updates, to random
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T-Shirt: Hazbin The Hotel

Hey, turns out that new cartoon for cool youths is something I really like. But I couldn’t just draw fanart of sometihng, no, that would be too sensible and good, noooo, so instead I decided that what it really needed was a reference to a 35 year old videogame logo from a time when that game was not yet a punchline.

I am so happy with how this looks? […]


drahardja, to Fashion
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I really love Cotton Bureau’s lightweight 100% cotton T-shirts because they’re thin and comfortable enough to wear as undershirts, perfect for the microclimates of the .

Does anyone sell these shirts in solid colors in larger volumes? I wear them under shirts, so I don’t need the designs.

mawsonbear, to FiberArts
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Tulliver has come to join the bears at Mawson's House. The Tedettes (girl bears) are very excited. Tulliver has his own amazing wardrobe. And he displays it all on their fashion show. See more of the Tedettes at www.mawsonbear.blog .

55aw, to Fashion
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mushroomyhouse, to Mushrooms
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Handmade Lino Printed Apparel from Junibub 🥰 Preorders are now LIVE for a limited run! Available in white & orchid with brown or purple ink.

Get in fast before this run sells out!
🍄 https://mush.house/junibub 🍄

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pixelcats, to random
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Someone should let Jiminie know the gauntlet has been thrown .. just saying. :blobcateyes: :blobcatgiggle:

EricIndiana, to random
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Does anyone know how to make shirts? I'd like to pay someone to make a shirt like this for me.

ProperDave, to random

I love the Rainboo design on this store. There are some really nice Halloween and Christmas designs https://www.etsy.com/shop/costellocolours

supernatpod, to Podcast
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Our latest merch includes this meme-worthy peepin' , which you can get on and .

Snatch one for yourself today, sicko. Or check out some of our other cool designs.


TaniDaReal, to random

Fresh from the print shop 😎✨

kuketz, to random German
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Kennt jemand einen guten Hersteller für ? Anforderungen wären:

  • Öko Baumwolle
  • Faire Produktion/Arbeitsbedingungen
  • Slim Fit
  • Gerne tendenziell länger, die kurzen Wischlappen kann ich gar nicht leiden
  • Verziehen sich nicht nach dem ersten Waschen / Langlebig
  • Optional: Coole/Lustige Aufdrucke


Hess Natur, Deerberg, Waschbär fallen mir noch ein.

nailsthatglow, to medical
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On this why not spend money on fun stuff that goes to support a hott like me?

The link below is a site that I have applied all manner of dto many items. , , , , , , , , , and

I am stupidly awesome at pattern designs that are colorful, bold and subtle. My digital art and photography is uniquely mine.

Come check it out. Buy something . Be the envy of your and group! Great

Or buy stuff because you think I am hott and you know I am only making $1-2 on each sale. Some less.



hpkomic, to mastodon
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Been annoyed with the discourse that artists can't earn on and need other social media apps.

Did you know I make hella sweet and ?

Check out my shop on - https://www.teepublic.com/user/hpkomic

Show me that independent creators can make some money on the . Help support my , and more.

Penguins can't science shirt
Bear and pig shirt

shibashecurity, to random

Watching Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy. Highly recommended.

a) I want his dress sense

b) How do I roll my sleeves up like that? Why do his rolled up shirt sleeves look so achingly cool, and mine look like I'm a 22yo IT consultant again?

jake4480, to gaming
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Centipede is my favorite video game, so this year I figured it was time to have a shirt of it. These are on eBay, I got two colors!

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