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Brazil's Supreme Court gives social platform X five days to explain alleged non-compliance with orders to block certain accounts.

The inquiry intensifies as owner Elon Musk challenges previous directives by reactivating accounts.

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" is also making a first-class citizen in the subscription flow. When clicking on the Subscribe button on a Ghost , you will now be able to subscribe through email or through ActivityPub. This is exciting for several reasons, one being the fact that your email inbox no longer has to be inundated with content that you eventually want to discuss on anyway."

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Days After Keith McNally Called Lauren Sanchez 'Revolting,' He Had a Rodent Problem in His Restaurant...

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There's a new book going around that supposedly draws links between social media and a variety of issues with mental health. Apparently, it's #1 on Amazon right now.

So, it's probably worth knowing it is nonsense, as the author cherry picks data and disregards points that would run contrary to the narrative, even when those points are made by people who wrote papers cited in the book.

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Airchat Is Basically Twitter With Voice Notes, and That's Not a Bad Thing

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Finally Beyonce Reveals Her Real Hair Texture Under the Wigs, And Social Media Is Surprised

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@mike Now that Flipboard is #fediverse interactive, can a Flipboard account be used with a Mastodon client? I want to set my wife up with a Mastodon account and I’m wondering if we can just use her Flipboard account? #InquiringMinds #SocialMedia

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Some young people who had developed eating disorders during the pandemic due to stress are still suffering. One woman in Japan is reaching out to them through social media. #japan #sciencehealth #health #mentalhealth #socialmedia #students #schools #covid19 #covid19injapan

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Everyone hates social media, right? But stop pretending you're better than it

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Periodic reminder that I run the Fediverse AU server for and organisations who don't have a home on Mastodon.

And here's a piece I wrote on why universities are reluctant to run their own Mastodon servers (recently updated with information on referrer tracking and social media platform support)

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House approves sell-or-be-banned TikTok measure, attaching it to foreign aid bill

The House on Saturday passed legislation that could trigger a nationwide ban of TikTok.

It would mark the first time ever the U.S. government has passed a law that could shut down an entire social media platform, setting the stage for what is expected to be a protracted legal battle.

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TikTok fears point to a larger problem: Poor media literacy in the social media age.

"The fact that China, a country that Americans criticize for its authoritarian practices, bans social media platforms is hardly a reason for the U.S. to do the same." Read more at The Conversation:

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On #Mastodon there are now
321 verified accounts from #news organizations in
20 languages and on
106 instances.

129 were active today.

Some accounts, that were active today are
@Mediagazer (ENG)
@pixelsfr (FRA)
@netzpolitik_feed (GER)
@RNZonline (GER)

Find the whole list on:

Built by @mho

#MastodonMigration #SocialMedia #Fediverse #Media #Press #Newspaper #TwitterMigration #Newstodon

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I am predisposed to negativity; a problem that seems very common to people in . It's as if we are all constantly looking for mistakes and inconsistencies.

In they have a game called "Yes, And". It's a great way to practice riffing off other people. You build off each other, and work together.

It seems that people here on the do the opposite; they play "But, No" or "Well, Actually". We pick each other apart and it sucks.

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: "Our key findings:

Even six months after the ban, a large number of Canadians (approximately 33%) still say they use Meta’s flagship social media platforms Facebook or Instagram for access to Canadian political and current affairs information.

The Facebook Pages of national news outlets lost approximately 64% of their Facebook engagement following the end of news availability for Canadian users. Local news outlets lost approximately 85%. Almost half of all local news outlets stopped posting on Facebook entirely in the four months following the ban.

Engagement with politically relevant pages and groups has remained unchanged since the ban, suggesting politically-oriented users have not reduced their Facebook usage.

Members of politically-oriented Facebook Groups have circumvented the ban by posting screenshots of Canadian news articles. Although there are fewer screenshots of news post-ban than there were links to news articles pre-ban, the total engagement with news content in these Groups has remained consistent.

Overall, we observe that the end of news availability on Facebook has resulted in a significant decrease in engagement for Canadian news outlets, but has not substantially changed the behavior of Canadian Facebook users."

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2024 is set to be a year when we watch over elections in many countries while paying attention to the progress in artificial intelligence and influence operations.

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So, I am trying to accept I cannot keep up w/ posting on multiple platforms. It's so
mntally annoying. 😑 Somedays I post here, other days on IG. I don't think I can really add Threads to it and FB only gets the things IG sends it. I'm going to go back to my reading 📚. I love all the beautiful shares here, but today's spoons are spent for social media.
@actuallyautistic @actuallyadhd @actuallyaudhd

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Another alternative bites the dust. Post News was by far the worst Twitter alternative. Imagine a platform where only mainstream DC-vetted voices are amplified. Imagine a place where you can get banned for voicing opposition to the US Empire's DC consensus. Screw that. This isn't what the internet was all about. The internet was always about free speech. Anyone who goes against free speech will lose.

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