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“The Speaker of the Saskatchewan Legislature has cut up his party membership card and accused some members in Premier Scott Moe's caucus of intimidating him to the point that he fears the government house leader is packing a handgun.”

#saskatchewan #skpoli #canada #cdnpoli

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These are your elected fed MP's, @Sask

One's only policy initiative is to bring back plastic straws

Another thinks Trudeau can be blamed for things that are the prerogative of the prov gov

And the last can only churn out absurd attacks using "scary" dark colors

Is this the best we can do?

@BradRedekopp @AndrewScheer @ctochor


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@dmacphee What a joke! That 1.4B would have paid for a new heating system for every home in

Or better yet, blanket the province with EV chargers.

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Carbon capture is a waste of money and essentially a scam. Reducing emission production in the first place should be the focus.

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Next time someone complains that is broken just show them this.

We aren't perfect but broken we are not, despite the best efforts of some groups here.

Now, let's go for #1

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A damning finding but not surprising. failed citizens.

“Newly obtained internal data shows the Saskatchewan government knew COVID-19 was spreading at an "exponential" rate in the fall of 2021, providing new insight into what officials knew before a devastating COVID-19 wave hit the province…days before the provincial government publicly declined to re-introduce measures doctors said were urgently needed to stop the spread of the virus.“

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Gotta love how right-leaning Canadian news orgs uncritically blame the carbon tax for increases in gas and food prices while not looking at all at the massive profits the corporations selling them are making.

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The federal government has a new online "calculation sheet" to figure out your carbon-tax rebate:

It's quite literally a sheet, though.

Like, you can't type in it. It does no calculations.

I guess you're expected to print it out and pencil in all the values and use a calculator?

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If Canada axed its carbon tax — and rebates — this is how different households would gain or lose:

High-income households would tend to be the biggest winners, lower-income households hurt the most

🔗 :

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Carbon levy spat.

Premier Moe blaming the federal government for penalizing families is a complete crock. The blame falls on him…period. Ideological nonsense from the

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Why Doug Ford's actions this week should be greeted with a sigh of relief - Ontario's premier deserves kudos for distancing himself from Danielle Smith and Pierre Poilievre and right-wing populists.

From Ed Keenan in the Toronto Star:

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Back on the picket line to urge the government to do right by students and families.

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"The nurses, I mean they did absolutely everything they could. They just looked so defeated by the time I left. It was really disheartening"

Doctors in just got taken care of. Time to do the same for our nurses. Our relies on everyone to be a success.

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Amnesty International Canada condemns ‘appalling’ anti-trans policy changes in Alberta,

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Yes, there is something "unusual " when a sitting government pass legislation allowing them to create police forces via Order in Council and having sole power to appoint oversight commission personnel.

If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck then it must be....

#skpoli #sask #accountablitysk

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"In #sask the equivalent of nearly nine in every ten $$ of corporate income tax revenue was sent back to businesses in the form of subsidies"

No wonder the @PremierScottMoe gov thinks it can't afford #healthcare and #education in the prov.

They chose their masters.

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Did you see Germany?
That’s how democracy saves itself from fascism. That is all.


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Instead of being in classrooms today, #Saskatchewan teachers are out in the cold (-37°C with windchill) to demand that the #Sask Party do better for our students! #StandWithTeachers #WeAreSTF #MakeNoise4Ed #skpoli #cdnpoli #education #OnStrike

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