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Am I too late for ? I swear, I shot this yesterday.

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Cherry Blossoms by Robarts Library, University of Toronto

Each year I appreciate each flower’s beauty in its own season a little more. I reflect on occasion what the planet must have been like eons ago before flowers came to be. I’m grateful for the current era of the universe that enables the complexity of life. I try to cherish the magnificence of it.

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Spring blooms in my garden. I find gardens and nature more spiritual than gatherings in buildings, so I call my garden Church of the Perpetual Permaculture.

#Spring #Flowers #Blossoms #Blooms #BloomScrolling

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#SilentSunday Photography

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When The Azaleas Are in Bloom … it won't be long now, here!!! This is digitally hand-painted in and is loosely based on one of my own photos that I took at the in .

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Darby Creek Valley Park, PA

Arriving at my usual spot, I realized that I forgot my tenkara rod 😭
Although I really wanted to do tenkara, my feeling quickly recovered because I got a backup fly rod and reel in my car 😊 I also rediscovered the quality of this rod 😉 I don’t get to use this setup that much unless I forget or break my main rod for the day 🤔

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Nabil Benabdeljalil - Nocturne 6 | Rebeca Omordia

"Rebeca Omordia performs Nocturne no. 6 "La Montagne d'Imsfrane" by Nabil Benabdeljalil, part of her African Pianism recital at The Phillips Collection, Washington, 26 November 2023."

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Violets in my front yard.

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