N4JAW, to amateurradio
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Expected weird 20 meter band conditions during while doing a activation along the shores of the flooded along the US-4572

Map of Amateur Radio CW contacts

N4JAW, to amateurradio
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A view from my shack today along the on the shores of the in activation

paul, to Ohio
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40 large shipments of equipment are stalled in the on barges to be portaged in my town for the new plant in Albany, over the next month.

Some will be 266 feet in length and more than 20 feet tall.

I am going to try to make it my project to snap some images of them coming out of the river and past my house.

The improvements made to the docks and shoreline have already occurred.

When completed, it will leave us better off than before.

paul, to Ohio
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3°F (-16°C)

Feels like -11°F (-24°C)

Gague Ht: 35.82 Feet
Temp: 0 °F
Turbidity: null


paul, to WX
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Get this nonsense.

We're under a Winter Weather Advisory from December 18, 10:00 AM EST until December 19, 01:00 AM EST.

Could get an inch or more of snow and temperatures in the low 20's.

But then, it's going to be in the high 50's low's 40 the rest of 2023 with a 58 to 60 degrees Christmas Day in the forecast.

In on the

UGH. It's rough with my autonomic dysfunction.

georgetakei, to random

Trump tells Iowa there’s $8 a gallon gas. Abbott claims gas prices are higher. But they’re the lowest they’ve been in years. They’re lying because it’s all they have.

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Gas prices for unleaded is $2.89 in Southwestern in . Across the in Maysville, KY, where the GOP didn't recently raise gas taxes like the Ohio GOP did in Ohio, it's $2.69 per gallon.

krantzjh, to random
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DeniseGutzmer, to random

The has set a new low at Memphis of -11.5 feet and could dip even lower this week. New lows were also reached on the at Cairo, Illinois and New Madrid and Caruthersville in Missouri.

paul, to cincinnati
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Hot week coming for the Valley in , east of .

On the river, the humidity will be awful.

Sunny, with a high near 92.

Mostly sunny, with a high near 95.

Partly sunny, with a high near 93.

Sunny, with a high near 95.

Mostly sunny and hot, with a high near 99.

Mostly sunny and hot, with a high near 99.

paul, to random
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It was unseasonably cooler today in on the . 78 degrees.

However, the humidity was 100%.

The river didn't help.

I tried to go out under the patio but it was impossible to breathe.

It's going to be 78 degrees F today but still almost 100% humidity. It is 95% right now.

carmwilson, to random
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They are bad in my part of Ohio, on the

Oddly, we don't see many crane flies, aka the mosquito eaters, this year. Ironically, they don't eat mosquitoes, despite the legend.

For people that don't know, the crane fly looks like a large mosquito, but don't 'eat' you.


paul, to climate
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officials cast wary eye on new owner at former Beckjord site after local farmer purchases 1/3rd of the site.

The W.C. Beckjord Station, a closed Duke Energy power plant located 20 miles east of , contains more than 10 billion pounds of toxins that are packed into ponds along the banks of the

Amazing how the corporate entities involved in this can shutter their responsibility to a farmer after raking in billions of dollars


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