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We are looking to fund + acquire a full run of COCA Times, a magazine for US coinop collectors, for ongoing preservation and research.
Can you please consider contributing to our goal?

Coin Operated Collector's Association magazine

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Two beauties from VideoGamesPlus in Canada. :🥰

I actually forgot that there is a sequel to Demon's Tilt until just now!
Titled XENOTILT, but it's only out on Steam at the moment.

If it ever gets announced for consoles, please let me know!

Just saw that Retronauts did an interview with Ralph Barbagallo , the developer of both game:


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Support a good cause and have an opportunity to win a Pinball machine.


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The sixth issue of Quarter Up will be published next month. In the meantime, check out past issues at https://nantucketebooks.com/quarterup

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@nantucketebooks You need some hashtags,

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@adamsdesk Quite right. I will use and in future posts about Quarter Up.

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Given its status as a cult classic, it's both curious, and a pleasant surprise, that the good people at Zen Studios are paying homage to the iconic cyberpunk sci-fi shooter with for and . Less surprising: that it's as fun for fans of that game as it is for pinball heads. Here's the link to my review.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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Among the most important and prestigious jobs in the world -- being a 3D Pinball Space Cadet

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Pinball M has a new table, the one inspired by System Shock!

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This seems like a fun box!

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Game is Xeno Tilt. Despite the sheer beauty of it all, I went back to YOKO (horizontal) mode because I couldn't tell where the ball was when I had the entire playfield visible at once like this. Need to revisit the zoom settings and see if I can get a nice mild zoom in TATE mode to help these old man eyes.

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Why does the Batman from the '91 Batman pin look like he's giving us a kiss?!

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Did you know that between and , there's at least 8 different venues with machines? Check out the Pinball Map, an open source, crowdsourced worldwide map of public pinball machines.: https://pinballmap.com/map?address=somerville+ma

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EM games are a whole different world for someone who has almost exclusively done SS games.

Under the playfield view of an EM pinball machine

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RIK, the happy new owner of his first EM game, playing his first game after we debugged why it didn't reset. Just listen to those EM chimes!

A man playing Top Score electromechanical pinball machine. Video shows closeups of various points of interest, such as the score reels, bonus unit and the playfield.

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I'm doing some repair work to a 1995 Dirty Harry machine. Right building up-kicker not working so balls get stuck in the hole. Traced it all through on the schematic and eventually found a broken wire on the solenoid. Theres evidence of an old repair here too, see the ugly blob of solder. I'm thinking to wick off the old solder, wind a piece of steel wire around the remaining solenoid wire, tin it together, pass the steel wire through the terminal and solder that. Any better ideas? 👍

The solenoid after removal from the pinball machine, one wire clearly severed, remains of a past repair visible as an ugly solder blob

escuco, to random German

Es werde Licht!


Und überhaupt bin ich mit dem Bau ein Stückchen weiter gekommen:

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I made an app to store scores with your friends.
You're a pinball nerd? Check this out!

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3rd place in the Ontario women's championship


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this was one of my matches playing for 3rd: this White Water is brutal and a score above 100m is good so to get 200m and still lose is absurd. (I was 220m)

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von @FrostedGames verströmt tatsächlich ein bisschen Flipper Vibes würde ich nach der ersten Partie sagen. Originelle Umsetzung des Themas. Meine 84 Punkte sind aber definitiv ausbaufähig. 😜

Genau wie die Schriftgröße auf dem Board! Jetzt mal im Ernst, was hat man sich eigentlich bei Fontgröße (gefühlt) 7 gedacht. Da bekommt man selbst als Normalsichtiger Probleme. In die Box hätten auch durchaus etwas größere Boards gepasst. Oder von mir aus auch klappbare. 🙄

Mal schauen was die anderen drei Tische so können und wie es sich im Multiplayer macht.


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Pinball with No Computers - Pinball machines were the video games of their day. Back when they were king, ther... - https://hackaday.com/2024/01/03/pinball-with-no-computers/

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"The Move" - A Behind-the-scenes look at Stern Pinball's recent factory move: https://ausretrogamer.com/the-move-a-behind-the-scenes-look-at-stern-pinballs-recent-factory-move/

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@TechConnectify has posted part two of the series, this time covering ball and score logic. Future video will cover the free game and tilt.

Reminds me that I played the Addams Family game the other day and the ball got stuck on a ledge up there by Thing’s hand. I had to really bump the machine to get it off. I was afraid of tilting, but luckily it didn’t happen.


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