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To be clear, was right.

He was radical.

He was an abolitionist.

He was also a murderer and wannabe insurrectionist against the Republic.

He precipitated a Civil War.

John Brown saw clearly and correctly.

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Na gut, dies ist nun in Schweden aber wann wird es hier mal aufgeklärt, dass es auch in jeglichem Land Trollfabriken von den Rechten geben kann (oder gibt)?

»Politisches Erdbeben in Schweden wegen Skandal um Trollfabrik:
Enthüllungen über eine von den Schwedendemokraten betriebene Trollfabrik haben ein politisches Erdbeben ausgelöst.«


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Propaganda is the art of making sure people see what they wanted to see in the first place.

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"How China is using AI news anchors to deliver its propaganda"

"News avatars are proliferating on social media and experts say they will spread as the technology becomes more accessible"

#AI #journalism #propaganda #China

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This election should not be close. The Right has spent 50 yrs pushing a myth of a “liberal media,” when they’ve owned or controlled most presses for decades. We’re paying the price for our negligence in allowing that to happen. How do we fix systemic disorders of this scale?

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Disappearing ink, fake polls and voter fraud: EU fears as Russian ads target Euro elections

Researcher uncovers vast Facebook campaign and accuses Meta of ‘lack of willingness’ to counter it

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‘Hunter Biden’ Disinfolklore has convulsed Republicans for 4-years now. It’s Ruschia’s Main Axis / Access of control over American politics.

Now we learn from an FBI indictment of a Russian oligarch spreading lies about Hunter Biden: Hunter has never even been to Ukraine.

America needs to Take Back Control by arming Ukraine.

Ukraine has been, unbeknownst to those falling for Ruschist Disinfolklore, at the epicentre of American politics for a decade.

Trump was impeached for withholding weaponry from Ukraine. The House traitor Mike Johnson forced vacation to avoid arming Ukraine. 2016 & 2020 elections were hacked by Putin delivering a Trump victory in 2016.

Ruschia’s decades old ‘Don’t Poke Bear’ troll has haunted powerful policy, lawmakers for a decade - all aimed at helping Ruschia succeed in Ukraine by hacking the brains of powerful Americans.

Ensuring succeeds in expelling the Russian-Fascist=Ruschists from 100% of Ukraine is the means US of restoring Good Governance inside its own territory.


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Putin saw things differently: Ruschia launched its war against America because he felt he should have a frictionless journey to murdering or enslaving hundreds of millions of Europeans (including Ukrainians).

We have the receipts for when Ruschia began the entire Hunter Biden troll, for example. The Hunter Biden troll is one of Ruschia's main organising fictions that sucked in Americans and was supposed to deliver a second Trump administration.

The incantation "Hunter Biden" which led to Trump's first impeachment is 100% the product of a Ruschian combat operation.

It's now so solidly a part of the minds of many fascist-republican Americans you could be mistaken for thinking there's something magical about it: it's not magical. Just "Cause" and "Effect" working in diabolical symphony using Ruschist Disinfolklore injected into the bloodstream of America. Derkach the Russian agent who started executing the Hunter operation is under US indictment but he is still at large.


Putin kurva

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Humans are not inherently evil or corrupt by nature, but even if they were, capitalism is the worst system possible as it enables and promotes these aspects.

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will encourage people to let a 70+ yr old , woman and her 40 yr disabled daughter and an innocent all survivors of to slowly die of heat and starvation

While everyone pats their backs for recycling or watching some politically charged on or some shit

faab64, to Turkey

Despite the announcement of the suspension of Turkish trade with Israel, a large number of ships continue to import and export daily between Israeli and Turkish ports.

@palestine @israel


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: "India’s ongoing elections are the world’s largest in history, with almost 1 billion people eligible to vote. They are so big that voting is being conducted in waves from April 19 to June 1. The BJP, which has been in power for 10 years, is widely expected to win. But in the process, both Modi’s administration and his electoral campaign have been criticized for stirring hate against Muslims and increasing polarization.

As millions of Indians vote, many of them will turn to WhatsApp for information. India is the Meta-owned app’s largest market, with 400 million active users — more than a quarter of the country’s population. India’s last general elections, in 2019, were labeled the “WhatsApp elections” because of the platform’s prevalence and influence. In 2024, politicians are redoubling their focus on the app.

Kiran Garimella, an assistant professor at Rutgers University who researches WhatsApp in India, told Rest of World the app reaches people that other platforms don’t, including remote communities. “There are a number of people in India who only use WhatsApp,” he said.

The scale of the BJP’s WhatsApp operations is incomparable to that of any other political party in the country."

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Mittelalterliches Denken. Es gab nie ein " quer"- Denken. Sondern eine manifeste , basierend auf Unkenntnis, tief liegenden Ängsten und . Es war schon da als auf die Straße gingen. Dieser Brei hat sich zu einer völligen Realitätsferne entwickelt und zur Feindseligkeit gegenüber allem Faktenbasierten. Diese Irrationalität wurde gezielt von der mit politischen Inhalten verquirlt und diesen Menschen eine politische Heimat gegeben

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Vor Jahren habe ich viele Diskussionen verloren als Beatrix von ein Interview gab, in dem sie behauptete, dass "die Sonne schuld" sei. Aus der linken Ecke kam Spott und alle lachten über sie. Ich nicht. Kaum jemand sah die gezielte Propaganda der AfD, um , Verschwörungsgläubige etc anzulocken. Jedes Fußstapfen von . Jede irrationale Aussage der AfD Führungen. War niemals ein Beweis für ihre"Dummheit". Ihre Nazi- wurde nicht erkannt.

