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If you play Honkai: Star Rail, don't forget to claim your free Dr. Ratio, available until version 2.1

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Finally managed to beat the Hunt path in #HonkaiStarRail's Swarm V mode 💪🏻😤👍🏻

Took some workshopping in a forums thread re: team comp & key blessings, and happened to get /very/ lucky with all of said blessings at the same time. I was on the right track with a two-tank, no-healer team tho!

Only Elation remains, which should be a lot easier since I now have Clara and Topaz 😍 just gotta build 'em up some…

#gacha #StarRail

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This new Star Rail character perfectly captures how I feel most days ​:neofox_nervous:​ #HonkaiStarRail #StarRail #Huohuo

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I've been saving up all my jades from launch exclusively for the Seele rerun, with the intention of saving up everything to potentially complete her on the second or third rerun.

My expectation going in was that I'd get her to E2S1, and I never would've expected to hit E5S1 this soon as a F2P player.

#honkaistarrail #starrail

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