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“There is a direct relation to people riding around on illegal scooters and committing crimes.”

What?! Four people shot and #scooters are the problem? Scooters and not #guns are the issue here?! I’m going nuts.

Get ready for people wanting a ban on scooters. #nyc #bronx

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Me in @FastCompany:

We should be rooting for e-scooter companies – not gloating when they go bust.

They may look weird, but e-scooters reduce urban car trips, making cities safer and less polluted. So show them some love.

#scooters #cities

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this is just irritating to everyone, period

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While I do see the point of your comic, I would add that able-bodied people touting things like and as "the future of transportation" are also irritating to me.

I have heel spurs. The point of wheels (for me) is to NOT stand up. Old people and people who can't walk easily cannot use Segways and scooters like young, healthy folks.

Hey, fans...Please consider us when inventing new "future of transportation" ideas. Thanks.

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The #AntiRepair #Assholeism is a concious design by #Apple, since noone else does that shit.

It's purposefully designed to make #repair economically unviable!

This shit should be made illegal by @EU_Commission because not even ATEX-certified radios and diving computers have that level of designed-in #unrepairability, and they even have fecking valid reasons to not be easy to be opened.

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@Hawkwinter yeah but an A/C - even a tiny one - is quite heavy so the best option would be to use existing parts for , and , only nerfing the output at the wheels to comply with regulatory restrictions...

Personally I'd love to see one using like a methanol fuel cell for absurdly high range, low consumption and acceptable price...

But I'd also not be surprised if the cheapest option is like a 50cm³ two-stroke with integrated mixing unit to make it a scooter.

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Bike commute story:

On my way back home tonight, a car was parked in the cycle lane. I rang my bell as I passed it and saw a lady on her phone sitting in the driver seat.
I said "This is a bike lane, you can't park here"
She ignored me.
I stopped in front of her car and took my phone out, snapped a picture of her car.
She immediately drove away.
I did too.
3 minutes later she appeared next to me, slowed down to my speed and yelled "why did you take my photo?"

#AKLBikeLife #BikeTooter

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@EricLawton @pezmico it's what I call "#DeathStrip" because it's more lethal than the #GDR's border whilst forcing cyclists into the #dooringzone and incentivizing illegally tight takeovers by cars.

Also #AssholeDriving #Wankers don't just target #Cyclists but even #Scooters and full-size #Motorcycles even if they literally drive at speed limit for the road...

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City of Bloomington Announces Installation of 50+ Parking Corrals to Enhance Micro-Mobility and Pedestrian Safety

They're setting up places to put scooters and e-bikes, and apparently users will be required to start and end trips in them. Probably a good idea, but I hope they won't take away a lot of sidewalk space for them. It would be better to devote a couple of parking spaces instead.


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Bad scooter.


You don't go there.

marvinp, to rust

Came across this scooter while on my walk home sometime ago. With its color and rust, it just asked to be photographed!

📷 S95 (, 10 MP) ⚙️ ISO 80 ⋅ f/8⋅ 1/250s

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Anybody here have knowledge about eScooters, specifically repair?

crewchief535, to random

Went for a nice ride down some shady snakies this morning.
#scooterlife #scooters #honda #ADV150

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Instead of cars, more people should just drive electric #scooters (#mopeds) when traveling in/between cities. Saves a lot of space compared to cars.

Now if my municipality (#Nieuwegein) and surrounding cities would lower the speed of 70 km/h roads to 50, it would greatly allow more flexibility in routes.

🏍️ #NIU 🛵

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According to a Mission Local analysis of city data, injuries from electric scooter collisions rose 31 percent in 2022 – making it the fifth year in a row that figures have increased.

The vast majority of these collisions were cars and trucks striking scooter riders. And, while the city is pushing new guidelines for safe scooter use, advocates say that not enough has been done enough to reshape city streets to accommodate this new form of transportation.

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