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Why is this brodozer asshole blocking the box in flipping ME off? You’re the fuckup here!

Why do we allow plated vehicles into again? It’s not because they have money. Someone must be hiring non-union ditch diggers again.

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Picture of the day: a large nudibranch munching the flowery top off of a hydroid in the Piscataqua River in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

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"Ice Fishing on Chocorua Panorama"
This beautiful Panorama print is available at:

It's a cold winter day in Tamworth New Hampshire, the beautiful Mount Chocorua majestically stands watch over the snow-covered ice of Chocorua Lake.

#buyintoart #AYearForArt #photography #art #artist #travel #mastoart #nature #naturephotography #landscapephotography #scottloringdavisfineartphotography #landscape #panorama #newhampshire #homedecor #interiordesign #fineart #Chocorua

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In a bill was passed to end child marriage and raise the min. age to marry to 18.

The bill passed the Senate unanimously and in the House it passed 192 to 174.

ONE HUNDRED SEVENTY FOUR!!! voted to sustain child marriage! WTF? And they say they need to protect kids from trans people!

One GOP representative argued this would restrict the freedom of those who are of “a ripe and fertile age”.
This is the modern day republican party folks.

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1972 postcard - Lilacs - The state flower of New Hampshirite.
#Lilacs #Postcard #May #newhampshire #ephemera #Flowers #Retro #Vintage

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hiking • railtrails • reviews • maps

NH Seacoast Greenway Rail Trail - Construction Update

Trail projected to be formally opened in October 2024. The above link includes more photos and video.


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While the snow was busy melting at higher elevations in the #mountains yesterday, I stayed down in a valley and explored two #streams. This beautiful #waterfall was one of my many rewards! White Mountains, #NewHampshire. #MountainMonday #waterfalls #stream #hiking #backpacking #nature #NaturePhotography #landscape #photography #LandscapePhotography #outside #GetOutside

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Urbanity, NH [Yashica Mat LM | Portra 400]


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Spring in 🌸

(Let us know if you know their names!)

Edit: names have been promptly found - thank you!

  1. Bluet (HT @otterX)
  2. and 4) Hepatica Nobolis (HT @ambivalena )
  3. is a Red Trillium (HT @WestLawns and @LorenAmelang )
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My fellow , we’re gonna need to implement biopassports at the / state border.

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🧵 1/3
August 31, 1983: The Appalachian Trail followed some dirt roads through a pleasant farm valley encircled by mountains and reentered the forest to begin a rather taxing climb up to Holts Ledge, the first real mountain it had thus far traversed in New Hampshire. It kept turning onto one woods road after another, and each was a bit steeper than the preceding one.

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#Boston-area #aquarium and #homebrewing enthusiasts:

Is Boston (MWRA-supplied) water more prone to algae blooms?

My humidifier turned bright green this morning. I’m cleaning it with citric acid solution per manufacturer instructions, but if I need to peroxide or C-brute the thing I will.

My knowledge of water quality only goes as far as “#NewHampshire water has brain amoebas, pack in your own,” so I thought I’d ask.

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Ok, these photos from the hike need a little explanation.
Being as New Hampshire has so-much-damn-granite, it's hard for a tree to find purchase. Even after decades it just might not have enough to keep it upright. The tree leaning in first photo is one such tree, probably tipped over in the last Nor’easter. As a result, the myriad web of roots spread across smooth granite were lifted up and it formed a long tent. Which we see in the second photo, camera poked inside the root tent to show a smooth, almost clean granite slab.

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Happy #MountainMonday! This is the beautiful view from the summit that I snowshoed to in my last two hikes this winter in the White #Mountains, #NewHampshire. The #snow is melting quickly now, so I may have to bid farewell (for now) to the great experiences of #snowshoeing as we enter the season of spring #backpacking and #camping (bring on the mud!!). #hiking #nature #NaturePhotography #landscape #photography #LandscapePhotography #outside #GetOutside

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