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Hello @pulsaredit, I’d like to publish my plugin from, but "ppm publish" gives only "Internal Server Error".
How can I debug this, or don’t you accept new plugins?
Documentation is lacking…

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For those who use with the editor:
I just updated the syntax highlighting in

(It’s good enough for me, but still not really good.)

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A week later than you’re accustomed to — but worth the wait! Pulsar 1.115.0 is available now!

Last month’s 1.114.0 release was full of fixes related to the recent migration to modern Tree-sitter. This month’s release is much smaller, but still dominated by Tree-sitter fixes affecting syntax highlighting, code folding, and indentation.

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Ohhh, some exciting astro news!!! 👀👀👀

A new paper has found more evidence for a neutron star in the supernova 1987A remnant using JWST's MIRI/MRS and NIRSpec/IFU!

However, a secondary paper from a few days back, which also used JWST MIRI, found no evidence of the compact remnant in their data:

Almost 2 years ago I wrote a feature article looking at the evidence for this, so these new papers and findings are exciting!

📸 Fransson et al. / Bouchet et al.

four tile image showing the ring that forms the supernova remnant in four different filters of the JWST observation

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A Valentine's release bursting with love, Pulsar 1.114.0 is available now!

Welcome to a brand new Pulsar release!This release features a lot of updates and fixes for our modern Tree-sitter implementation, an assorted bag of bug fixes and some new features to introduce, such as restoring compatibility with older Linux distributions and a new ppm command.

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Check out the latest community update on the Pulsar blog!

Last month was our biggest update to Pulsar we have had in quite a while, so in this blog we will be addressing some of the issues people have seen and what you can expect in terms of fixes and updates. We also have some big changes to the Pulsar Package Registry backend for a bunch of new filters and endpoints to the API.

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▶ Mystery Object Orbiting a Pulsar Has Mass We Cannot Explain

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In the beginning, Atom appeared. It created an API to make packages, allowed authors to use web APIs together with node.js and a special API that was used to communicate between the "main module" and the "browser part".

That last part split from Atom and became Electron. And for a while, the Atom development was tied to the Electron one meaning updates for one meant updates for the other.

Unfortunately that wasn't the case for a long time...

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We’ve been telling a series of stories about all the different ways that Tree-sitter can improve the editing experience in Pulsar. Today’s story about symbols-view starts a bit slowly, but it’s got a great ending: the addition of a major new feature to Pulsar 1.113.

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Unlucky for some, but not us. Our 13th release, Pulsar 1.113.0, is available now!

Welcome to the release of Pulsar 1.113.0, our first release of 2024. For this release we have enabled our modern Tree-sitter implementation by default, a new Tree-sitter PHP grammar, a huge update to our 'symbols-view' package, a bunch of bug fixes and an issue where we banish 😡 to the Netherrealm.

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Check out the latest community update on the Pulsar blog! -

Welcome to our first community update of 2024! We have a reminder about our upcoming tree-sitter change, a resolution to our annoying website issues, a brand new PPR API endpoint so you can find packages by your favourite authors, a statement on our commitment to our long-term projects and a very special new year community spotlight.

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Christmas has come early: Pulsar 1.112.0 is available now!

Welcome to our 12th regular release! It has been exactly a year since we put out our first tagged release and development continues. This month we have some new soft-wrapping options, some long overdue updates to PPM, improvements to our "GitHub" package, a new fuzzyMatcher API and our usual slew of bug fixes.

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Check out the latest community update on the Pulsar blog!

This month we have a big update on our plans to move to a new version of electron and what that might mean for our releases, some better error handling on our package website and our usual community spotlight to say thank you to those community members contributing to Pulsar's development!

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Welcome to a new Pulsar regular release!

This time we have a brand new API, a reduction in Pulsar's installed size, a fix for a really tricky and annoying bug, and some fixes from the community.

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One annoying thing that software developers do is insist on writing in more than one language at once. Web developers are espeically obnoxious about this — routinely, for instance, putting CSS inside their HTML, or HTML inside their JavaScript, or CSS inside their HTML inside their JavaScript.

