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New Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate video is live! Hunting the final end game monsters Alatreon, Dire Miralis, Hallowed Jhen Mohran, and more!


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Monster Hunter Rise RPG de-make with Shagaru Magala ✨
Drawn in Pixaki app

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After getting it on sale on a couple months ago, I'm giving a try. So far it feels like meets ... After the careful precision of (which I'm very close to beating, which makes me sad) WH feels pretty imprecise, even sloppy, but I've heard from numerous people that Lies of P is too hard for them, so I guess that's a good thing. Like MH, the equipment crafting system confuses me, but nothing watching a few YouTube tutorials can't help. I probably won't stick with it for long, I very rarely actually finish games, but at least I actually tried this game after buying it on sale as opposed to so many other games I buy but never touch 😅

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Stygian Zinogre was wayyy easier than Raging Brachydios. Why was Brachy so difficult comparatively?

The Obscure Monsters of Monster Hunter Online by CR-Volcanic (www.youtube.com)

"Following up the monsters of Monster Hunter Frontier, I now present the wild and creative creations of the Chinese MMO, Monster Hunter Online. It's my pleasure to showcase what are probably some of the most obscure creatures that this franchise has to offer"...

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Aaaah the simple joys of wandering into someone elses' hunt and saving their lilly-white asses because I'm the only support player on the goddamn server


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2023 has been a CRAZY year of growth for THE VIDEO GAME LIBRARY 📚

Surpassing 10,000+ books, a 200% increase in visitation, and soaking in the incredible support you've showered us with! ❤️🙌 Thank you!!

As usual, here's a thread for the TOP 10 most-visited books in 2023! 👇



This #MonsterHunter cookbook contains 29 recipes inspired from #Capcom fan-favourite series.

Written in collaboration with PASELA Resorts, which manages the popular restaurant "Monster Hunter Bar"

👉 https://thevideogamelibrary.org/book/monster-hunter-recipe-book

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🔴LIVE - Holiday and chill. OPEN LOBBY!

I am sooooo sleepy today. Tell me about your holiday and NYE plans!



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I’ve been playing on iOS and really enjoying it. You should check it out if you are a fan of , puzzle games and . Here’s my invite code: rw5nqifazj

You will need to finish the first 10 levels to use it.

Boost and share yours as well!

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Thanks to @thewellredmage for shedding some light on this 10th Anniversary book that was missing from the site! 🙏

Over 250 pages of concept art, illustrations, setting materials and interviews for the first 10 years of games❗️

👉 https://thevideogamelibrary.org/book/monster-hunter-10th-anniversary-official-chronicle


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New :ablobcatattention:

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Finished sketch for DeadmanPartisan on twt

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🔴LIVE - Jellybeans refilled and monsters ready to kill! stream begins now!

If you're a friend of the channel, come hunt if you like! Open Lobby for steam friends!


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@vifon played some special quest in Monster Hunter Rise with as a reward. And it was looking like this.

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Monster Hunter Invades Exoprimal with a Rathalos Boss Fight and More on Jan. 18, 2024

The collaboration includes a ferocious new mission where Leviathan conjures a Rathalos and swarms of Velociprey for a combat test unlike any other. Exofighters must join forces in the Spacetime Abyss and hunt as a team to survive against the iconic fire-breathing “King of the Skies” in a 10-player co-op boss battle.


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10/24/23 Open 6-9p. No open containers, please.

For 'factual' frights or fearsome fun, our shelves are the place to run!


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Avec le lancement de Monster Hunter Now, je suis de nouveau tombé accro à la saga.

Du coup, en ce moment, je joue à :
• MH Generations Ultimate (Switch)
• MH World (sur PS4)
• MH Rise (sur Switch).

Est-ce qu'il y a du monde qui jouent à cette série ? Jouer avec des gens randoms c'est sympa mais j'aimerai bien jouer en vocal avec des personnes francophones. 😄

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Hallo, ich würde hier gerne meine machen!
gehören zu meinen größten Hobby. Neben meinen Lieblingsthema habe ich noch ein paar andere Interessen. Ich mag vorallem und jeglicher Art. Spaß habe ich an , , , usw. Ich mag bei Videospielen sehr den Style. Meine liebsten Konsolen sind die und dort mein .
Ich poste in deutsch und englisch.

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Hello, I would like to make my here!
Besides photography, are one of my biggest hobbies. Apart from my favorite subject I have a few other interests. I like especially games and games of any kind. I have fun with , , , and so on. I really like the style of video games. My favorite consoles are the and there clearly my .
I post in english and german.

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This is what I did during September when it comes to media consumption.

This is day 63 of


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