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watching "Give 'em Hell Harry". on Prime Video/freevee , an interview with Harry S Truman.

sounds like he was a humble, pragmatic optimist.

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"Imagine the impact all of this is having on potential witnesses and jurors in the criminal cases against . If Trump can get away with threatening a Judge’s daughter, if he can do this to the of the United States, then what’s going to happen to them if they take the witness stand against him or vote to convict?"

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Friends I have absolutely had enough of the far-left Pro-Gaza Protesters that is masquerading as pro-Palestinians activist who continue to follow the #President of the United States across the country just to scream lie disrespect and attack his character and encouraging voters not to vote, HOW DARE YOU" My family here in the US are Even more important then the narrative you're selling about the Palestinian ppl when it's just a movement to hurt Biden and elect Trump. these groups are frauds #FP

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Genetic analysis has shed light on a long-standing mystery surrounding the fates of President George Washington’s younger brother Samuel and his kin. Two of Samuel’s descendants and their mother were recently identified from skeletal remains found in unmarked burials dating back to the 1880s, CNN Reports:

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Trial will begin on April 15, expected to last approximately 6 weeks.

So by some time in June, may have a convicted felon running for

How lovely is that

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This might blow some tops but I gave money to the Biden campaign. I am not sorry.

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Whether #Trump or #Biden are #US #president in 2025, what changes? The US will still be an "imperialist, white-supremacist, capitalist patriarchy" (bell hooks). The US will continue to support #Israel, to drum up war with #China #Russia #Iran, to invest in weapons and fossil fuels. Voting hasn't guaranteed #NoPoverty, #ZeroHunger, #GoodHealth, #Education, #GenderEquality, #CleanWater, #CleanEnergy, or #DecentWork for Americans. And the climate emergency continues. Does it matter who wins? #SDGs

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Asks for Absolute on Charges

The court will hear arguments on April 25 over whether fmr presidents can be prosecuted for things they did while in office.

Trump urged the on Tues to rule that he is absolutely from charges stemming from his attempts to subvert the .

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“For the purpose of this #criminal case, fmr President #Trump has become #citizenTrump, with all of the defenses of any other criminal defendant,” the panel wrote. “But any executive #immunity that may have protected him while he served as #president no longer protects him against this prosecution.”

When the case was argued in the appeals court, a lawyer for Trump argued that former presidents are absolutely immune from prosecution even for murders they ordered while in office.

#SCOTUS #law

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“'Why do you use words like ‘vermin’ and ‘poisoning of the blood"?' Howard Kurtz, the media critic and interviewer, asked on Fox News. 'The press, as you know, immediately reacts to that by saying, "Well, that’s the kind of language that Hitler and Mussolini used."' 'Because our country is being poisoned,' Mr. Trump responded."


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Can people honestly believe that both candidates are eligible to be ?

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Trump thinks writing secret checks to adult film stars is part of the duties of a US but saving his Veep's life or stopping an is not. Like Jimmy Kimmel said, the man has priorities.

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On national , Viktor Orbán laments the state of the world without in office, calls him the " of ," and says Trump will not give one penny to if he's elected >>>

notes that Orbán is the one who initially created the fake war against immigrants and promulgated the idea that they would replace ethnic Hungarians. No wonder he and Trump are 😐

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The big problem with the State of the Union speech was that instead of speaking to the whole country about the whole country, it focused on speaking to his own choir about himself and his reelection.

That’s why people are criticizing it as a campaign speech.

If you’re a Biden supporter, realize that the speech did not invite non-supporters, including independents, to join in his efforts. It appealed only to those already on board, which is not productive in terms of actually getting those efforts done.

In other words, if you’re in favor of what Biden was calling for, you too should be critical that this won’t help get those things done.

The speech seemed focused on helping nobody… except Joe Biden’s personal reelection.

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@volkris @AmericaFirst

#USpol #SOTU2024


...#SOTU by #RachelMaddow and #JenPsaki:

The Rachel Maddow Show: MSNBC special prime time coverage of #President #Biden's State of the Union address.

via @getSonnet


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Venn diagram - Science! 🙃

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#SCOTUS essentially just ruled that any #President is free to commit #insurrection without reprisal so long as their party controls #congress.

It's clear that they don't have any more regard left for #democracy or the #constitution.

I'm concerned that there's a decent chance future history books will point to this as the start of the second civil war. Without any accountability imposed, the chance of #Trump attempting a more violent version of #J6 when he loses again is damn near 100%.

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In Taking Up #Trump’s #Immunity Claim, #SCOTUS Bolstered His #Delay Strategy
By scheduling a hearing for late April on TFG’s assertion that he cannot be prosecuted for his actions in office, the justices increased the chances that he will not face #trial by #Election Day

Nonilex, avatar

But w/each , the odds increase that will not get a chance to hear the that sought to subvert the last election before they decide whether to back him in the current one.

If Trump is successful in delaying the until after Day & he wins, he could use the powers of his office to seek to the altogether. Moreover, policy precludes prosecuting a sitting ,….

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& allies planning militarized , detention
As president, Trump sought to use planes & bases for . Now, he and his allies are talking about a new effort that current & fmr ofcls warn could be impractical & dangerous.

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#Trump pledges that as #president he would immediately launch “the largest domestic #deportation operation in American history.” As a model, he points to an Eisenhower-era program known as “Operation Wetback,”[🤮] using a derogatory #slur for #Mexican #migrants. The operation used #military tactics to round up & remove migrant workers, sometimes transporting them in dangerous conditions that led to some deaths.

#TheCrueltyIsThePoint #immigration #VoteBlue #HumanRights #ConcentrationCamps #racism

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The is in dire danger of collapsing into . If becomes again

I want to build, launch & operate a web app which will try convincing more folks to NOT for him. I MUST try!

However it would require me to put a LOT of time and work into it. And I CANNOT afford to do that for ZERO pay. I got bills to pay: need to eat, keep roof over my head, etc

You can HELP me do that by sending me a donation

I can take via CashApp here:$mk2022akmar/

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Alexander : source accused of lies 'linked to '

An ex-FBI accused of lying about Joe Biden and his son has high-level ties with Russian intelligence, prosecutors say.

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