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How Amanda Mustard Confronted More Than Her Pedophile Grandfather in 'Great Photo, Lovely Life'

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The Sh*t Is About To Hit The Fan On Jeffrey Epstein's Associates

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: It was just discovered that an organizer for (the group that “protects” children through , by opposing , & by vilifying queens as “groomers”) is a convicted who groomed a 14 year-old. It just goes to show, peddlers of are the darkest among us.

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Is anyone surprised that the leader of the “Moms for Liberty” neo-Nazi organization is:

  1. A man (gotta keep them little women in line)

  2. A and convicted sexual abuser.

Yeah, me neither.

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NY Jets Legend Joe Namath Labeled a 'Pedophile Protector' in Lawsuit from Man Who Was Allegedly Abused at His Football Camp in the 1970s

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Long-serving GOP legislator indicted on child sex charges in North Dakota

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@realTuckFrumper oh look, another Out to all the kids he can get his hands on.
No mercy for this

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'You Didn't Laugh - You're a Pedophile!' Youtube Comic Tyler Fischer Heckled By CNN During Brutal Set At DC Media Dinner

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"In the wake of yet another tragedy, I urge Republican lawmakers in Congress to fulfill their duty to protect the American people.

Work with us to pass a bill banning assault weapons and high-capacity magazines, enact universal background checks, and more" -President Biden


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exudes more vibes than . Also, he's absopsoitively a

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Mike Johnson and Matt Gaetz must be seething. They’ll never get much press in the morning.

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There is some karma in the and the (ALLEDGED) getting their moment of glory drowned out by .

It’s all . They must be proud.

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Fatal Shooting Of 'Boopac Shakur' Was Not Connected To Confrontation With Pedophile Suspects

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men on reddit: “my girlfriend of 8 years recently revealed she bleeds from her vagina once a month. should I leave?”
women: “a guy I’ve known for 60 days says he’s a pedophile. how do I discuss this with him”

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Technically that is the definition of "pedophile": someone who is sexually attracted to someone who is underage. Not necessarily under their control, in the same way that "homosexual" means attracted to someone of the same sex.
However, our society adds the connotation "and goes on to have sex with the kid", which is not valid. In this sense there is a big gap between acceptance of "gay" and of "" as types of sexual attraction.
"Stop being gay/pedophilic" doesn't work.

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Trump wants to make SCIF at Mar-a-Lago because he wants to view his "de-classified" documents there

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Drag queens don't get sexual with children, Family Research Council.

But do you know who does? Your former Executive Director of Family Research Council Action, Josh Duggar. He is an incestuous child molester and connoisseur of child pornography.

Family Research Council

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This is important: if doesn't fix its CSAM problem, it will hurt the whole enterprise's reputation and set all of this back for years:

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this isn't a mastodon problem, it's a people problem. wapo had to call it something, some sort of buzzword. doesn't register with enough clickbait clickers.

i find it hard to believe any hardcore is using the fediverse for their hobby.

i consider this a hit piece.

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A video statement of Orban, urging for peace talks, stop supplying weapons to Ukraine and training Ukrainian soldiers but instead improving the defensive capabilities of its own member states.


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Viktor Orbán is a , a weak coward, and a scumbag. He is in bed with criminal, child abductor and Vladimir .

brings shame to , , and .

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Turns out, Noam Chomsky, the vatnik chudster we know as the Elderly Putin Apologist, was having dinner on private jets with noted child molesters Woody Allen and Jeffrey Epstein.

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Geriatric Oppressive Pedophiles

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