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As someone who was barely 4 years old when went off the air, I would like at least one (1) series to make it to 7 seasons at least once in my waking memory...

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@forgottrek I really don't love that seems to be setting the new standard for series at 5 seasons when we only get 10ish episodes a season. That isn't enough time to spend with the characters being built.

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Paramount Global closes branch. aims to not be as as their name suggests.

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Halo Season 2 Finale

I just finished watching the season 2 finale of Halo on Paramount Plus & the show did not disappoint! Unless you are a hardcore fan of the video games (if so, you will be disappointed by the “timeline” of certain events), the second season was thoroughly enjoyable & I hope Paramount considers a third season soon.

I will not post any spoilers, but let’s say the central theme of the finale was sacrifice & honor, which made this worth the wait.

Sadly, I do not know of any decent, live-action science fiction shows that are available to see (outside of Netflix of course), but I am a little sad that this season only featured eight episodes (I wanted ten!).

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A script coordinator for "Seal Team," backed by a conservative group founded by former Trump adviser Stephen Miller, has sued CBS Studios and its parent company, Paramount. Brian Beneker alleges that he was repeatedly denied a staff writer job after the implementation of an "illegal policy of race and sex balancing" that he says discriminates against straight white men. The Hollywood Reporter's Winston Cho says this could be the "opening legal salvo against efforts to boost diversity and inclusion in Hollywood in the wake of the Supreme Court’s decision knocking down affirmative action."

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Paramount ends Warner Bros. Discovery merger talks, continues mulling sell-off - Enlarge (credit: Paramount+)

Warner Bros. Discovery (WBD) and ... - .discovery

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@jsnell @loudmouthjulia Could THIS have ANYTHING to do with 's stock price drop after their horrible earnings? 😳

& no longer considering merger Report: Paramount still contemplating selling to Media.

‘Gladiator 2’ Budget Balloons To $310 Million Amid Reports Of “Runaway” Spending (

200 million dollar budgets are usually reserved for Marvel or DC blockbusters. $300 million dollar budgets are typically reserved for “Avengers”-level movies. But Ridley Scott’s “Gladiator 2” sequel apparently has a budget that has ballooned up to $310 million, according to a new report in The Hollywood Reporter....

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Paramount employees getting sacked after The Big Game.

Paramount Global slashes 800 jobs after seeing revenue growth - Desk Chair Analysts

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Don't matter how hard you work or how well you perform...

cuts 800 staff two days after was biggest ever TV show

> Company that owns , broadcaster of showpiece, announces 3% reduction in global workforce

Capitalism says "Fuck your job, I wan't wider margins"

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Diese Amazon Prime Video Zahl-Extra-oder-schau-Werbung-Aktion genutzt um alle Fire TV Sticks hier im Haus zurückzusetzen und abzustöpseln. Dazu noch Netflix und Paramount+ gekündigt. Nun streamt hier Apple TV und wir entdecken gerade die ÖR-Mediatheken ARD, ZDF, Arte & Co erneut. Was soll ich sagen. Teilweise sehr entschleunigend, beruhigend und gehaltvoll. 🤗

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Halo Actor Pablo Schreiber: ‘If You Don’t Agree With the Helmet Coming Off in the Show, You Don’t Like Our Show’ (

Halo actor Pablo Schreiber has doubled-down on the Master Chief helmet off / helmet on debate, insisting it’s impossible to like the show if you don’t like the fact the super soldier takes his helmet off.

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It’s “shakeout” time as losses of Netflix rivals top $5 billion - Enlarge (credit: Aurich Lawson / Getty Images)

The world’s lar... -

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Debt-laden Warner Bros. Discovery and Paramount consider merger - Enlarge / Media firms are looking for allies to help them take the cove... - #warnerbros.discovery #paramountplus #paramount #streaming #culture #movies #tech #max #tv

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Warner Bros. Discovery and Paramount in discussions for a max merger - The Verge

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PARAMOUNT PLUS FRIENDS: Publicaciones especializadas en Hollywod y Wall Street indican que hay grandes posibilidades de que Global (o una porción mayoritaria) sea vendida a un nuevo propietario. ¿Afectaría esto a ?

Paramount Global, dueña de empresas como CBS, Paramount Pictures, Paramount+, y propiedades intelectuales como Star Trek, es controlada por la empresaria Shari Redstone, quien es dueña del 80% de las acciones con autoridad para votar en decisiones corporativas. Redstone se ha reunida con representantes de Skydance Media (que co-produjo dos del as más recientes películas de Star Trek) por un lado, y con el CEO de Activison Bobby Kotick. Kotick pronto dejará Activision tras la adquisición de la empresa por parte de Microsoft, llevándose 400 millones de dólares.

Las deducciones de los expertos señalan que estas partes buscarían obtener control de ciertas compañías de Paramount, pero vender otras. Skydance estaría interesada en Paramount Pictures, CBS Studios, y sus propiedades intelectuales (incluyendo Star Trek), pero no está interesada en la cadena de TV CBS, sus canales de cable, o los sistemas de streaming Pluto y Paramount+.

Un analista sugiere que Paramount+, que aún no ha generado ganancias, podría cerrar, y Skydance uniría sus empresas a CBS Studios y Paramount Pictures para enfocarse solamente en la producción de series y películas, y no en la emisión.

Otros medios indican que Redstone también habría discutido una venta de Paramount Global a Amazon, Apple, o Netflix, o WB Discovery. Entre las medidas que considera la corporación, que está sufriendo financieramente a causa de la guerra del streaming, está la de despedir a 1000 empleados a principios de 20024, para volverse un prospecto "más atractivo" para los posibles compradores. Indicios adicionales de esta posible venta son los paquetes de compensación que el CEO de Paramount, Bob Bakish, y otros ejecutivos negociaron para que se "gatillen"en caso de que los despidan en una venta.

Star Trek no peligraría la franquicia en si, pero si peligra la idea de que "Paramount+ es el hogar de todo Star Trek", algo que ya había empezado, en realidad. Luego de consolidar todas las producciones de la "Primavera Trek" en un solo y servicio de streaming, Paramount ya había dejado sin hogar a la serie animada infantil Star Trek: Prodigy. Aunque finalmente Prodigy fue acogida por Netflix, "el hogar de..." ya había echado a uno de sus niños.

Si Paramount+ cierra, los nuevos dueños de Star Trek podrían licenciar las series a otras plataformas, algo que podría empezar a pasar más a medida que varias corporaciones cierran sus plataformas de streaming para volver a dedicarse a la producción, mientras que el medio del on-demand se consolidad en una cantidad menor de plataformas. Ahora, si el comprador es una empresa que si conserva su propia plataforma, Paramount+ podría fusionarse con un servicio como Prime Video o AppleTV+.

Por ahora, sin embargo, son todo posibilidades...

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Using tech is a constant battle with .
I thought I’d watch the new Frasier series on Paramount Plus. I found it OK, started the playback and then tried to start the Audio Description. The advice from Paramount is to click on the bubble in the top right corner. Bit of a fail their straight away as I want the AD because I can’t see elements on screen. Still, I found the top right corner of the screen, but there was nothing there.
Eventually, I turned off Voiceover and asked my wife to turn on the AD. She found the bubble no problem, so another accessibility fail that Voiceover can’t detect it.
However, when she went into the options, there was no AD. It seems Paramount haven’t added an track to this programme. That’s very disappointing. I suppose it’s the sort of show I could watch without and follow most of the humour, but this is really disappointing.

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