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Nick Fuentes: Conservatives Dominate Women Without Rape Or Murder

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Just a reminder of what to expect when they take power. They're fucking telling you!

Via #RightWingWatch

« #Antisemitic #WhiteNationalist #Christian #fascist #NickFuentes says that when his #AmericaFirst movement takes power, all non-Christians will be executed: "When we take power, they need to be given the #DeathPenalty ... They must be absolutely annihilated when we take power."

#StopFascism #StopNazism


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Nick Fuentes happily claims that Charlie Kirk "has become a white supremacist, and that's a huge victory"

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▶ Neo-Nazi Nick Fuentes VOWS To Commit Murder For Trump PART ONE of TWO

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A new report has exposed yet more former staffers for the Republican congressman as members of a white supremacist organization.
#extremism #NickFuentes #PaulGosar #groyper #AmericaFirst #News

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The Party of has recently decided NOT to prohibit their association with recognized sympathizers and deniers, following an incident where a well-known and was found to have hosted two months prior.

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▶ Nick Fuentes: All Non-Christians Deserve The Death Penalty | The Kyle Kulinski Show

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When it came to banning association with , antisemites, and holocaust deniers, even watered down language was too much for a key Republican committee, according to the latest from Reporter @justinmiller. Justin explains how the state party is increasingly aligned with :

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Nick Fuentes is only the latest white supremacist embraced by right-wing Texas org

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▶ REPORT: Racist Nick Fuentes Wreaks HAVOK On Young Republican Group

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Texas Republicans backing away from MAGA group that's 'infested' with Hitler fans

I read this as: "The Texas GOP is backing away from the Texas GOP".

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Texas Republicans host neo-Nazi Nick Fuentes, fascist killer Kyle Rittenhouse

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Nick Fuentes Hung out With a Prominent Texas Donor for 7 Hours

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What to know about Nick Fuentes -- the white supremacist who was just hosted by a major Texas PAC leader

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Texas Republicans busted at meeting with white nationalists

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@gratefuldread damn, is hanging out with now?

I remember when people used to defend him by saying he used to support

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Nick Fuentes: My white nationalist movement needs a 'Nazi' version of AOC

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> I don’t think he meant what he said, and I don’t think he’s a bad person – it just came across that way.

I'm shocked to see the CEO have the same take as I do about .


@darnell Wasn't he having a manic episode during that interview? I don't judge folks for what they do during manic episodes, although where appropriate they still must face consequences for those actions ( is a good example of this, I think)

I agree that he is likely ignorant of history. As I stated before, I think essentially brainwashed him so that he has a false understanding of . I don't think he's bad if he's being ignorant, ignorance is not evil.

My take is that he is ignorant and brainwashed, rather than an evil racist, as is that of the CEO. But I wish that would speak out and say what he thinks of, say, rounding up and killing Jews.

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