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Back in our gardens.

- - Great for .

It's proven to be , once established. One of very few proven to be resistant to air pollution too. I highly recommend this for . It's a gorgeous plant too.

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aka is a of beetroot & Swiss chard.

Large that needs full sun & no shade. As it's namesake, tolerant of high sodium soil & wind resistant - it depends on winds to pollinate hermaphroditic flowers. I recommend this easy to grow , for coastal food gardens.

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#DeathCamas - all parts of plant are #toxic & shouldn't be handled. Only bee that can tolerate its toxins is the specialist mining bee. Toxic to animals, especially sheep. Humans have been poisoned after ingesting bulbs; kids have been poisoned after ingesting flowers & flower buds.

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Snowcap - an flowering - excellent for rock gardens & landscape edging areas. Low to easy care, recommended for beginner gardeners👍

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A colleague, Eric Toensmeier, wrote a book,
: From Artichoke to Zuiki Taro, a Gardener's Guide to Over 100 Delicious, Easy-to-grow Edibles

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