'Schmigadoon' isn't getting a season 3 despite being written (ew.com)

The curtain has fallen on Schmigadoon! On Thursday, creator Cinco Paul announced on social media that the musical series will not be getting a third season on Apple TV+. This is despite the fact that Paul and his team have written the complete season, including 25 songs....

tvPlusNews, to AppleTVPlus
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daniellesatm, to apple
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BREAKING: Schmigadoon will not be having a third season on Apple TV+.

spocko, to Musicals
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I love the music & the work of the choreographer, Christopher Gattelli. I JUST learned that he choreographed in so now I HAVE to go see it in the theater.

MoviesteveB, to apple German

Wem gefallen hat, möchte ich ausdrücklich noch mal die Serie ! auf + ans Herz legen. Ich hatte mit beiden Staffeln eine gute Zeit.

(War das jetzt unbezahlte Werbung oder einfach nur die Empfehlung eines Kritikers? Müsst Ihr wohl selbst entscheiden.)

leocardz, to random
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Discovered two weeks ago and I must say, it was such a lovely surprise! It’s a very charming musical filled with wit, warmth, and heart. The catchy tunes will be stuck in your head for days… A true hidden gem in AppleTV+. I consumed 1st and 2nd seasons fast!

tvPlusNews, to random
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The season 2 finale of is this Wednesday, May 3.

What are your favorite songs or moments from this season so far?

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