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"The strategy utilised by the Zionist Establishment within Jewish communities and outside these communities, particularly, in the United States, England, France, Germany and Australia is to engage in an intentional falsification of history and contemporary reality when it comes to the supposedly intractable conflict between Israel and the Palestinians."
"As the world witnessed in the case of the destruction of the highly probable victory of Jeremy Corbyn becoming British Prime Minister, these campaigns of destroying opponents of Israeli ethnic cleansing have been extremely potent and successful.

It is, therefore, imperative that all people opposed to this war of annihilation of the Palestinian people must make sure that this current campaign which aims to destroy any opposition to the Gazan genocide is decisively defeated."

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The Zionist lobby is rich and influential @TanyaGKasim
They must be exposed and controlled.

@palestine @israel

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Muss die @tagesschau jetzt ernsthaft die von und ungefiltert in mein Wohnzimmer kotzen lassen? MUSS DAS?
Blabla. "Unterstellung, seit vielen Wochen, die Umfragewerte der afd drücken. Durch das System .bla."
Nein, ihr Arschkrampen. Ihr seid .
Und jetzt haltet die Fresse.

Junge! Der hatte am Morgen ne und kann abends in den Hauptnachrichten persönlich noch etwas dazu abseilen.
Habt ihr sie nicht mehr alle??

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Methods used by Russian propaganda described by a Russian journalist. Do you have populist in your country? Please read below.

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Same person calling everyone they disagree with names is one that uses "Zionist" to hide their hatred for Jews. So sick of these people saying they are against hate and spreading it.

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Rolling demands and moving goalposts to ignore #oct7 #hostages whom they call #prisoners in a #war #hamas started and lost the same day.
So Hamas fights a #propaganda #conflict because Arabs in #palestine are cowards, using #martyr and #hostage to extract demands.

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It is NOT “balance” to add FASCIST PROPAGANDA to the news, MSNBC. It is complicity.

6G, avatar

@timo21 @StillIRise1963

#nytimes reported that MSNBC hosts,...They say their message — that Mr. Trump’s candidacy represents a unique and clear threat to democracy — is an urgent one for the electorate to hear

I dont see fascist #propaganda on #msnbc, I see great in the court reporting, like "he has his eyes closed 80 to 90% of the time"

⭕He is showing his defiance to the #TrumpTrial jury

If not for MSNBC, only the jury would see this fascist conman tactic

May 14 2024 (Deadline White House) "He has his eyes closed 80 to 90% of the time" He is showing his defiance to the jury

faab64, to Palestine

US Ambassador Jacob Lew says that the US is continuing to generously send more weapons to Israel.

In an interview with Israel's channel 12, Jacob Lew said that the occupation state has not crossed the red line in and that there will be no interruption in US aid to Israel.

He added that "it is wrong to believe that anything has fundamentally changed in the relationship between Washington and Tel Aviv."

"As everyone is focusing on the decision to delay one set of ammunition, everything else keeps flowing."

@palestine @israel

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Stick this in your hopper for when people say supporting is supporting . It isn't.

Clearly, the Palestinians have a Hamas problem too.

DropBear, avatar

Gaza has a Hamas problem @knowprose and Israel has a Likud problem.
They're problems that the respective populations have Democratically chosen. They're both problems that have the overwhelming support of those populations.
Which raises a question:
media and government commentators commonly refer to "the Hamas-run health ministry";
why don't we hear "the Likud-run military", for example?


DropBear, avatar

Hamas is a problem @knowprose and Israel isn't? Got it!

#propaganda @palestine @israel

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"Hillary Clinton: Anti-Israel protesters ‘don’t know very much’ about the Middle East"

"'Propaganda is not education,' says ex US secretary of state, slamming campus activists for ignorance of Palestinians' rejection of husband Bill Clinton's 2000 peace initiative.'

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Massive signal of naZi belaruZZian service targeting Poland on 106.2 MHz from Brest/Rakitnitsa, currently bashing same-sex marriages and praising the Taliban for fighting with these "modern practices" xD

STEREOTYPING ARABS – A Timeless Hollywood Tradition (

Arabs suffer from a long and systematic stereotyping from the West. From the Orientalist movement of the 18th century till today, Western perceptions of Arabs and by extension Muslims, are based on what they have been conditioned to believe through the media be it in the form of literature, art, and more recently, movies and...

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»Von Fake News zum totalen Chaos! Wie böse bist du? Bekomme so viele Follower*innen, wie du nur kannst.«

Social-Media ist Propagabda wie andere Medien auch. Es sind nicht alle und es wird gezielter ausgeführt um Menschen zu beeinflussen. In diesem Online-Spiel kannst du dich mal selber überprüfen oder Propaganda vertretend spielen.



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