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May 16

In praise of Earth's little dynamo.

3 min

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"The solar flares will continue until morale improves."

#SolarFlares #SpaceWeather #AmateurRadio #SolarActivity

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Interesting paper from 2018 quantifying the impact of on systems.

The 🇨🇳 BeiDou system was outperforming 🇪🇺 Galileo and 🇺🇸GPS during solar flare conditions due to more frequently updated broadcast ionospheric models.

I know Galileo/EGNOS did a recent system upgrade to provide increased resilience against solar peak activity, anticipating Solar Cycle 25, but not sure what those consisted of. Maybe @bert_hubert would know?

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I wonder how crazy it would be if the aurora borealis (or australis) would become visible in the tropics. 🤔

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EEEK G5 . Somehow not a Carrington Event let’s hope it stays that way. Most extreme solar storm in years, though

Better go unplug my computer etc just in case

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Heading out for some early morning fun. Did I read something about a Severe Geomagnetic Storm Watch? ☹️

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Yucky #SpaceWeather and #terrestrialweather. No #POTA or Home operating today. My QTH antenna has been disconnected for days due to #solarflares and rain with imbedded thunderstorms. #AmateurRadio #Hamradio


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Changing band conditions due to have garnered me more which is GREAT. Thanks Dave for this from Long Island New York . @ParksOnTheAir

Morse Code contact between K2JVB and N4JAW

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Another day of Mother Nature being unkind during activation. . So I'll show off my with mini


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#Mclass #Xclass #solarflares today created #QSB on 20,17 & 15 meters making it difficult to hear #QRP signals like this 20 meter #Morsecode #POTA #parksontheair activation with Tim #VA3UV #AmateurRadio #hamradio @POTAspots

Parks on the Air CW activities

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I wasn't planning to do any solar imaging yesterday, but I changed my mind once I saw what the sunspots were up to! That large sunspot region is cranking out solar flares at an impressive rate. Hopefully I'll get another chance to image on a clearer day before they disappear around the side.


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Yesterday the dishwasher flashed "Error 6" and we discovered that part has been discontinued.

Last night the humidifier began to whine.

This morning, the roomba announced (in German, no less) that it, too, was having an Error 6.

I suspect the Internet of Things is staging a revolution.

This might be the beginning of the end.

#Technology #InternetOfThings #Roomba #SunSpots #SolarFlares #Aliens #consumerism #Capitalism #AI #ArtificialIntelligence

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The #sun just launched 3 huge #SolarFlares in 24 hrs. What it means.

3 top-tier #Xclass #solar flares launched off the sun between Wed & Thurs. The first 2 occurred 7 hrs apart, coming in at X1.9 & X1.6 magnitude respectively. The 3rd, the most powerful of the current 11-yr “solar cycle,” ranked an impressive X6.3.

#Space #Science #Heliophysics #Astrophysics

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#SolarFlares, or bursts of #radiation, are ranked on a scale that goes from A, B & C to M & X, in increasing order of intensity. They usually originate from #sunspots, or bruiselike discolorations on the surface of the #sun.
Sunspots are most common near the height of the 11-year #solar cycle. The current cycle, number 25, is expected to reach its peak this year. The more sunspots, the more opportunities for solar flares.

#Space #Science #Heliophysics #Astrophysics

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If you're a nerd, enjoy physics or you just like 'thinking', check out Dianna's channel & consider joining her Patreon. She's very ill & has been for close to a year now.

(p.s. If you can't join her Patreon, please repost this to reach others)

"99 Years Later... We Solved It" - Physics Girl

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Have you heard of the "Carrington" event?

Imagine the impact of a solar flare on the earth so great, that telegraph operators could send messages without any power. The flare's ambient energy alone actually powered telecommunications.

It could happen again in 2025 when the Sun hits peak flare-inducing polarity in its 11yr cycle. Dianna explained this phenomenon last year & we're almost at 2025.

"It missed us by 9 days" - PhysicsGirl

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📡 Nasa images show ‘amazing’ solar flare that caused radio interference on Earth | @guardian

「 Thursday’s burst of energy caused about two hours of radio interference in some parts of the US and elsewhere during daylight hours. The National Atmospheric and Oceanic Administration’s space weather prediction center called it an “amazing event … likely one of the largest solar radio events ever recorded” 」

DoomsdaysCW, to random

Solar storms could cause train accidents, scientists warn

Story by Andrew Griffin, December 11, 2023

– changes in the atmosphere that include blasts of energy from the Sun – can disrupt everything from communications to . Scientists have repeatedly warned that the Earth faces potentially catastrophic danger from , which could be powerful enough to bring down much of the on which we depend.

“Now researchers warn that danger could be enough to cause malfunctioning signals, which in turn could lead to .

“Researchers modelled how geomagnetically induced currents from solar storms could cause danger, by looking at two routes: the Preston to Lancaster section of the , and the . Those are just two lines that rely heavily on that rail signal, and there are more than 50,000 signalling track circuits in the UK, which control the railway signal with an electric circuit.

