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Israel probably won’t be able to defeat Hamas before the end of the year, its national security adviser said, underscoring the difficulty the country faces in achieving its stated aim of crushing the Islamist group in Gaza.

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The United Nations said on Wednesday the amount of humanitarian aid entering the Gaza Strip has dropped by two-thirds since Israel began its military operation in the enclave's southern Rafah region this month. #worldnews #unrwa #un #middleeast #israel #gaza #israelhamaswar #palestinians #hamas

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Career #USStateDepartment official #resigned Tuesday, saying she could no longer work for the #BidenAdministration after it released a report concluding that #Israel was not preventing the flow of aid to #Gaza.

Stacy Gilbert, who served as a senior civilian-military #advisor to the State Department's Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration #PRM, sent an email to staff saying she was resigning because she felt the State Department had made the wrong assessment

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Two more #USofficials have #resigned over #Gaza, saying #BidenAdministration is not telling the truth about #Israeli obstruction of #humanitarianAssistance to 2 million+ #Palestinians #trapped & #starving.

Alexander Smith, a #contractor for the #USAID said he was given a choice between #resignation & #dismissal after preparing a presentation on maternal & child #mortality among Palestinians, which was cancelled at the last minute by USAID leadership last week.


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Israeli forces have taken control of a buffer zone along the border between the Gaza Strip and Egypt, and they continued deadly raids on Rafah in southern Gaza despite an order from the International Court of Justice to end attacks on the city.

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"Horrific reports continue to emerge of Israel’s and abuse of imprisoned by . In this episode of 'This Is ,' host shares the horrific experiences of former and the abuse they survived."

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"If the assault stopped today, and we decided to hold a funeral every single day for each killed in the last eight months, it would take us 100 years to honor them all."

The Palestinian speaker at the Security Council highlights the devastating toll of casualties among resulting from the Israeli in .

"If the Israeli assault stopped today, and we decided to hold a funeral every single day for each Palestinian killed in the last eight months, it would take us 100 years to honor them all." The Palestinian speaker at the UN Security Council highlights the devastating toll of casualties among Palestinians resulting from the Israeli genocide in Gaza.

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"The killing of at least 45 Palestinians in a humanitarian zone near Rafah has caused anger that reaches far beyond the Middle East. And yet Israel’s offensive is expected to continue, with several Israeli tanks spotted in the centre of Rafah on Tuesday, witnesses told Reuters news agency."

~ Paul Rogers


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"Not only is [Israel] committing war crimes & likely genocide..they use their spy chief to threaten to hurt family members of ICC prosecutors."

~Trita Parsi

"Israeli intelligence chief spent close to a decade attempting to intimidate the ICC's prosecutor into halting a war crimes probe", saying, "You don't want to be getting into things that could compromise your security or that of your family."


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@DrALJONES nothing and nobody will dissuade Naziyahoo and his fellow war criminals from cleansing #palestine of #palestinians which has been a goal since shortly after the foundation of the state of #israel

Meanwhile, the international community sits, largely, on its hands or supplies weapons and munitions to carry on the killing.

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Joe Biden's red lines over Israel's assault on Rafah have kept shifting, but the U.S. president faces growing pressure to take a firmer stance after a deadly strike in the Gazan city.

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Not enough swear words for how I feel about the US accomplice government & folks dumb enough to place all blame at feet - when this genocide of has been the fucking goal of government for several decades & far before Bibi-Bloodbather had any influence in Israel.

Your country fucking created . Your country ignored leading up to Trump. Your country is focused on Trump, when he'll just be replaced by another poster face.

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Some of you are freaking the hell out about Haley autographing bombs. Who sent those fucking ? When some of you haven't freaked out as hard over THOUSANDS of .

GTFO with how you care about Palestinian lives when you're not even posting about them but blasting away at a bigot sellout chump - doing chump shit.

WTAF is wrong with you?!?

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The U.S. is closely monitoring the probe into a deadly Israeli airstrike it called tragic, but it said the recent deaths in Rafah didn't constitute a major ground operation there that crosses any red lines.

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@Sherifazuhur @palestine @israel Palestinian #President, appointed by #ApartheidIsrael, has been persecuting the #Palestinians for years for @netanyahu, shy should he be bothered now?

