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All these years later (27 years since its creation?) I’ve now got a fully UNLOCKED copy of NewtHack. This means I no longer am forced to stop after beating LVL 1.

To the Amulet of Yendor! Let's go!!!


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An excellent indie ( Thanks @jake4480 ) that runs on current machines (Windows, Linux, MacOS, & HTML5). Frankly, very good! Good surprise! I would have liked it to be compatible with older machines, but no. Two quality PDF manuals. On my list of favorite Roguelikes! If you like this kind of game: recommended! :0)

The first part..


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Trying out GodoRogue tonight. It's great! You can use the keyboard commands or mouse directly to different locations, how you can see in the screenshot - the yellow line. And you can play this one in-browser. It was made in HTML5!

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Why Can Touch Without Losing His Powers In - Screen Rant @SuperSideshow

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if you make a computer game "these days" and you call it a Rogue-like, and, if you are under the age of 40-45 or so, then:

it is (almost certainly & nearly always) NOT A FUCKING Rogue-like!!!!!!

"Kids, get off my lawn."

I will not be taking questions. Please respect my family's wishes at this sensitive time. Thank you all for coming to my TED Talk today...

CC @jake4480

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Language changes & everything, so it's not super important imo...However, what I do think is important is that given the flexibility of language, some better term for these kinds of games emerges.

I dunno what that term may be, only that I'd hope it may be more telling than the current ones. Imagine if first-person shooters kept being called Doomlikes for decades after Doom came out. It'd be awkward & stifling!

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Atari just filed a trademark on "Rogue", a game first published by Epyx in 1980. This game spawned a whole genre of games known as "Roguelikes.".

It would be a bummer if Atari was registering this trademark for the intention of bullying other game developers from using the terms "Rogue" or "Roguelike" in their games.

Also in the trademark, Atari says they plan on using blockchain technology to distribute Rogue games and "digital collectibles". 🫤

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In today's disgusting game news, "Atari" (whatever iteration of the company that it is now, which is NOT the original Atari) is trying to trademark the name Rogue with NFTs attached 🤮 as of January 12.

It's gross, and I hate everything about this

#Rogue #Atari #news

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A friend's #drow #rogue from my new ttrpg game.

#dnd #characterdesign #sketchbook #ttrpg

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Under a starlit sky, a magical duo cherishes a moment of wonder! The cambion girl's eyes twinkle with wonder as she spots her first shooting star.

What might your wish be upon such a starlit night? 💖✨🌠

See more:

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Ce soir 20h en stream : -LikeWikipedia !
C'est le public qui est maître du jeu, on va apprendre des choses ensemble !

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I want this so bad!

Carry around a little baby with a keyboard. and play ZORK on it.

This reminds me. I still think it would be SO fun to host a party with a bunch of terminals playing text adventure games! Or or .. DAM!

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The Best , and Other Roguelikes for :anAmigaBall:

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The Best Rogue, and Other Roguelikes for Amiga

In my latest video, I walk through the complicated history of the original Rogue, it's original ports and the "core roguelike" ports from the 1980s and early 90s. And I pick the best one out of all of it.

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A huge part of what makes me a Forever GM is the fun of making stories for my friends to play out.

This is a map made with random dungeon dice, first time I've actually used them in 6 years ha ha =)

DnD 3.0, dnd 3.5, Pathfinder, Starfinder, Pathfinder Second Edition, Blue Rose AGE system, Call of Cthulhu, Adnd (advanced dungeons and dragons), it's all great.

What do you play, or are you curious about playing yourself? And yes, plenty of characters from stories have been built in game, and plenty of chars made ingame have found their way into my written stories!

@pf2general @dnd @rpgmemes

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I have a 14 year old Windows 7 (32 bit) machine on my desk here that I use mostly as a jukebox as I work (there is 50GB+ of music files on it).

Since most support and updates for anything Windows 7 is pretty much dead now (including Chrome, not that I use that anyway) and Steam officially won't work on Windows 7 in 47 days, today is the day I uninstall the 16 Steam games I had on here.

Here are all 16 great games that are currently on it, but that won't be in a few minutes. Shootemups, fps, rpgs, a simulator, and Rogue, of course.

RIP Steam on Windows 7 (in 47 days). End of an era.

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