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If you want to know why software is getting worse: the current trend, for a while now, has been to eliminate QA departments entirely. This sucks, because I have a TON of respect for QA engineers. The ones I’ve had the pleasure of working with have come up with ways of breaking my software that I never would have dreamed of.

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Well actually…
based on traditional Agile methodology is just not good enough. We need modern methods infused with quantum agility. QA testing slows velocity so you can’t enter the quantum dev realm. Docs also do not support quantum speeds ! Plans & design ? 💯 not quantum agility friendly. Our new YOLO Methodology allows us to rocket past the slow Agile methods of old into a future of quantum Agility.

are all we have sometimes so deploy as needed! 🤪

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Uh-oh. Looks like I ran afoul of the Mastodon HOA today.

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@maxleibman wait, we can't put our in our anymore? What'll they think of next?

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If you're a new/recent follower, hello! Welcome to my feed. I hope you like (especially !) recommendations, discussions about the of a , music-related and the occasional smattering of leftist (pro labor, pro justice, pro human rights, anti racist, anti police, anti fascist) politics.

I'm a good follow if you're looking for or if you're a musician making new music. If you're both, well...

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The guy who makes everything but normal Bicycles made a better than OneWheel...


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@luca_lichen I mean it's super obvious that those are all just done that clearly showcase why said idea is bad and not practical at all...


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@luciedigitalni I was gonna riff that this policy will be terrible for legacy hit songs, but then realised i had the wrong tree, ergo any subsequent putative toot intention should be abandoned in the interests of maintaining the 's clean record of zero


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@NanoRaptor Who doesn't like your of - ?

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@simsus alles außer kollektive Verweigerung und wäre ein der Forschungsqualität und damit !

Weil dann kann man gleich - umformulieren...

Eigentlich ist das sogar ne Beleidigung gegenüber |n wie @lowqualityfacts weil ist weder kreaktiv noch sonstwas und anders als taugt es nichtmals als wissenschaftlicher Taschenrechner mit Grafikausgabe...


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🥥 In 4 months on my former instance I only managed to post a little over 22,000 toots.
Sure most of them were , but I loved each of them as if it were my child.
On this new instance, so far I've only posted 718 times in 6 days, and am averaging one follower for every 2 follows.
I'll be keeping my friends posted on my stats. 🥥

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Re- post:

🎧 Audio-phile
🖥️ Tech-enthusiast
📻 Ex-Indian FM radio
🌗 Lurker
🔁 Serial Reposter

Happy to talk about:

Likely to post random about whatever's trending - usually , , , , , etc.

I ❤️ , , , and jumping into conversations uninvited.

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Time for an updated

I don't know where to start. I started out in the electric utility industry then moved onto cyber security research. Currently I'm responsible for product security for a smart building company.

If you follow me you'll be signing up for , , , , , , , , , , and . Probably some other random tech stuff too!

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