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and welcome to this week's .

This iconic image turns 40 years old this week. Whose backside are we looking back at?

A. Rocker Bruce Springsteen
B. Country star Ricky Skaggs
C. President Ronald Reagan
D. The cowboy from The Village People

Put your answer in a comment this week, then check your answer and try the rest of the quiz, with questions on , Mexico and a lesser-known world cup:

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The World's 50 Best Restaurants list has just been announced and CNN has the complete ranking. One country dominated the top five. Which do you think it was?

#Restaurants #Food #Culture #FoodCulture #Quiz #Poll

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! It's time for our weekly .

Here's today's 1st question: Donald Trump was convicted on 34 felony counts on Thursday. The New York jury apparently did not buy the defense's description of witness Michael Cohen as what?

Check your answer and take the full quiz here:

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Martian Cartography

Here is a 360° panorama captured by Curiosity at her current location, with North at center and South at both ends, on top of two large and small scale maps with her position.

There are many geological features in the panorama, can you find them in the maps?

#Curiosity #Mars #Sol4193 #Cartography #Map #Geology #rover #CuriosityRover #GaleCrater #crater #AeolisMons #MountSharp #GedizVallis #Martian #landscape #valley #mountains #quiz #space #science #Astrodon #STEM

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Apple Music has released its inaugural list of the 100 best albums of all time. Lauryn Hill's "The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill"came in at No. 1, sparking some debate by music fans who thought Michael Jackson's "Thriller" was a more worthy winner. Here's a story from the Independent about the list. We want to know, which of these DIDN'T make the top 10?

#Music #MusicNews #Apple #AppleMusic #Quiz #Poll

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TGIF! It's day. Here's this week's first question:

A majority of recent graduates say they want to work for companies that try to improve society rather than generate profits. What are researchers calling this new young cohort?

Check your answer and try questions on impregnation, pollination and carbonation:

/ / /

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Depuis quelques mois, je ne parviens plus à importer des quiz sur #ClassQuiz (, un site qui se veut une alternative #opensource à #Kahoot. J'ai du mal à me résoudre à utiliser ce dernier, pour son côté fermé et par trop commercial.
Il y a un mois, l'auteur de l'application me disait qu'il allait jeter un coup d’œil sur le problème. Je n'ai pas d'écho depuis.

Connaissez-vous d'autres alternatives ouvertes qui me permettraient de faire la même chose ?

#TeamPE #TeamProf #Ecole #Quiz

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@classeadeux Merci beaucoup !
C'est typiquement ce type d'outil que je souhaite avoir. L'avantage de , c'est qu'on peut élaborer son sous la forme d'un fichier Excel et ensuite, l'importer directement dans le système (quand ça fonctionne).
Sur , il faut écrire les questions une à une, ainsi que la réponse juste et les réponses erronées. C'est plus fastidieux.
(Je génère quasi automatiquement mes quiz, via une IA générative, directement sous la forme d'un tableau Excel).

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It's Friday time!

Here's the first question:

The first crewed launch of Boeing's new reusable spacecraft was scrubbed again on May 6 because of issues with its booster rocket. What is Boeing's spacecraft named?

Check your answer and see how well you've been following the news, here:
(It's a tougher than usual quiz this week, but we're not aiming at the level of users)

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Who do we see here?

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For inspiration this week, we mined The Conversation's weekly Curious Kids column, which tasks experts with answering questions posed by children.

Here's your first question – good luck!

If everyone on Earth got in the ocean and submerged themselves underwater at the same time, about how much would the world's sea level rise?

Check your answers and satisfy your curiosity, here:

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Games-Entwicklung: Erratet ihr, was diese 10 Insider-Begriffe bedeuten?

Die Produktion von Spielen ist eine komplexe Sache. Darum haben sich einige Begriffe etabliert, die bestimmte Verfahren und Zustände in der Games-Entwicklung beschreiben. Wisst ihr, wofür sie stehen?
👉 👀

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Which foods have the most plastics? CNN says ninety percent of animal and vegetable protein samples tested in research published in February tested positive for microplastics. Other studies said vegetables can absorb microplastics through their root systems, and salt and sugar can also contain plastic. Here's the full story, including some advice on reducing your exposure. Tell us: Which of these proteins do you think contains the most plastic?

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It's time for our weekly !

Here's the first question: Expected tax revenues from which product have fallen short of projections in several U.S. states?

See how well you've been following the news this week:

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Why is this woman crying? Wrong answers only

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For those of you that like to take online quizzes and assessments, here's a mental health one...

Mine didn't tell me anything I didn't already know regarding depression and anxiety. Those have been with me off and on my whole life, and I came by them honest, as the saying goes. As for ADHD, well, one of my kids was actually diagnosed, so I did suspect it.

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This week's has questions on sports, shockwaves, surgery and . We'll start on Starbucks:
Which of these is an actual rallying cry for baristas working to unionize?

Check your answer and see if you can get a gold medal here:

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Tonight from 7pm in @thegamerclub for our monthly

Choose your own categories:

Tabletop & Video Games
Anime & Manga
Comics & Graphic Novels
Toys & Gadgets
TV & Cartoons

£1 to play, prizes to be won!

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@RuthODay @YakyuNightOwl @tabletopmania @ted_duffield @stlcolorbaseball @cwgrody @cbtryon @sendtherunners @aurelia @BigEarl @baseball @OhhJim @APBAreplay @AlexanderRaine7 @mattmaison @blackvoices @Beatlesandworms

I post this in the aftermath of 's 4th of a possible 155 victories in 2024.

Shea Langeliers drops not one, not two, but 3 HRs against Texas.

objective judgment

selfless action

willing, engaged acceptance of all events

YusufToropov, avatar

@tabletopmania @YakyuNightOwl @RuthODay @ted_duffield @stlcolorbaseball @cwgrody @cbtryon @sendtherunners @aurelia @BigEarl @baseball @OhhJim @APBAreplay @AlexanderRaine7 @mattmaison @blackvoices @Beatlesandworms

Today's hero, Rufus "Mississippi" Lewis, had a future Hall of Famer as his manager and mentor.

Name him. One guess only.

YusufToropov, avatar
YusufToropov, avatar

@ted_duffield @tabletopmania @YakyuNightOwl @RuthODay @stlcolorbaseball @cwgrody @cbtryon @sendtherunners @aurelia @BigEarl @baseball @OhhJim @APBAreplay @AlexanderRaine7 @mattmaison @blackvoices @Beatlesandworms

Left to right: Today's hero Pat Scentlebury, Ray Dandridge, and Quincy Trouppe.

What team were they playing for?

One guess.

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It's Friday afternoon and we almost forgot to post this week's !

Here's the first question:
The U.S. government issued an alert earlier this month about the possible dangers posed by Volt Typhoon. What is Volt Typhoon?

Check your answer and see how well you've been following the week's news - and it's a tough one this week

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Who is rocking the bowling center?

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What's in a name? In this week's you'll name ships, drugs, countries and even civil servants. Good luck!

Oral arguments in the case of FDA v. Alliance for Hippocratic Medicine were heard by the U.S. Supreme Court on March 26. Which of these is the name of the abortion drug at issue in the case, and not a car model?

See how well you've been following the news and try the other questions here:

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