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The rest of the family ventured out of electric-car friendly on a road trip to some notes:

Many Electrify America chargers are at VW dealers remote from teenage-interesting services.

Make sure you have roaming with unlimited data -the charger apps all require lots.

In the city, many of the public chargers are inside pay-for-parking garages. They had to drive to New Jersey to find an accessible fast DC charger (and pay the bridge toll)...

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Quebec aid worker killed by Israeli airstrike in Gaza remembered as a 'modern viking'

#jacobflickinger #quebec

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Quebec nurses reject union-backed concessions contract

#nurses #quebec

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Un corridor de livraison électrique à l’essai entre Québec et Montréal

Electric delivery corridor between #Montreal and #Quebec City

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Le métro de Montréal
🔴 "Si le métro est devenu le refuge de tant de personnes vulnérables ou en crise, c’est parce que nos services de santé, nos services sociaux, nos refuges et nos ressources communautaires ne répondent pas ou répondent mal à leurs besoins criants."

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(Le vire totalement à droite ?) est face à « À Gauche »

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« Une délégation de médecins |ois se rendra à pour y acheminer de l' par bateau. J'en parle avec mes deux invités : l'épidémiologiste Ninâ Machouf et le chirurgien orthopédique Ghassan Boubez. »


SFRuminations, to scifi avatar

Artist, editor, and author Pierre D. Lacroix (1950-) was born on this day. Bibliography:

L, Benoît Joly, 1984; R, Marc Pageau, 1985
#scifi #sciencefiction #Canada #Quebec


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Parents had the right to receive a presentation in English about options for their children with disabilities after all: says #Quebec Education Ministry that previously refused to do so. #Montreal

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#CAQ changes controversial plan to build 2 mini hospitals to focus on seniors - #Montreal #quebec

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#Quebec court approves class action alleging #opioid makers misled users about risks - #Montreal

PatrickoftheG, to Quebec avatar

A thing I find interesting about #quebec is that we want immigrants to fall in love with French as a language and want them to think that language is one of the most important things in this world. This makes sense if you are from Québec, sure.

This falls apart fundamentally because you're enlisting people who already have a language and who value language so little they are moving across the world to take up a new one.

They already decided standard of life is more important than language.

br00t4c, to Quebec avatar

Quebec class action authorized against 16 pharmaceutical companies for role in opioid crisis

#lawsuit #quebec

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Happy Monday pixel peeps! Blue sky reflected.

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I rode the new train from City to on Saturday—and I liked what I saw!

Here's hoping the new Siemens Venture trainsets on @via_rail are a taste of a faster, smoother (and one day electric) future for Canada's passenger rail.

, here's the thread... 🚄🧵

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COVID-19 : les hospitalisations sont maintenant inférieures à 500 au Québec

AnnaAnthro, (edited ) to Quebec avatar

Wild turkey breaks into long-term care home in #Beauce after attacking its own reflection and smashing window.

Frightened Farmers' unions call on #Quebec government to ease hunting restrictions to control aggressive hungry turkey population.

br00t4c, to Quebec avatar

Quebec employers group worried 'political' immigration debate will hurt jobs


Cassandra, to Quebec French avatar

Est-ce qu’il y du monde qui écoute Les Traitres?


Cassandra, avatar

Episode 2 of Les Traitres!

Strong crush already on this criminal defence lawyer, who is going to say what she has to say. Clearly and unapologetically, but with empathy. Cool.

I am also deeply amused by Karine Vanasse, who is at max drama in speech and dress.

I’m curious to see who will prove the most astute: the investigators? the poker player? the clairvoyant?

This better not turn into all the racialized invité-es being murdered first because of their “clique.”


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