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Am I seemingly the ~only person on the Internet who wants a smoke detector with a black casing?

I can only find them from boutique, wired, high-end brands. Nest stopped making the Protect in black years ago, apparently. Owl sells them but my house doesn't have a wired smoke detector system; they're not required in .

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Constructing an emergency dam out of leftover laminate flooring cutoffs on this fine evening

The edges pound into the ground pretty well if you're pissed off enough

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The eclipse about ten minutes after the beginning of our peak totality here in

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Anyone know if there is a gym in that is reasonably close to the convention center that will sell me a short term membership while I’m at PyCon?

A cable machine, dumbbells and an elliptical is enough to do my whole workout.

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Much of the pushback against - especially trans - rights in the area hasn't been homegrown. In fact, @publicsource found, it stems from the same D.C. root

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The 10th street bypass in . This is at a foot above "minor" flood stage, and the peak is projected to be another foot higher, just below "moderate".

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Happy 70th Anniversary to in Pittsburgh, PA! 🎉

Today, we're not fooling around as we celebrate this exciting milestone in Pennsylvania's history. As part of the festivities, why not take a trip down memory lane with this special WQED program dedicated to Pittsburgh's rich history?

Did you ever swing by back in its heyday? 🎡🎢


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After multiple violations, Shell Oil must seek a new air pollution permit for its plastics plant.

For nearly a year and a half the company has been operating under a limited construction permit. Now, the plant will be subjected to serious federal Clean Air Act laws.

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Going to , PA to participate in @pycon in May. Any local recommendations to do/view/visit/eat/coffee?

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Hong Kong is reporting its highest march temperature in 140 years.

And it's not just Hong Kong.

Rio, Portland, Washington, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Buffalo, Sydney, Toronto, Singapore, Kerala - those are only some of the cities that came up in the top results for "march heat record".

The Buffalo News Hot enough? Buffalo basks in record high March 4 Temperature of 72 (20 days ago - Debadrita Sur) Copernicus Climate Change Service Copernicus: February 2024 was globally the warmest on record - Global Sea Surface Temperatures at record high... (19 days ago) Ideastream It's early March. Cleveland just hit the average high temperature for May 27 (20 days ago) TRIB Pittsburgh ties its record high temperature Monday (20 days ago - Megan Swift) World Meteorological Organization WMO February ends with extreme and unusual heat (23 days ago)
Time Out This March has been Sydney's hottest in more than 100 years (10 days ago - Winnie Stubbs) CP24 Toronto appears to have broken the temperature record for March 4 (20 days ago - Phil Tsekouras) physorg Climate report: Earth just had its second-warmest March on record (Apr 14, 2023) TodayOnline Singapore Dry, warm weather to continue for rest of March, temperature to top 35°C on several days (9 days ago - Sufiyan Samsuri) Onmanorama Summer in Kerala: High-temperature alert for 10 districts till March 20 (7 days ago)

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It's time for the cherry blossoms again

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Woah. (Carnegie Museum sculpture hall, )

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Pittsburgh's Golden Triangle is very walkable and many attractions are within walking distance from each other. This self-guided walking tour covers the highlights in architecture, history and culture.

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There was another and it’s like everyone’s apartment just has an Ethernet cable that runs to some sort of router/switch that somehow provides everyone Ethernet. No idea how that works or if that’s how big apartments do it now, or how safe/secure it is.

Anything like that would be run through a NAT router where the uplink side is considered “Wild West” or whatnot.

It’s getting so hard for me to keep up with this stuff.

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In 20 minutes, young musicians play with Nayeon Jeon and in

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All streams for REMIX CULTURE WEEK 2024 are now live and available to view until Sunday, March 3 @ 9PM EST. Make sure to catch em' before they're gone: ☢️

RCW 2024 concludes tonight @ 8PM at Eberle Studios in Homestead, PA with Craig Baldwin's fair use collage doc SONIC OUTLAWS on 16mm film. See you there!

🎟️ :

#pittsburgh #live #event #film #movies #remix #culture #week #fairuse #collage #subcinema

Trailer for Craig Baldwin's SONIC OUTLAWS.

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Now it is official! I will be presenting the tutorial "Gathering data from the web using Python" at !!!

Who will be there? 🙂

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Pittsburgh's Golden Triangle is very walkable and many attractions are within walking distance from each other. This self-guided walking tour covers the highlights in architecture, history and culture.

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Folks in are calling for a demonstration against gender fascist James Lindsay on February 20th.

Read More:

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Is there anyone from Pittsburgh that can help me find a good location to stay during ? I am looking at a few affordable Airbnbs. Is public transportation something that I can rely there? Some area that I should avoid?

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Another layoff hitting the tech community, another weekend of free job board posting. Free posts through Tuesday at noon ET.

We'll delay sending our monthly jobs newsletter until Tuesday afternoon to allow some time for new posts.

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    @idoubtit Nothing in the #Pittsburgh metro ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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    JaminBogi, to Pittsburgh

    My friend absolutely needed some warm, sassy New Orleans jazz on this not-very-warm day. I absolutely needed his money. So he got a home delivery.

    Took some bricks that he didn't need as a reverse lagniappe and built out another 10 square feet or so out of the garden for more planting.

    And now coffee with pawpaw pudding? Dang. Pretty near a perfect day.


    Several horizontal garden beds made of brick and wood walls stretch off to the right. One section which connects two of them has been extended a few bricks out, giving me room for a whole tomato plant, or maybe more strawberries. Strawberry leaves poke through all around, mostly covered by leaves.

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