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A photo from today captures targeted and killed by drones, their bodies lying beside graffiti that vividly depicts the grim reality of .

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Another Israeli airstrike triggered a fire that killed 45 people in a tent camp in the Gazan city of Rafah, prompting an outcry from global leaders, who urged the implementation of a World Court order to halt Israel's assault.

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A moral outrage, few leaders, incl. Dems in the US, have spoken about IL's #warcrimes.

"Nothing justifies what we've witnessed here" -the doctors said -what they faced was beyond anything they could've imagined. Dr: was woken up at 2am to operate on an urgent case. “A man in his 30s was brought in after his entire bldg was bombed -open wound to his abdomen, his hand was falling off... shrapnel had completely sliced thru him -died. ~36K #Palestinians in Gaza: dead💔.


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“After its deadly attack on a World Central Kitchen convoy, Israel said that it would expand the flow of aid. Instead, Israel blocked the level of aid entering even further.” -B Tashman “Access to aid in Gaza was dire. Now it’s worse.” The aid into Gaza has shrunk so much that humanitarian officials say they are at risk of shutting down, & that there is a risk of widespread starvation. #IsraelHamasWar #WarCrimes #HumanitarianAid #Palestinians

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I have been updated on latest attacks & am upset that there's still no sanctions & no arms embargo on Israel. Our governments are complicit in silence of condemnations against Israel's genocide on & some governments are still funding a terrorist, pariah, apartheid state of ongoing evil, racist violence on all Palestinians.

I don't need to see more gore images. As a war survivor, I already know what bombs do to human bodies. Please CW very graphic images of murder

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At least 35 Palestinians were killed in an Israeli airstrike at a camp for displaced people in the southern city of Rafah late Sunday, the Hamas-run ministry of health said. #worldnews #middleeast #israel #gaza #israelhamaswar #palestinians #hamas

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is costing the US billions$, harming America’s reputation & diplomatic relations, jeopardizing the lives on in Gaza… “What if I told you there's a way to get aid into Gaza that doesn't cost $320M, deliver just 89 trucks in a week, then fall apart in rough seas & have to be towed away?” -J Konyndyk “A small US MIL vessel was towing the back to the port of Ashdod overnight due to poor sea conditions -ran aground, a sep. US vessel beached, US/IL…” -N Bertrand

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According to CENTCOM, the floating pier is fully functional now & aid trucks will also be entering Rafah from Egypt, because Pres El-SIsi agreed to restart deliveries after a call from Pres Biden.

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The ICJ rulings last week as to Israel also included rulings as to Hamas; including a cease fire order and an order that Hamas release all Israeli hostages. The US through Anthony said that Israel can ignore the ICJ rulings directed to it. I assume Blinken is also directing Hamas to ignore the rulings against it, to keep fighting, and to continue holding the Israeli hostages.

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Human Rights & aid organizations plead with Pres Biden to not side with Israel, but to oppose threats against the ICC. “In a letter to Biden, more than 100 organizations from around the world called on the US government to 'oppose any legislative efforts to undermine the ICC....A selective approach to judicial decisions undermines [its] credibility,'"

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Kelly Anne Conway coined the term, Alt-facts.

The Gaza Keffiyeh Cosplayers have coined a Bizarro World of Alt-defintion of words dictionary.

For example; Selfimmolation: politospeek.

We must dig up the Pyramids because the Ancient Pharoahs were colonizers & slave oppressors. Divest The Sphinx!

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Next up, a string of lies to quickly tackle:

  1. "People returning to their homeland" do not have the right to just kill and take.
    #Putin uses this excuse to attack Ukraine.
    #Hitler used it to attack Poland.

  2. #Palestinians are not migrants. They were there first. They are natives. Recent WASP converts to Judaism are not.

  3. Yes -- #colonizing land makes you a #colonizer. Same as in South Africa.

@FrankFrank @nicholas_saunders @liveposting

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Since America has a capitalistic political system, the US may finally change its stance on Israel, given that it’s impacting US businesses, & the ICJ ordered Israel to immediately halt the Rafah offensive, with increasing support of US allies. “US fast food brands, incl. McDonald’s & KFC, are facing a challenging operating environment weighed by calls to boycott their brands due to perceived links to Israel.”

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