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Can we end plastic pollution? Negotiators land in Ottawa this week to work on a global treaty

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I’m really sorry to anyone who lost family on October 7th who saw the video out of #Ottawa, #Canada. That is not representative of how nearly everyone advocating for #Palestine feels.

May their memory be a blessing.

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Cloudy and windy at times for today’s longest yet (30km!) along the and


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FREE if you can come get them at our place (Vanier).

A damaged table (totally fine if you use a tablecloth!), it has survived many moves. It's extendable and comes with eight chairs (in very good shape!).

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It’s hard to describe the exercise of “Welp let’s see what fucking happens” when biking with the kid on his own two wheels. The balance of advice, input and letting him figure shit out when there are other people (and property maintenance trucks driving on the MUP by Carlington bike park 🤬) also using the space. I just wish the farm was closed to traffic all year round, those roads were great for him

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Sunday: 14.8 KM of #Cycling with @TAV, including a trip to the #Ottawa hazardous waste event at Ottawa Stadium to drop off old batteries and some old florescent lights, popped into Canadian Tire for a “quick” look around, then off for some brunch and now I'm contemplating my afternoon.

The hazardous waste drop-off is very well organized and we were pleased to see how well attended it was, even thought it was before 9am on a Sunday. Because we were on bike, we didn't have to wait at all! 🎉

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“Fare or no fare” is a pretty disappointing way to cap of any analysis of the state of #publictransit in #ottawa There’s a million options available to the city to deal with the real death spiral that is being accelerated here. But no one at the city uses transit, relies on transit or even advocates for transit. The mayor got Ford to take the 174 and give $$ for a fucking interchange

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Saturday: Slept in, went for 18.8 km of around and in the cold (4°C) rain. Just enough to close my activity ring for the day. Wore wrong gloves, so my finger tips got quite wet and cold.

Time to get on with my digital puttering and another mug of tea.

YT short of the ride:

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Biking back from the park this morning with the kid was the closest I’d come to getting the “screaming barfies” in years. It’s a term for when your fingers get so cold you can actually throw up, mostly associated with ice climbing. I’ve seen it happen lots of times and tho I’ve never hurled myself, I’ve come close many times and it’s no bueno at alllllll 😩

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The kid ended up at the park with his partial fire fighter outfit with house # 22 training all by accident. Honestly I think I was more interested in the process they seemed to be putting a new recruit through with all the attaching and detaching of hydrant lines to the pump and ladder trucks. Pretty fun to see either way

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Ottawa's plan to expand access to halal mortgages could lower high borrowing costs, providers say

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We don't get a lot of snail photos here.

So I thought I'd share.

A couple of striped snails out for a morning stroll, on a tree stump.

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Ottawa should tighten rules on match manipulation as legalized sports betting grows, experts say

#nba #ottawa

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Cant find my bike gloves so I cut the fingers off an old pair of thin gloves where all the tips were fraying 🤷‍♂️ In this economy, making due where I can until I can find a pair that I can trust somewhat will actually last for how hard I am on shit I use everyday. This is my soaked face after riding back from the dentist in a downpour but would you believe I survived and all my clothes dried pretty quickly 🙃 imagine that!

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Premiers say Ottawa should have consulted with them more before tabling 2024 budget

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Friday: 150 seconds of plank, 11 minutes of runner's yoga, 30 minutes of strength training (#AppleFitness), then 5.3 km of #running (7°C), and then 24.5 km of #cycling.

Typing all that out now feels like it was a lot for a Friday morning, but all in all, it felt pretty good.

Here's the route I cycled through #Ottawa and #Gatineau in 60 seconds:

A paved path through a stand of evergreen trees

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…. and if you don’t drive a car you are SOL.

➡️ Here's how you can dispose of your household hazardous waste in Ottawa this spring and summer

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Walking around our Britannia neighborhood in it made me think about how manufactured the idea is of the faux American dream we pretend to have here, that housing is a ladder. Most of this area is low density, mostly SFH, some row houses but LOTS of very large, expensive homes. The idea sold to us is that what we “deserve” is the opportunity to own 2,000 sq/ft, a two car garage and your own fucking backyard is such bullshit

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I’ve lived in lots of different places, in Canada and outside of Canada and there’s a reason that 3-bedrooms units are rarely built in large buildings now. One I believe is probably racism, but that’s tied into the business model that you’re not “supposed” to be able to choose to live in an apartment building at just call it “home.” Our building was built in the 70s and 1/2 the units are 3-bedroom. And folks have lived there since it was built #cdnpoli #onpoli #ottawa

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There’s a free hand of the market apparently right? This ladder that everyone talks about is, what, not pre-determined by what the people want and not what enables developers to squeeze every blood drop of profit? Buildings now are basically designed as conveyor belts, to move you in, jack your rent year over year until you “decide” your $$ are being wasted and you move on too… what exactly? Anyway, I don’t really have a point but go for a walk in the rain today

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The Plastic Forecast

The 'Plastic Forecast – Weather' combines directly measured microplastic fall under recorded weather conditions with weather forecasts to estimate the daily 'plastic fall' in an easy-to-understand weather report for Ottawa.

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A quirk, feature or bug of my personality is that I can cut shit off very very quickly and not think of it again. The NYT finally tried to force me to create an account to keep playing Wordle if I wanted to create track of my stats and that was the last day I played. I’ve played everyday since it became news however many years ago now but nope, fuck you NY Times, not going to happen

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Do Ottawa's proposed capital gains tax changes affect inherited properties?

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