Code editors like Pulsar need to roll with this, so today we’ll talk about how the modern Tree-sitter system handles what we call injections.

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Check out the latest community update on the Pulsar blog!

This month we have a couple of really significant changes to how Pulsar works internally by creating a couple of new APIs that can be used throughout the application, a new package to help you run code directly within Pulsar and our usual community spotlight to say thank you to those community members contributing to Pulsar's development!

How to install and run python plugins?

Hello! I was a big fan of Atom editor, and I’m very glad that Pulsar is continuing the legacy of Atom. My concern/question is, how in the heck do I install plugins? Specifically, plugins for python? And also, is there a terminal/space to run Python code like there is in VSCodium? In VSCodium, there’s a play button and code...

Daeraxa, to pulsaredit in How to install and run python plugins?

There are a couple of ways to install packages on Pulsar, we have a lot of it in the existing documentation (…/using-pulsar/-packa…). The most common way is just to go to the package manager (Packages > Open Package Manager > Install (on left panel of the package manager)) where you can search for packages. Alternatively you can browse packages via the PPR (Pulsar Package Registry) at and use ppm to install (…/using-pulsar/-line).

As for the second part there are a few answers. You can install the x-terminal-reloaded if you simply want to get a terminal pane within Pulsar. However this won’t help run things like Python code “interactively” with a console, it is “just” a terminal. Unfortunately this is where I run out of knowledge a bit, I’ve never been one for trying to run code directly in the editor, I’ve always just used terminal commands, which seems to echo the experience of a lot of the Pulsar team. However I do know somebody a few people have asked this before so we might need to look into this, if for nothing other than to have a good answer.

There is a package called script-runner which sounds like it would do what you are after and another called script you might also like to have a look at.

Generally if you are after info about how to “make Pulsar do x” then you can probably find still relevant info using “make Atom do x” but obviously any links or apm commands won’t work and would need to reference the new Pulsar commands and links instead.

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“I’ll see myself out, thank you.” 🤭

New image of the Crab Nebula - a wonderful astrophysical object that humans have been watching evolve for about 1,000 years.

At its heart - the mighty Crab Pulsar 🦀 🔵

Video of a man explaining some of the features of the new JWST image of the Crab Nebula.

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Oh wow! Just saw the new JWST image of the Crab Nebula! 😍😍😍

That wispy white stuff - that’s synchrotron radiation … emissions produced by electrons being accelerated around magnetic field lines at relativistic speeds by the 33 Hz pulsar at the centre.

Fun science:

Your microwave at home uses wavelengths of ~12-30cm range which cause water and other molecules to spin/vibrate thus heating them up.

Crab Pulsar's magnetic dipole radiation wavelength is about 10^7m & it heats up the surrounding nebula too!

So it's a giant megawave oven!

📸 NASA, ESA, CSA, STScI, T. Temim

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▶ Vela Pulsar Did Something That Make No Physical Sense

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Here we are with another Pulsar release, and this month we have quite a number of fixes and improvements. This time the focus has really been on bug fixes in order to improve the overall experience.

We have updates to PPM for newer toolchain compatibility, a new Autocomplete API, better error handling for a crash at launch with invalid config and a fix for PHP snippets.

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Last time I laid out the case for why we chose to embrace TextMate-style scope names, even in newer Tree-sitter grammars. I set a difficult challenge for Pulsar: make it so that a Tree-sitter grammar can do anything a TextMate grammar can do.

Today, I'd like to show you the specific problems that we had to solve in order to pull that off.

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Check out the latest community update on the Pulsar Blog!

This month we announce our new "Pulsar Cooperative" initiative, showcase work being done to modernize the PPM codebase, introduce the new badges for the Pulsar Package Repository, show off the new Pulsar integration in GitHub Desktop and talk about an issue we had with signing our macOS binaries.

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A zombie star’s strange behavior is ascribed to what it’s eating.

@arstechnica reports: "Neutron star winds, an accretion disk, and jets combine for complex interactions."

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