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Curious when you just declare a neighborhood a "BAD IDEA" and buy out everyone and make it into a park. This has been a landslide area for A VERY LONG TIME, and homes should never have been built there (IMHO).


"The Portuguese Bend landslide, in coastal southern California, is an active, slow-moving mass of blocks and debris that extends from the shoreline to moderate altitudes along part of the southerly margin of the Palos Verdes Hills... Ground failure has been widespread in this area. It evidently began in mid- to late-Pleistocene time, and it has continued intermittently to the present."

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@ai6yr The GIS server for the city of Rancho Palos Verdes has data showing the area that is within the Portuguese Bend Landslide Complex. See the red outline on this map.

Open GISsurfer map:

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Video: Experts believe entire Palos Verdes Peninsula may be at risk after recent landslide (

Jasmine Viel reports from Rolling Hills Estates, where experts are now expressing concern over the entire Palos Verdes Peninsula after the recent landslide, which completely destroyed a dozen homes and has placed many more at risk.

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