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The Darkest Reason Why Parents Are Against Phone Bans Seems Irrational--but Is It?

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People are sharing things teachers did in the '80s and '90s that would 'never fly' now

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New Jersey school hires law firm to investigate 'antisemitic' yearbook that swapped Jewish students' picture

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Howard University revokes Sean 'Diddy' Combs' honorary degree after Cassie hotel attack video surfaces

#school #university

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A little boy vanished without a trace in 2011. His grandmother believes he's being kept on a Mormon commune

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Why Do Fish School? One Reason Is to Help Each Other Through Turbulent Waters

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Day After UN School Attack, IDF Brags About Striking Another Refugee Camp School

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Teaching assistant jailed for sexual abuse of boy, 10

#abuse #school

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Israel's Horrific Attack on a Refugee School in Gaza

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Costco CEO stuns young boy by responding to his email asking for help with school fundraiser

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What are Hell Houses? The disturbing real-life phenomenon behind PLL Summer School's Pride episode

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A school assignment asked for 3 benefits of slavery. This kid gave the only good answer.

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Why Erin & Ben Napier's Kindergartener Missed 19 Days of School: 'We Were Worried'

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Listening to the Imaginary Worlds podcast about the truly astonishing number of being banned from and public in the US. About half of them are about people of colour of queer people. And I remember Inger Edelfeldt's coming of age novel "Duktig pojke" as a set text in middle school in the mid 80s. My teacher brought a box of that book into class as one of a few options. USA, you are a travesty.

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Israeli strike on UN school in Gaza kills at least 20, locals say

#military #school

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WaPo: Never wait in the school car line again. Here’s how.

For the first time in decades, a small but critical mass of children are riding their bikes safely to school again.

(GIFT LINK) #GiftArticle #BikeBus #BikeTooter #cycling #school #safety #education

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"..I expected to see a bunch of groggy children. Instead, the atmosphere was more like a festival. Kids sported fluorescent bike helmets with mohawks. Girls zoomed around their parents in princess costumes. One mom distributed doughnut holes to waiting children. Every few minutes, more cargo bikes arrived ferrying very young children while older siblings cruised alongside.

Then the music turned on. Someone started a bubble machine. Finally, a cry went up, and our impromptu caravan began rolling down one of San Francisco’s leafy residential streets." #BikeTooter #BikeBus #education #school #cycling

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"...This is a “bike bus”: a convoy of parents and children who ride to school, picking up kids along the way. While the concept has existed for years, a “bicibus” in Barcelona popularized the idea where it spread like wildfire through videos on social media in 2021. Thousands of parents (and kids) eager to step away from their vehicles have jumped on board. For the first time in decades, a small but critical mass of children are riding their bikes safely to school again...." #bicycling #cycling #BikeTooter #school #kids #climate

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