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– Were you drunk when you did these?
– A little.
– They're very good.

, June 6, Black Widow (Nunnally Johnson , 1954) is the

@film ★★★★☆

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TWO INTERTWINED STORIES, one a spookily poetic tale of sisters haunted by the past and one a Chicago police procedural, converge in startling ways. Lovely, rich with a great city’s history, beauty, and tragedy. B PLUS


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We all know that washing machines and dryers transport socks to another universe, but I think our dishwasher has started sending teaspoons to the same destination. We had six to start with, but now we only have four.

If you have more teaspoons than you started with please set the correct cycle on your dishwasher and send them back.

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Finished the first book on my - Station Eternity by @MurHerself

It's a cozy (well, up to a point) murder set on an alien space. Cool setting, fun characters, and a great payoff at novel's end.

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Mystery malware destroys 600,000 routers from a single ISP during 72-hour span:

An unknown threat actor with equally unknown motives forces ISP to replace routers.
One day last October, subscribers to an ISP known as Windstream began flooding message boards with reports their routers had suddenly stopped working and remained unresponsive to reboots and all other attempts to revive them.


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"Check out these Tule mysteries on your next trip and touch down in a good mood!
"Something Shady at Sunshine Haven : The father-daughter relationship will warm your heart far more than the sun in this Southwestern setting. Kate’s used to danger, knows how to investigate, and that makes her the best option to tackle problems that don’t interest the police yet, so you can count on plenty of clues, twists, and characters in this whodunnit. @bookstodon

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Something especially funny about watching a mystery about a murder during a TV shoot that gets TV shooting all wrong.

I mean, they’re doing one. Can’t imagine what the crew was thinking during it.

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Forget Medium and Substack, this writer made 40 websites to tell a mystery story. I don’t exactly know where to start the mystery, but you can read about the project at @bookstodon

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A new review on BookBub: "Another fun read... With sister Jen, IT wizard Mackenzie, and the Coffee Shop Irregulars, they tackle both tasks with ingenuity and humour. This charming series hits the spot for me. I’m looking forward to the next one."

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A new review on Bookbub: "Another fun read... With sister Jen, IT wizard Mackenzie, and the Coffee Shop Irregulars, they tackle both tasks with ingenuity and humour. This charming series hits the spot for me. I’m looking forward to the next one."

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now my health is starting to improve, I'm blogging again too!

Here's a short review on my new reading blog

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: Emma reist in die kleine Stadt Østbygda, wo ihr Vater, der Wolfsforscher Marius, verrückt geworden zu sein scheint. In der Zwischenzeit ist ein Junge aus dem Ort verschwunden, und es kursieren Gerüchte, dass er von einem Wolf getötet wurde.

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Katla 📌
Great series. Mysterious, with a beautiful setting... Made in Iceland

I liked the environment, which I partially imagined for my game that I am currently working on. The presence of an active volcano and ash adds a lot of visuals to the environment

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Five stars: A High Tide Murder by Emily George and Chelsea Stephens (Narrator) (2024) is the second book in the Cannabis Café mystery series. Chloe's new café is doing well and she's having trouble keeping up with demand during the Azalea Bay Pro Challenger Surf Competition.


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Looking for modern (so 2000's onwards or at least no older than mid 1990's) Mystery / Romance that DOES NOT involve murder.

Does such a thing exist?

Reccs please !

I assume that Mystery / Romance as a hybrid genre already exists but am not sure... 🤷🏿‍♀️

I know that ' Romance & ' as a genre is a far spanning horizon...

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