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🎵 😈 🔥

AMENRA 🇧🇪 | Mass VI

obok tego bandu nie da się przejść obojętnie! mega ekspresyjny sludge/noise/alternative - egzemplifikacja melancholii i depresyjnych strzępów z ludzkiego łba. żadnej sentymentalnej taniochy - prawdziwy kawałek dobrej muzy!


#DIY #muSICK #sludge #noise #alternative #depressive #Belgium

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Explore the wilder, more side of my work with Metaphysical Shitposting, an evolving collection (new tracks added about once a month) of , and pieces, with the occasional splash of musique concrete, and mixed in to keep things interesting.

Lots and lots of work here, plus some stuff like , tape loops, toy instruments and more.


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projection of a bunch points with some kind of symmetry. The noise on the left produces point cloud on the right.

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Noise Therapy: Session 079

Playing with the NANDulator prototype + software fx in Bespoke Synth. Very bleepy-bloopy.

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Nothing special, but I like the neon highlights of the refracted light and the noise, which looks like high iso but it's just water mist from the waterfall - The Lagoa do Vento Waterfall (Levada das 25 Fontes) Madeira, Portugal 🇵🇹

• Sony α5000
• Sigma 30 mm f/1.4 DC DN | C

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Sunday 5 May at Atelier Äuglein,
Noiseberg — Ira on Air & Cedrik Fermont ~Lun Ário ~Fertilizer ~Ta Marbuta ~Project Icarus
17:00 DOORS
17:30 ↖ Ira on Air & Cedrik Fermont
18:15 ↘ Project Icarus
19:00 ↖ Ta Marbuta
19:45 ↘ Lun Ário
20:30 ↖ Fertilizer
22:00 END

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Happy Friday, everyone. My first new album in a year is here. A Knife Into Flowers is six tracks of dissonant synths, surrealist adventures in distortion, transistor radio surfing and vaguely post-apocalyptic goodness.

To save you a little coinage, use a code for a free download.

Enter a code here:
If the code you try has already been used, try the next one. Remember to let everyone know which code you used in the comments. If none of them work, let me know and I’ll generate more.

Enjoy the weekend.


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Tonight, 20h-22h, Syrphe at Colaboradio.
Two hours of , and more from .
88.4fm in Berlin, 90.7fm in Potsdam and online on

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"A desire for a loud car with a modified muffler is predicted by being a man and higher scores on psychopathy and sadism",162006,0,2.html
#driving #cars #noise #trucks #transportation #men

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out now




anharmonic rapture of broken proportions, physiographic decomposing digital synapses back firing into a regurgitating 8 bit circuit board of misstrung 1 and 0's.

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Yep. The used Mutable Instruments, Clouds module, that I bought, arrived mostly, but not entirely, broken. Sadness again.

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Non-musical, heavily tweaked glitches and . Signal: From my E352 "Cloud Terrarium" to my new M.I. "Clouds" directly to my mixer, with no effects added.

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“The team found that a school of #fish moving together in just the right way was stunningly effective at #noise reduction: A school of seven fish sounded like a single fish.

“A predator, such as a #shark, may perceive it as hearing a lone fish instead of a group,” Mittal said. “This could have significant implications for prey fish.” #biology #science

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Noise is serious shit, a film by Hilman Fathoni (documentary film about noise music, Indonesia, 60 mins, original with English subtitles).
FILM SCREENING 17.04.2024 18:00
PRESENTED BY Cedrik Fermont and Ranav Adhikari
FREE ENTRY Donations welcome
ACCESS Our space is accessible by wheelchair
DISCUSSION with Dea Karina.

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Noise Therapy: Session 077

Keeping it pretty simple this time, kind of a Lunetta-inspired patch. Patch d/l link in video description.

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As promised, here's some free download codes! First up, a baker's dozen codes for my post-industrial electro-dub concept album Psychedelic Ghost Stories.

Listen here:

Then grab a code (redemption link is on the bottom right of album page)



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Then you can slake your (audio) thirst with a long, cool drink of Metaphysical Shitposting, a woolly, loose-limbed journey thru , , and . and but always a delight (I hope).

Same deal, listen & redeem the codes via the link at lower right


@synths @experimentalmusic @modularsynth

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I had intended to raise the cost of Metaphysical Shitposting to my normal full-album cost of $7 when I released the 8th track, but then ... I forgot. LOL. I also intended to let people know before I did it, so they could still sneak in for the $5 price. So, anyway, next time I add a track, it'll go to $7, but for now it's still $5! So go grab it!

Or just give it a listen. Honestly, that's just as nice for me. Or nearly so 😉


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@experimentalmusic @electronicmusic Other things I've used:

Weird recordings of preachers prattling on about prophecy and the End Times, from both cassette and vinyl records

A Delay

An One

A years-old version of freeware audio editor

Lots of


Several of the excellent apps has worked on, including and

Some other stuff I'm forgetting because it's late.

Oh, and I'll answer any questions about how I did it!

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Since there are a lot of bandcamp fans here, can someone recommend me some good noise music? Please recommend your own if you make this kind of stuff.

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This Friday, I'll be in to play a / show with my good friend Henna Chou, a cellist from Austin. We're at Elastic Arts at 8pm...check the flyer for more info.

If you come out, please be sure to say hi! I love meeting Mastodonians in the wild. <3

And if you or any of your Masto pals are around Chicago and like this sort of thing, a boost would be appreciated!

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