mnemonica, to weirdgirlmemes avatar

i’ve never seen my cat sit on her shelf all sideways like this before, but a neighbor boy cat has been slowly trying to become friends with her, and i am CERTAIN that she’s doing it so he sees her best angle if he walks by

merchantHelios, to random

Sometimes he is inscrutable

rher, avatar

Stopping the asuka rape slop to post something

umbraroze, to 196 in inspirational poster rule

This is one of the biggest all time classics generated by Inspirobot.It truly resonated with the common people.

wagesj45, to weirdgirlmemes avatar

I hate when your run into an issue in your program, you google it, and zero results show up. :pepe_g:

wagesj45, to weirdgirlmemes avatar

, steeve. :steeve:

pewterbaw, to ADHD avatar

I'm just a girl, standing in the kitchen she owns, using a pizza cutter to cut leeks, because where tf are her knives?? ?

wagesj45, to weirdgirlmemes avatar

Whenever I brush my teeth, my tongue is like its own little guy in there, curious about what's going on, exploring and trying to make friends with the tooth brush.

Just a little guy.

Sophie, to weirdgirlmemes avatar

I feel like I’ve been in meetings that lasted 40 years.

Chrishallbeck, to comics avatar


wagesj45, to weirdgirlmemes avatar

Move over Andrew Scott, we have a new queen of Making Shakespeare Relatable. 👑

Chrishallbeck, to comics avatar
funhouseradio, to Cats avatar
DanielMenjivar, to Funny avatar

Just watched this YouTube short video about and and my wife says, “yup, that’s you!” LOL @sewing

wagesj45, to random avatar

Same, Steeve. :steeve:

funhouseradio, to weirdgirlmemes avatar
futurebird, to random avatar

They used to laugh and call him names.

… used to.

br00t4c, avatar

@futurebird He just had enough 🤷🏽.

fuzzybunchcomics, to marketing
AlarminglyBad, to Halloween avatar


“I guess what I’m saying is we are the scariest monster of all. Anyway, here’s some candy”

Alarmingly Bad comic video where some kids go trick or treating and everyone is in costume

hypnogoria, to random avatar

A drop of dream fuel - The Shores of Tomorrow by Virgil Finlay

zrb, avatar

@hypnogoria tfw you accidentally clone your planet in two and are blasted off into space in your spacesuit

RickiTarr, to random avatar

Entering the 42nd year of my Full Life Crisis.

courtcan, avatar

@RickiTarr Congrats, happy birthday, condolences, and . 🤘🤘🤘🥳🖖

fraying, to random avatar

The worst part about my overactive ability to empathize isn’t occasionally empathizing with the wrong people, it’s the small, often incorrect, assumption I carry that other people will extend that same empathy toward me.

courtcan, avatar

@fraying Listen, you have got to stay out of my head, 'kay?

funhouseradio, to Cat avatar
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