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In this article for I show my process of designing a character from scratch.


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Operating Superstars intro — Petunia Rockie Tramell

Petunia represents the Commodore PET and Commodore’s later business-oriented computers such as the CBM 3000 and 4000 lines. The first of Ready Fleet’s microcomputers and served as the team’s mentor until disbandment. She is friendly, polite and has a knack for teaching and a talent for hardware repair. She was highly successful in the education and business venues, but struggled as an entertainer in the home venues.

As much as she may always try to keep up a professional demeanor, she has also has a silly side and can be easily amused.

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It's Maid Day! Whoo! Happy Maid Day! This year I drew Marina.

#OC #OriginalCharacter #RatGirl #MakioArt #MastoArt ##DigitalArt #MaidDay #MaidDay2024

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Operating Superstars -- Trivia

Trish’s character concept is partly inspired by Dean from The Iron Giant, and the TRS-80’s nickname of “Trash-80”. Like with Dean had happen to him, Trish probably had others mistake her art for junk 😭

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Writing about this drawing led me to draw this too; a scene from the late 1970’s of Diana and Petunia attending one of Trish’s demonstrations when Diana mistook Trish’s art for junk.

Diana didn’t know that “junk” was meant to be art, and meant well but also had kind of a haughty attitude at the time that led to clashes in personality owing to how the Apple II had a much more glamorous image and was much more expensive than the TRS-80 and the PET.
Petunia was uncomfortable with Diana’s remark since the PET was often considered the most user-friendly of the 1977 Trinity (aside from the original PET’s infamous keyboard 🙃) and she always believed in being polite and professional.

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My try at doing my original character in the style of Muse Dash, for a prompt

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Count Regal Inkwell, the Lord Inquisitor, favoured by the Princess, leaned in for the kiss. For all the rewards which power netted him, it always came with equal if not greater amounts of stress: So much to worry about, so much to fear, so much at stake every day.

This was meant to be his comfort from the stresses of life, to be in the embrace of Mr. Fluffy Pillow, his Majordomo, the highest-ranking servant of his household, and his beloved, his precious, sweet fluffy boy.

And still, the noble worried. Always. He often joked that he wouldn't be himself if he didn't worry.

It wasn't that he couldn't have the pegasus:
Few would deny a powerful stallion such as him anything, let alone some common-born pegasus. It wasn't that he was a married stallion seeking comfort in the embrace of his servant, he was naught if not a dutiful husband, and his wife knew and did not mind the time he spent with the pegasus.

Rather, what worried him at times like these, always, was quite the opposite:

How aware he was of the gulf there was between himself and the winged servant. In power, in age, in all things. It had been years, and still every night did he wonder if one day the other horseshoe would drop, if he'd find out the pegasus was merely following orders, doing his job in spite of himself. — He very genuinely loved the servant and wanted to see him happy. He would never, ever, forgive himself if it came to light that his beloved had given himself to him out of duty, and that he had essentially been forcing himself on the pegasus.

Still they kissed, even as the little pony in the lord-inquisitor's head reprimanded him for this great impropriety. Still they embraced in their secret little rendezvous.

Fluffy, for his part, thought of nothing, and worried about nothing: His master was a great stallion, as lovely on the inside as he was outside. He took great joy and pride in serving a stallion such as Lord Inkwell, and considered himself the luckiest colt alive, that he was also the target of his glorious liege's affections

Very self-indulgent little piece I commissioned from https://linktr.ee/allocen


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An old piece of one of my witch characters.

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Hey gang, still about $100 shy of covering the remaining bills since my wife lost her job and they fell on me. If you want to hire me to draw something for you, I can do my standard for $25 this weekend. Normally it'd be $30.

Just need 4 to do and we're good.

I also would take donations, but I prefer to work: https://ko-fi.com/hpkomic

Kaiju commission
demon commission
Commission info: https://www.hpkomics.com/commission/

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Posted the next part of my fanfic which is a big flashback full of OC backstory but it's really good I swear


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TBH I just wanted to draw a mouse at the beach

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Magical Vibes!! Misty

I've been wanting to make a new character for so long, and I'm happy with the results!

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Since months I felt comfortable enough to draw again, I usually get into the flow after midnight.

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