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Port of Los Angeles Reports Clean Air Progress (www.randomlengthsnews.com)

During 2022, emissions of diesel particulate matter or DPM, nitrogen oxides (NOx) and sulfur oxides (SOx) declined 31%, 34% and 47% respectively, compared with the previous year. Emissions increased in 2021 due to the pandemic-induced cargo surge that strained the nation’s supply chain....

Port of LA Breaks Ground On Second Phase of Waterfront Promenade - MyNewsLA.com (mynewsla.com)

The Port of Los Angeles broke ground Tuesday on the second and final phase of an $85 million waterfront promenade in San Pedro. Groundbreaking for the $31.4 million Phase II project follows the completion of the Promenade’s $53.7 million Phase I in October 2021. The final phase will add to the initial portion of the […]

Port Briefs: State Funds POLB’s Zero Emission Future, Invests in Port Infrastructure Upgrades, Agreement Struck on Zero-Emission Transition and POLA and Nagoya Sign Agreement (www.randomlengthsnews.com)

California State Transportation Agency officials July 6 announced a $383.35 million grant for the Port of Long Beach to complete a series of construction and clean-air technology projects aimed at accelerating the transformation to zero-emissions operations and enhancing the reliability and efficiency of cargo movement....

Port of Los Angeles Receives $233 Million in State Infrastructure Grants (www.randomlengthsnews.com)

The Port of Los Angeles July 6 was awarded $233 million in grants from the State of California to complete essential infrastructure projects aimed at creating a more efficient and sustainable supply chain. The grants were among $1.5 billion announced July 6 by California Transportation Secretary Toks Omishakin at a ceremony...

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