“In the new study, they found that space weather would be able to change those circuits. Models suggest that could happen every few decades, the researchers found.

“’Crucially, our research suggests that space weather is able to flip a signal in either direction, turning a red signal green or a green signal red. This is obviously very significant from a safety perspective,' said Cameron Patterson from Lancaster University.

“’By building a computer model of the signalling track circuits using realistic specifications for the various components of the system, we found that space weather events capable of triggering faults in these track circuits are expected in the UK every few decades.'

“Patterson had previously worked on research that suggested solar storms could lead to 'right side' failures, where signals turn from green to red. Those are less dangerous, since trains will stay at a stop.

“But the new research suggests that they can also happen for 'wrong side' failures, that change signals to green. What’s more, they actually require less strength to be flipped, suggesting they could happen with less powerful solar storms.

“‘Our research shows that space weather poses a serious, if relatively rare, risk to the rail signalling system, which could cause delays or even have more critical, safety implications,' said Cameron. 'This natural hazard needs to be taken seriously. By their nature, high-impact, low-frequency events are hard to plan for, but ignoring them is rarely the best way forward.'

“In 1859, the world was hit by what is known as the ‘’, which was powerful enough to knock telegraph signals offline as well as other disruptions. If that happened today, it would cause widespread disruption – including causing widespread problems on both train lines that were examined in the study.

“But there have been more recent, if less powerful, examples of space weather that is powerful enough to hit power grids. In 2003, the Swedish city of Malmo suffered problems from space weather, for instance.
“The work is reported in a new study, 'Wrong Side' Failures Caused by Geomagnetically Induced Currents in Electrified Railway Signalling Systems in the UK’, published in the journal Space Weather.”

DoomsdaysCW, to Texas



"During this past weekend's strong G3-class geomagnetic storm, low-latitude #auroras spread as far south as #Texas and #Arizona. Upon further review, most of those lights were not auroras at all. Everything #red in this montage is an 'SAR arc'.

"'On Nov. 5th, the ring current was pumped up by hours of strong geomagnetic storming, with energy dissipating into these SAR arcs,' says Jeff Baumgardner of Boston University's Center for Space Physics. 'It was a global event. Our cameras registered #SAR arc activity from #Italy to #NewZealand.'

"Recent research has linked SAR arcs to another phenomenon that is not an aurora: #STEVE. The #mauve ribbon in the sky was not originally thought to have anything to do with Earth's ring current. Yet in 2015, observers in New Zealand caught a bright red SAR arc transforming itself into STEVE like a caterpillar into a butterfly.

"On Nov. 5th, Mark Savage may have witnessed the same metamorphosis over Northumberland, #UK:

"Visible to the naked eye, STEVE materialized from an overhanging red arc. 'The entire process took about 10 minutes,' says Savage. This timescale roughly matches that of another SAR-to-STEVE transition observed over Canada in April 2022. Clearly, the two phenomena are linked, but researchers aren't sure how.

"'The connection is still elusive,' says Carlos Martinis, a leading researcher in the field at Boston University. 'Sometimes SAR arcs evolve into STEVE--but not always. This is a very active field of research, involving citizen scientists and researchers.'

"Did you see an SAR arc on Nov. 5th? Submit your pictures to"

#SpaceWeather #RingCurrent #GeomagneticStorm #CitizenScience #RingArc #SARArc #SolarFlares #SolarCycle25

DoomsdaysCW, to random

via :

September 21, 2023 @ 14:50 UTC

"Another day, another near X-Flare. The latest event around sunspot region 3435 measured M8.7 at 12:54 UTC (Sept 21). The active region is now almost directly facing Earth and in a good spot for Earth directed eruptions. Still too early to tell if a noteworthy CME is associated, however the flare itself was fairly short in duration. Stay tuned for more updates whenever necessary."

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I wouldn't expect today to be any different from the previous days this week. #mclass #SolarFlares #solarcycle25 #spaceweather #spacewx #hamradio #amateurradio

N4JAW, to amateurradio avatar
N4JAW, to hamradio avatar
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A VERY ACTIVE SUNSPOT: A new hyperactive #sunspot is producing M-class #solarflares every few hours. This is causing #shortwave #radio blackouts around all longitudes of our planet. If current trends continue, an X-flare could be in the offing. has the latest.

Image: The sun looks like it is on fire around hyperactive sunspot #AR3372. Credit: NASA/SDO

spaceflight, to random

The troposphere contains 75–80 per cent of the mass of the #atmosphere. The height varies between 17km at the equator and 7.0km at the poles

Picture : :ccby: :cc_sa:



Thursday's flare temporarily disrupted radio 📻 communication on #Earth for a couple of hours, with multiple #pilots 🛬 reporting #communication problems.

#SolarFlares ☀️ are powerful bursts of energy known to impact electric #PowerGrids, #navigation signals, radio #communications and can pose risks to #spacecraft and #astronauts 👩‍🚀.

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