, to fediBots
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GayOldTime, to random
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Hello to all you 750 lovely people out there!

AimeeMaroux, (edited ) to fun
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I want to let everyone who voted in this poll know that I am travelling to a museum today to take photos and attend a guided tour on the subject of ideal nudity in ancient art.

I will share photos and write about the tour on my blog ☺️

I hope everyone is pleased with the reward 🙂

@smutstodon @antiquidons


mdmrn, to manga
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So, I just noticed that I am somehow at over 1,000 followers.

First of all - thank all of you for your support, boosts, & likes.

Second of all - why? I'm just some random, middle aged Dad who likes & .

Third of all - got to specifically thank via for some of my friends I made along the way: @gnitro @cliffwade @WanderingInDigitalWorlds @negativeprimes @Kitty @sariash @broximar @pixelcats @aronow

There are more (check my follower list). But to start. All .

Thank you all again. 1,000 feels like a lot.


AimeeMaroux, (edited ) to mastodon
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I am closing in on 2000 followers on 😍

To celebrate, here are a few ideas of what I could do 🥳

Or is there anything else you'd love me to do instead? Comment!


botwiki, to fediBots
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In case you missed it over the weekend, Botwiki is now 8 years old 🎉


mdmrn, to Pixelfed
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I know I posted it to my account, but today is the 9th birthday of my twin daughters. It's wild to think that it has been that long.

They are just such different people. One is an introverted, sarcastic, voracious reader who loves soccer & penguins. The other is an extroverted, compassionate, aggressive hugger who loves pigs & makes friends everywhere she goes. They are so different, but so amazing.

So thankful for them both.


stefan, to fediBots
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Botwiki, a site I made 8 years ago to catalogue creative online bots and collect resources for making them, is celebrating its anniversary today.


botwiki, to fediBots
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freezenet, to announcement
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Announcement: Freezenet YouTube Channel Reaches 2,500 Views!

We here at Freezenet are excited to say that the Freezenet YouTube channel has hit the milestone of 2,500 views.

In early August of 2019, we announced that we would be starting our first impression video series. The announcement coincided with the launching of


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