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Our local and free is the best thing our local community has done for .

We can give the extra plants that love to volunteer in the and exchange a few , , plants, or garden tools that people want to share.

Here is the link to the FB group if you want to find some inspiration and start some for your community. It is my last reason to still use FB.

I sure wish had groups like this one.

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#Allium #seeds head.

Allium aka #PersianShallot is used in both ornamental & #EdibleGardens.

It's bulbs are used often in #MiddleEastern cuisine; especially in #Iran where they grow wild in mountain ranges. Its #plant extracts are #medicinal - used to treat fungal & bacterial infections, malaria treatments & anti-dandruff treatment.

#bloomscrolling #florespondence #PollinatorGarden #WhatsInMyGarden #Saanich #Zone8 #YYJ #Spring #Wsanec #VancouverIsland #PNW #botanical #PlantIdentification

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Waiting for seeds to germinate is like …
Come on! Come on! I’m waiting!

The seeds say:
We’ll come when we’re good and ready and not a moment sooner

#seeds #germination #gardening #Allotment

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A typhoon is approaching.
Red propellers withstand the wind.

Strong branches will break, but the soft and something flexible will overcome adversity.

#plants #seeds #trees #Japanesemaple #rainyday #japan

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Approaching the annual "running out of beekeeping equipment" date. 😬

(Bees follow the rule of exponential growth and decay: you either have WAY TOO MANY BEES or NOT NEARLY ENOUGH BEES -- in spring they grow by the power of two or more, but they also tend to drop in half in winter). #beekeeping

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Exponential seed growth... #math #seeds

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What is this? Some kind of / that has been blowing about the entire yard the whole day - it made me cough and I even had to abandon valeting the interior of a recently purchased fleet car (as it was pointless trying to hoover the carpets as it was entering the car in some quantity). What tree/plant is it from?

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Indigenous & Heirloom Seeds Seminar - covering how Indigenous intellectual property, traditional ecological knowledge and traditional crop varieties are protected.

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Interesting... biopiracy. #piracy #crops #seeds

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Ach Mist… ganz vergessen. Ich soll tatsächlich für einen Freund mal nachfragen, wo man denn am besten #Cannabissamen bestellen kann?
Also: hat da jemand von euch schon gute erfahrungen mit Anbietern gemacht? Wenn ja dann bitte her mit dem Link, danke 😊


@Carlos Hier habe ich ein paar Links zusammengestellt:

Alle selbst getestet und für gut befunden 👍

#cannabis #seeds #grow #homegrown

mivg, to sourdough German

Auch wenn's spät war an einem Backtag für meine Verhältnisse, so hat sich die Arbeit gelohnt. Die Saatenkruste schmeckt grandios. Das 550er im Rezept 1:1 durch Ruchmehl 1600 zu ersetzen, war eine gute Sache. Hat das Aroma auf ein ganz anderes Niveau gehoben. Dazu gesellt sich der geschmacksfördernde Effekt von zwei Sauerteigen und einem Klecks Rübenkraut.
Die Kruste mit den vier Saaten (Kürbis, Sonnenblumenkerne, schwarzer Sesam, Leinsaat) macht das Brot wunderbar rustikal und nussig. Die Krume ist schön weich, wattig geradezu. Ein tolles Brot, das in meiner Variante auf die Liste kommt. Und nicht ganz unten. 🙂


Viele Saaten machen das Brot lecker nussig.
Gestenr abend, kurz vor dem Einschießen.

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Is there a #seeds exchange community or group on Mastodon?

I have some chives and green onions that are going to seeds and I will have more seeds than I need.

Of course, there is our local free seeds and plants library but I would prefer to use mastodon as my main seeds resource.


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I was looking at the spacing instructions for the herbs I planted and noticed spacing instructions for the crops I planted, and I decided that I could start spacing each type of seed out as recommended while still putting all of the seeds in one bed and letting them choose they favorite places to grow instead of me deciding each bed is a monocrop, a couple companions, a crop and a nursing crop, or even a 3 sisters area. @gardening

pdiff1, to gardening

I’m sure many here may know of this, but for those that don’t, here’s a good way to start carrots. They are mixed 1 seed packet in a pre made cornstarch (2tb) to 1 cup water. When cooled, mix in seeds, put in plastic bag, cut one corner, and pipe into shallow “ditch”, cover and water. It helps spread seeds, reducing thinning and keeps seeds moist. I’ve used it on poppy seeds too.

Ziplock bag with seed-cornstarch mix.
Seed bed ready to cover and water.

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"Food connects us all.
It represent our culture, our identities and biodiversity.
To protect the seeds, crops and fruits that have nourished our communities through generations is a powerful act of resistance."



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The many fluffers of the dandelion are a bit like us gathered here.

It's a small universe.

I always appreciated your kindness and support for me.
My friends,
Have a good day!
And good evening!

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Adding 2 new varieties to our this year. Royal snap(deep burgundy) & honey snap(pale yellow) - both are edible raw or cooked. I have 6 of each in my starter pots & transplanting them into beds today.

My delayed seeds vid will be up later today 👩‍🌾

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All of these food plant seeds are from a local farm/small farms cooperative:

I've supported them for many years. High germination rates on their seeds - rarely have any seeds from them fail.

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Update on my starts. Stupid peppermint won't germinate... 🙄

robyn, to gardening

After a great little seed swap yesterday, where I met some fine mastodon folks for the first time IRL, I no longer have any excuses to procrastinate and NOT do my raised bed planning for this year 😅 It's like waking up from hibernation, gardening-wise.

Planning fewer tomato plants and in different locations this year due to a fungus incident last year, so we'll see what we end up with. Might try some new things, some of which I suspect I'll have to seed indoors starting next week!

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Last October I discovered a Horse Chestnut (Aesculus Hippocastanum if you're fancy) tree in the gardens of a local abandoned house and I realised that there are no broadleaf deciduous trees around here, so, over a few dog walks I collected pockets full of conkers.
Around 80 went into bags and into the fridge to stratify over the winter, and now they are germinating.

We are going to have a lot of Broadleaf deciduous trees around here soon.

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We are planting seeds. Some of us are just not quite managing the full task but there’s plenty of enthusiasm …

The same black Labrador looking up at his human companion and holding out the seed packet to give back to him.

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Spotted these in the bookstore yesterday, my friend bought them for me.
The cats are going to love me when these are planted!

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Learned last year (too late) that my local has a seed “borrowing” programme whereby you can choose a few varieties a year, them, and if you’re successful, commit to bringing some of the back.

Instead of waiting for December 2024, scrambling to remember all the good things, all the things that made me happy in 2024, I will try to acknowledge these little moments of happiness as they arise.

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