LauraKT, to random avatar

This is the scariest thing I've ever had to write 👇

AnonymooseGuy, avatar


I don't know anything about the British Isles but this must be true because that bit about Wordle scores is absolutely true.

br00t4c, to random avatar

FL lawmaker declares 16 year olds are 'not children' but 'youth workers' amid labor shortage

MugsysRapSheet, avatar

We passed the 26th Amendment in 1971 lowering the voting age to 18 on the basis that if your government can send you to die in a war, you're old enough to have a say in who sends you.

So if "16 year olds" are old enough to pay income taxes as "youth workers", they're old enough to vote. .

igd_news, to random avatar

The District Attorney has ruled that the brutal murder of Manuel Teran was "justified" and that no charges will be brought against the officers involved in his murder.

Also "denies" request for records on the case.



Saint Tortuga was Martyred

This will be Corrected.

bikeottawa, to Ottawa French avatar

Dès aujourd’hui, n’est plus ouverte aux mobilités actives en semaine.

Le maire d’Ottawa utilise l’argent des contribuables pour lutter contre ce programme de la CCN. Faites-lui part de votre opposition. Voyez la lettre que nous suggérons (FR, EN).


bikeottawa, avatar

Starting today, is no longer open to active transportation on weekdays.

The mayor is using taxpayer money to fight the NCC’s active use program. Keep letting him know you oppose his stance. See our suggested language (in both languages) above. 👆


sbg_arch, to Ottawa avatar

More opinion battles disguised as gathering "evidence."

I love "thinking about people in general..."

Public surveys almost always reveal motivations of those commissioning it.

Fair game to counter intended results.

bikeottawa, to cycling French avatar

We’ve all seen people using accessibility devices on and other locations of @NCC_CCN’s Active Use program.

Hear from friend of Bike Ottawa AnaLori Smith on the many ways in which the program has benefited her.

bikeottawa, to cycling French avatar

“Movement improves the quality of life of older adults”

In fact, has proven popular with older people. They can move with ease and peace of mind, and people who pass them can give them lots of room.

bikeottawa, to random French avatar

What’s your experience using the @NCC_CCN’s Active Use program—and particularly Queen Elizabeth Driveway?

Do you use it to commute? Do you take your kids for a ride? Caught up with a friend in the Muskoka chairs?

What does the program mean to you?

We want to hear your stories. Send them to by Saturday, July 22—and stay tuned for the post.

2ndStar, to random German avatar

Heute bin ich Harley Quinn und BOFH in einer Person … und gleich wird etwas kalt serviert 😈

wrdlbrmpft, avatar

@2ndStar wird sie wohl auch nicht verstanden haben, wenn es sich nicht gerade um die Lateinlehrerin gehandelt hat.

misc, to random avatar

This is super subjective, but in all the previous Twitter influxes, I don't feel like I've seen the fediverse this positive and welcoming, and determined to suppress its worst tendencies.


@misc I'd like to think I have something to do with it. I wasn't here for the previous influxes but I'm here for this one, therefore ​:meowcoffee:​

cwebber, to random

You think X is bad?! No hold on, look at Y, Y is bad.

Now, as you can see, X was good all along.

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