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I've been very busy! I'm going to be ramping things up and taking suggestions!

If there's something you think I should add or change about the form, please let me know!

These will be going on sale by the end of the month.


jimmyb, to wow avatar

I thought this print came out pretty well! 💀🔥

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Dezeen : Senso designs "world's first seamless flooring" with plant-based resins

GetzlerChem, to science avatar

Does anyone on here have any experience with benches? Most are (very flat and smooth, softer) but some are (slight textured, harder & lighter). Flinn sells an epoxy product, but I have no idea if it’s any good. Please boost for visibility!

jimmyb, to 3DPrinting avatar

The Skeleton Party! ☠️💀


jimmyb, to 3DPrinting avatar

My main reason for getting into was to print the minis. I started with an FDM printer and had so so results. This past weekend we got a resin printer and the results have been much much better. 😍

I still need to do a little sanding on the support "bumps" but I am so impressed with how well it looks.


jimmyb, to 3DPrinting avatar

I think I'm getting the hang of how this works. Still a lot more reading up and video watching to do though.

Mark_Lorch, to upcycling avatar

Finished my latest table.

Up cycled pallet wood and bike chains & no screws!

Inlayed chains visible on table top and set in .

Top of table with inlayed chains set in resin

starfishskies, to dice avatar

Blood Moon drops ❤️ Quick picture in case they find a new home during my trip.

I'm keeping a spare one as a colour sample (made two pairs) and turned another one that was a fail into a pendant/keychain.

They look orange-ish golden or true red depending on the angle and light, shimmer pigments are pretty difficult to capture in static photographs.

BroncoTruck, to art avatar

Price drop on all of Kristen’s small bowls! Check out her shop now!

BroncoTruck, to art avatar

Uploaded a few new pieces to Kristen’s shop with more to come soon! Check them out! This one is a resin seashell bowl perfect for use as a soap dish, trinket dish.

BroncoTruck, to art avatar

Coming soon to Kristen’s shop. Jellyfish sun catchers and wind chimes!


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Multicolor Resin Prints: Give it a Shot - [Thomas TEMPE] has been making two-color resin prints. While printing in multiple ... -

BroncoTruck, to art avatar

Kristen’s newest art pieces are now up on her shop. Sun-catchers! Check it out!

BroncoTruck, to random avatar

Make sure to check out Kristen’s Etsy shop! New name, uploaded a bunch of resin trinket dishes she’s been working on!

BroncoTruck, avatar
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Make Carbon Fiber Tubes With An Open Source Filament Winder - Result of winding a carbon fiber tube. (Credit: Andrew Reilley)
Carbon fiber (CF) ... -

msquebanh, to TodayILearned

I am now browsing for good websites & channels to get started on learning how to make my own pieces. I've collected & sourced a lot of free natural materials to use for it.

Always open to recommendations for art . A friend got me a starter kit on the weekend, to get me into this new to me 👍

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Retrotechtacular: The Story of Turpentine - If someone in 2023 has ever had much call to use turpentine, chances are good it w... -

Lizzip, to art

Resin cured all fine and is now my favourite necklace

Lizzip, to art

Resin time! I'm hoping it cures alright with how dark the colour is. I did it in layers partially curing as I went so fingers crossed

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A 3D Printed Grinder for Printed Lens Blanks - When one thinks of applications for 3D printing, optical components don’t seem to ... - #toolhacks #polishing #grinding #blanks #parts #optic #resin #lens #fdm #sla

col000r, to random avatar

The Ultraprint resin 3d printer on Kickstarter looks nice! Pumping the resin in and out of the tub is a really good idea. Exhaust pipe is great too - I'm saying this as someone who's currently constructing a fume hood for his printer - and add on turn-table plus curing lights are also a nice touch. Only issue: how would I explain this to the family? 😐

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Simple Hack Lets Smartphone Take Resin Printer Time-Lapses - With how cheap they’re getting, everyone seems to be jumping on the resin printer ... - #3dprinterhacks #arduinohacks #photography #time-lapse #arduino #resin #ldr #sla

Lizzip, to Cosplay

In the process of making some class coins/tokens out of brass


Drew the rest of the owl again - Added the green resin, sanded them down, fixed them in a necklace tray, and added some finishing clear resin to the White Mage and Astrologian class coins (also a broom I was making too for halloween)

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