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🚀 Exciting news! As a mentor for the , I'm proud to highlight how we're empowering startup founders in Luxembourg. A thread on why you should join us at 🧵👇

In this program, you'll get FREE expert advice from 30+ advisors. 🌟 Whether you need insights on , strategies, , or development, we're here to help.

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What's almost as exciting as our new iPad Pros and iPad Airs? Why, of course, new iPad Pro and iPad Air product bezels for your designs available as PSDs, PNGs and in the @Sketch product bezel library in all colors!

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🚀 Exciting news! As a mentor for the , I'm proud to highlight how we're empowering startup founders in Luxembourg. A thread on why you should join us at 🧵👇

In this program, you'll get FREE expert advice from 30+ advisors. 🌟 Whether you need insights on , strategies, , or development, we're here to help.

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Curious about our ArtNet based light control system?

We've created a web GUI that enables easy access to various typical vehicle lighting scenarios. The operator gets instant feedback about the currently activated scenario.

Our layering concept allows prioritizing lighting animations and stacking them on top of each other.

By the way: Animations are provided as CSV files. You're free in choosing the tool to generate these.

Video shows a split screen: Left side displays a web GUI in blue color. Various buttons in a row. Each button has a light function assigned to it: "Welcome", "Goodbye", "Warning light", "Brake", ... Right side shows a light strip and a light controller that translates the button pressed into light animations on the stripe.

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imagine that I'm a year 1 undergrad

and big corporate tech bros are talking about:



what do they actually mean in the bigco tech sector sense of the word?

if you can give me any one or more definitions (that your average 18 year old student can understand) I would appreciate it


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:firefox: Feedback for Firefox Nightly ARM64 (AArch64) binaries on Linux asked :linux:

Firefox has x86 32-bit / x86_64 binaries but any ARM64 for Linux have been left out until now by Mozilla!

Binaries from the website ►

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I love that I'm enjoying cooking again!! I was always so drained after work that I would often choose the really easy, hand-off, recipes. Or skip the vegetables because I didn't feel like cutting and prepping. Cooking for lunch is fun!

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pbronez, to homelab in Need Server Recommendations

40 HDD is a lot.

Check out 45 Drives. They have a homelab focused offering that has 15 bays

To get 40 hard drives, you’d be looking at something like their Storinator S45…/storinator-s45-configurations.…

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When software ate the world, it specially ate the and tech stack.

Now, this is what it has to show for it?

This is fine.GIF


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When it comes to the growth of a company or product, it's both crucial and beneficial to remember the lessons learned from past blunders.

Take one Tech Giant's finger-pointing incident, for instance, where blaming their product users for a design flaw backfired spectacularly.

With Vivaldi, we take a different approach. Dive deep into how we prioritize feedback from people using our products and empower you to tailor your browsing experience to your unique preferences.

We believe our tech shouldn't dictate your browsing experience; it should adapt to you.

So, whether you're a minimalist or a power user, Vivaldi has something for everyone.

#Tech #Apple #BigTech #ProductDesign #Product

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🍄 ☕️ Is there some mushroom coffee in your cupboard?

🤔 In the last of the current series of Sliced Bread, Greg Foot investigates the fungi-fuelled trend for coffees, teas, even hot chocolates, that contain so called “medicinal mushrooms” - the likes of Reishi, Cordyceps, Chaga or Lion’s Mane.

Are they the best thing since sliced bread or marketing BS?

Sliced Bread, on BBC Sounds.

Presenter Greg Foot in a kitchen talks direct to camera, holding a mug of a hot drink

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Do you know what to draw? Pablo Picasso said: “To know what you’re going to draw, you have to begin drawing.” In other words, just start!

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I detest roadmaps. Roadmaps have dates. I never deliver on a date far ahead. I deliver when it is done now and prepare for what is next and later. Pipelines are way more efficient and better suited to prioritize new ideas!

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Talking about community as a product with Julie Hamel back in 2016:

“[At Alteryx, we kept] a version history [for our community], very similar to a mobile app that you would download or software that you have, so that people can stay up to speed on how we’re continuously improving the community.”


#OnlineCommunities #CommunityManagement #CommunityManager #CMGR #Product #CommunitySignal

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Yes. There are tiers and the free tier is limited to 1 hour play sessions.

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Next topic: product liability directive. What happens if your "product" is not safe and secure? This directive is supposed to cover liabilities if software products produce damage. What is the , what is a what is meant by and how long is liability? Slides.

Room about liability for product damages in EU
Room about liability for product damages in EU
Room about liability for product damages in EU

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“Having community in your product team is an opportunity for product leaders to increase their mandate and increase their influence. It’s not just one way. It’s not just community influencing product. It’s increasing the influence of product within the wider org, too.” –@patrickokeefe


#OnlineCommunities #CommunityManagement #CommunityManager #CMGR #Product #CommunitySignal

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🎉 The cases for the Hush Line Personal Server arrived yesterday, and I couldn’t be happier with the result!

We worked with an OEM in Taiwan on a custom-designed, security-focused case for our forthcoming self-hosted tip line product, and what was just a concept is now real!

Only 100 exist, and they’ll go on sale after our security audit, and once all the findings are addressed. 🔥

#opensource #nonprofit #hardware #tipline #packaging #iconography #design #epaper #eink #product #journalism

This image showcases our Hush Line personal server device next to its packaging box. The server is a compact, black unit with ventilation slits and the Hush Line logo at the bottom. To its right stands the cardboard box it comes in, featuring the same logo along with playful iconography related to our product's features. Both items are set against a plain white background, highlighting the simplicity and sleek design of our technology.
In this image, our Hush Line personal server is displayed in the foreground with its display screen on, showing text and a QR code indicating the device's operational status. Behind it, to the left, the server's packaging box is visible, with the "Hush Line Personal Server" label clearly presented. The product and its box are placed on a white surface with a white background, emphasizing the device's active state and the informative packaging.
This image presents a close-up of stacked cardboard boxes of our Hush Line personal servers. The prominent Hush Line logos are visible on several boxes, complemented by playful graphics that symbolize various features of our product. The depth of field is shallow, with the focus on the logos in the foreground, while the background features more boxes slightly blurred, conveying the readiness of our stock for distribution.

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"In industrial age organizations, purpose slowly erodes into process. Procedure takes precedence over product. The doing of the doing is why nothing gets done."

— Peter Senge, Dee W. Hock, Dee Hock:, p. 36

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j'ai des anciens collègues qui travaillent encore chez mozilla ici ? c'est quoi ce délire d'abandon progressif de firefox et de focalisation sur l'IA, du gros bullshit ou c'est pour de vrai ?

réponse en dm possible

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@n1k0 c'est un peu haut niveau:
We will continue to invest in Firefox, Thunderbird and other products that millions of people know and love and evolve them with new features to help navigate this new landscape.
Our product efforts now focus on three areas: web browsing; content, including experimentation in social; and identity protection and security.

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